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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 94

I'll Be the Legal Wife

Ian stood still for a long time.


The legendary Snowflake Sword wielded by Asilia.

He pondered over her swordsmanship, which swept away countless snowflakes with the blade, multiple times.


It wasn’t a sword meant to cut someone.


It was expression and path.

What Asilia wanted to convey was the path she had walked.


“…I think I understand.”


He understood what Asilia wanted to say.

And Ian acknowledged it.


“I only wanted to become stronger. I wished for daily training, growth, only stronger growth. That seemed necessary to defeat my enemies.”


The enemies weren’t just Richard Pierce.

Not just the Bloodstone Cult.


Numerous evils that could unfold in scenarios.

That’s what it meant.


“My growth goals were all rooted in anxiety and obsession about the future.”


Asilia blinked.


“Your self-awareness is fast.”

“Because I saw something very valuable.”



Ian quietly looked at Asilia’s warm smile.


She asked him to become her disciple.

Not anyone else, but the Snowflake Swordmaster.




Even in the game, she was a character shrouded in mystery, trapped in Richard’s prison, digesting within it, with no way to be revealed.


But her swordsmanship she left behind was famous.


The top swordsmanship known to be created by the reclusive master, the Snowflake Sword, created by Asilia.

It was also Sharon Pierce’s final sword technique.


‘…I didn’t expect such a background.’


It felt like the missing piece of the story in the game had been filled.


He was given the opportunity to learn such a legendary swordsmanship.

However, there was one thing to note.




Ian silently stared at Asilia.

She, who had been smiling faintly, sighed quietly.


“…Did you notice?”



Ian nodded and said.


“Your skin felt particularly cold.”


Asilia’s skin was cold.

Even when she hugged, it felt like it was in a place cooled by the mist of a hot spring.


“I felt it when I hugged you. There was an energy in your body that wasn’t yours.”




A sound of footsteps.

As Asilia turned around, her dress top slipped off.


White arms and back.

There were black scars there.


“It’s from the fight with Richard.”


The scars started from her arms and extended across her back to the opposite wrist.


“It hasn’t healed. Rather, after being absorbed here, vitality has been flowing out from this wound. Blocking with mana was all I could do.”


Ian looked silently at the blackened scars.

Like wounds torn by a beast.

There, he felt a similar energy to the corpses he had encountered outside.


‘So that’s why Danya suddenly got scared.’


Danya, who was suddenly afraid before introducing the hot spring, came to mind. It was surprising, but her sharp intuition made him admire her.


“Just a moment.”


Ian asked for permission from Asilia and placed his hand on her back.




He covered the scar with his hand.




A small surprised groan mixed with Asilia’s breath.


Ian slowly sent his power through his hand.


But the wound did not respond to his power or Dishwashing.


“You’re good at using warm energy.”

“I thought I could purify it.”

“It’s not contaminated. It’s just that all the vitality in that area has been absorbed.”


Just a space that sucked the vitality just by existing. Asilia would have resisted it with mana. But here, mana cannot be gathered. All mana scatters and disappears.


As Ian sent more power, he asked.


“How much mana do you have left?”


The reason her body was cold must signify the limit. Both mana and vitality have reached their limits.


Asilia’s back twitched.


“If you’re too perceptive, women don’t like it.”

“…How much longer can you hold on?”

“The time here flows about five times faster than outside.”


Five times.

Judging by Sharon’s age, it wasn’t difficult to calculate the passage of time.

At least 50 years had passed.


“Then. How much time do you have left?”



Silence engulfed the cave.

Ian’s mouth opened with difficulty.


“If it were Danya…”


If it were Danya, she wouldn’t know. If she could use her 「Snowflake Flower」, some mana would be restored, even if only a little.


As Asilia turned her head back, she chuckled softly.


“My prison, although not as big as this snowfield.”


It was a meaningless statement.


Ian sent his power to her back, silently wishing for some comfort, even though he knew it was meaningless.




A rustling sound was heard.


There’s a saying that even a tiger speaks if it does.

Danya stood at the entrance of the cave.


However, there were a few problems here.


One was that Asilia had taken off her top, revealing her upper body.

The other was that Ian had his hand on her bare back.


Danya’s eyes widened naturally.


“W-What are you two doing!”


Silence descended.

Both of them hesitated on what to say in response.


“F-Friends, mom!”


In response to Danya’s shocked exclamation, Asilia hurriedly spoke.


“Miss Danya, this is a misunderstanding.”


Oh, indeed, Snowflake Swordmaster Asilia.

Ian silently cheered for her quick response.


“A-A misunderstanding?”

“Yes. We’ve just formed a bond.”


If you say that, won’t the misunderstanding deepen, Snowflake Swordmaster?

While Ian was bewildered.




“I-If you’ve formed a bond, then, then with a m-man and a w-woman together like that!”


Danya stuttered her words.

A considerably shocked expression.




The pink tail rose up and then disappeared.

It felt like something came like a storm and then vanished like a storm.

Was it a dream? He wished it was a dream.




There was silence.

Asilia smiled apologetically.


“I’m naturally introverted, you see. Hehe.”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t find words to say.”

“…Do you need me to chase after her?”

“I was concentrating on you, Asilia, so it’s fine.”

“Ian is quite popular, isn’t he? Hehe.”


Asilia, elegantly covering her mouth, laughed.

Seeing her like that, Ian made up his mind.


“I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about.”


Ian concluded his sentence after a brief pause.





Asilia, startled, met Ian’s eyes with a puzzled look.

Her top was down.

Seeing Ian turning his eyes away from her.




After a moment, she hastily put her top back on.


“…That’s enough.”


Their eyes met.

A somewhat awkward atmosphere.


“It’s a little awkward, isn’t it? It’s my first time having a master.”

“It’s my first time having a disciple too.”

“Don’t masters and disciples usually perform some kind of ritual to mark their bond?”


I’ve seen that in martial arts novels.

Like bowing or something.


“We don’t have to do that.”



Asilia smiled softly and embraced Ian.


“You are now my disciple, the Snowflake Swordmaster. Sasha Asilia’s disciple.”


The existence of a master felt warmer than he had expected.





Danya’s mind was in turmoil.


— We’ve just formed a bond.


Asilia had definitely said that.

But what does forming a bond entail?

Why was Ian looking over Asilia’s bare back, with her top slipped off and her hand covering her chest?




Frustrated, Danya turned to the girl sitting next to her.


“Hey, Lina.”

“Yeah? Danya. What’s up?”


They had become quite friendly over time. Lina had treated Danya quite kindly. However, at the same time, Danya knew well that they were also competitors.


But at this moment, Danya needed Lina’s help.

To deal with the voluptuous woman with that lewd body.

Yerina had gone out to look around, so Danya couldn’t ask her for help.


“What does it mean to form a bond?”


“Usually, it’s a metaphorical expression for a physical relationship. Why, Danya, are you…?”


“Oh, no, no! What nonsense! Ian and I are still just colleagues…!”


Lina tilted her head.


“I know that. I thought I saw the title of a book I was reading.”


Lina rummaged through her bag and pulled out a book.


[The Duke’s Young Lady Wears a Leash Every Night]


“What is this?”

“It’s a novel that’s been very popular in the capital lately. I borrowed it from school to read on the train. Want to read it?”


Danya accepted the book and opened it.


The first thing that caught her eye was an illustration.

It depicted a beautiful young lady in a dress, wearing a collar and crawling on the floor. The raised hem of the dress looked indecent.


Danya’s face turned red in an instant.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Danya closed the book.


“N-No, not this kind of thing. I-I mean…”


“W-What’s the usual way to form a bond?”


Lina raised an eyebrow.



“Do you not know either?”

“Not that I don’t know… I just have a specific way in mind.”


As Lina’s face began to blush, Danya unknowingly swallowed her saliva. Why was she feeling so embarrassed just by hearing about forming a bond?


“What is it?”

“I… like it a bit wild.”




Lina brought her hand to the handkerchief tied around her neck.


“First, we would lie together on the bed and look into each other’s eyes. It’s nice if it’s warm, but I prefer it cold. I’d like to be pressed down firmly as you gaze at me with those cold eyes, as if scolding me.”


“With your thick hands, you’d press down firmly. Until my breathing becomes rough. Until my head spins.”


Is this what it means to form a relationship?

Is this how normal people form bonds?

Or is this just Lina’s preference?


Danya was confused.


“But won’t it hurt…?”

“Even if my breath is labored and my body feels exhausted, my heart would be as comfortable as ever.”


Lina smiled as if just thinking about it made her happy.


She didn’t know.

It was still too difficult for Danya to understand.


“Then, when forming a bond, do you also stroke each other’s back?”



“Should we try it?”


Suddenly, Lina’s finger traced down Danya’s back.


“Eek! I-It tickles!”

“If it tickles, that means it feels good.”


So, Asilia and Ian…!

Danya, with her tail standing straight up, said to Lina.


“You know, Danya.”


“Do you also like Ian?”


It was a sudden and direct question. Danya was taken aback and blurted out something she didn’t even mean.


“L-Like him? What nonsense! We’re just colleagues!”


“Y-Yes! Really!”

“Then, would you mind if I formed a bond with Ian?”


Danya’s eyes, initially filled with confusion, suddenly became serious.


“I wouldn’t like that.”

“I thought so. You know, Danya.”


“I-I can give up Ian for you. When I was lost for a while, you took care of Ian. And that Silvia too.”

“Why bring her up here!”


Lina giggled at Danya’s flustered reaction.


“Instead, no matter who takes first, I will be second. If it’s not you two in front of me, I’ll be more assertive.”


A calm yet shocking confession.


“I… I don’t think I can live without Ian.”


She is Lina, who always smiles brightly.

She had never seen Lina speak so seriously.

Danya bit her lower lip.


“Or… if you think you can’t handle it, I could try it first and let you know?”


Lina’s words were provocative.

Danya stood up abruptly.


A surge of emotions bubbled up within her. It felt like jealousy, like competitiveness.


Silvia. Asilia, and other women.

No matter who they were, Danya was determined not to lose Ian.


‘But I’m so inexperienced…’


She didn’t even know how to deal with Asilia, who seduced Ian by taking off her top.



Lina looked at her innocently.


‘… She said she’d be satisfied with being second.’


Danya had heard that popular men sometimes have concubines.

Maybe she needed to give up her excessive greed to win Ian.


After making her calculations, Danya reached out to Lina.


“Let’s cooperate.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”


Lina smiled brightly.

Somehow, Danya felt uneasy about that smile.


“But I’ll be the legal wife.”


The moment Danya declared loudly.


“…Legal wife?”


Ian and Asilia returned.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

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