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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 98

Escape (2)

The corpses here are like remnants that have absorbed most of the vitality.


Just as those who died of thirst in the desert cling to water, it is natural for the corpses here to cling to vitality.


With Richard having devoured so many humans, tension was necessary wherever he went.


However, such oddly shaped creatures emerged unexpectedly.


‘Are they clinging together in a spherical form to avoid draining the remaining vitality?’


As Ian analyzed the massive lump, Danya murmured distantly.


“It’s like a ball made of corpses…”


The unknown voices flowing from the mouths of hundreds of gaping corpses were eerie, and the countless arms moving incessantly as if pleading for salvation instinctively instilled fear.


Though Danya had seen many things during her time in the forest, she had never seen anything as grotesque as this.


If hell existed, it might resemble that.


As Danya gazed at the corpse monster, she shouted urgently.




As Danya’s words fell, the corpse monster emitted a black aura frighteningly.


― Crackle!


Eyes melting away, emitting black smoke,

Trees turning into black powder and disappearing.




Yerina lowered her shield, now cracked.


Testing the opponent’s strength by imbuing her shield with magic, only to find out that the opponent was strong enough to cut through her magic without a doubt.


“Everyone, retreat.”


Before the words finished, Yerina’s weapon was shot out frighteningly.


– Boom!


A tremendous sound erupted.

One side of the mass of corpses, previously in a spherical shape, crumpled like a squashed apple.


But soon, other things sprang out from within to fill the void left by the broken corpses.




Yerina immediately widened the distance.




Once again, the black aura of the corpse monster erupted fiercely where she had stood.


Another charge from Yerina.

But the creature was resilient.


– Pow!

– Quang!

– Coooooo!


Despite Yerina’s various attacks, the corpse monster promptly recovered its condition and even launched a counterattack.


The creature showed an extraordinary response to mana-based attacks, just like other corpses.


‘We can’t engage in a prolonged battle like this.’


Everyone’s stamina had to be maintained at its best. Once they left this cursed snowy wasteland, the final boss awaited.


‘But it’s not reasonable for me to engage in the battle.’


There was no energy Ian could afford to waste here. The method to break through this impasse and dismantle Richard’s stronghold depended on Ian.


The unique characteristic of those damn corpse monsters.

Mana avoidance is the root of all problems.

How to deal with that…


‘Wait a moment.’


A single idea flashed through Ian’s mind.


What if I attack using magic disguised as vitality?


Surely the creature would charge towards the magic itself. And in this world, the most similar thing to vitality is the reaction of grass and water.


‘But the problem is, there’s no water…’


…Could it work if I melt it?

Ian immediately gave the order.


“Lady Yerina! Freeze the surface of that monster!”

“Hmm? Alright.”


As Yerina approached the corpse monster, the volume of the mace swelled rapidly along with the ice that formed on the surface.


– Crack!


The icy blow from the mace froze the surface of the corpse monster.


“Lina, melt the ice!”

“Huh? Okay!”


Though puzzled by the need to melt what was just frozen, Lina immediately followed Ian’s command.


From experience, whenever Ian issued such orders, there had never been a wrong move.


As fire passed through, melting the frozen surface.


Steam rose, and the surface of the corpse monster became damp.



“I got it!”


Countless Grass-attribute arrows were summoned above the corpse monster.


…When did she learn that?


For a moment, they marveled at Danya’s progressed abilities.


Countless arrows of grass rained down upon the corpse monster.


Originally, the creature would have avoided the attack.


But with the interaction of elements, along with Danya’s arrows, numerous flower buds bloomed on the corpse monster.


For a moment, the eyes of the corpse monster, filled with vitality, seemed to falter.


― Thud!


Magic arrows poured down, embedding themselves into the creature’s surface.


– Grooaaaah!


It was effective.



– Grunt!

– Grrrrrrr!


A grotesque sight unfolded.

Originally, the corpses, whose outer shells should have collapsed immediately, tried to burst out as if devouring each other to catch Danya’s vitality-filled arrows.


“Lady Yerina!”

“I got it!”


The size of Yerina’s ice mace, already enlarged with magic, was enormous enough to cover the creature and then some.


Precisely aiming towards the center of the corpse monster, her mace descended.


― Kuwaaaah!


A tremendous vibration shook the ground.


Most of the corpse monster crumpled and disappeared.

Completely unbalanced, they devoured each other greedily.


― Kwaddddeuk!


A grotesque sight of corpses devouring one another.


As Ian frowned at the sight, he heard a cough in his ear.




Bright crimson blood stained his eyes.

It was Asilia’s.




Ian rushed to her and supported her immediately.


“…I have no one but my disciple left.”



Asilia’s body was as cold as touching ice.




Before Ian could say anything, Asilia cut him off.


“…It’s enough that my disciple genuinely cares and worries about me.”



Ian suspected.

That cave was the space that sustained Asilia’s remaining vitality.

Now that she had come out, her remaining life would be quickly consumed.


“As expected, how to…”

It’s okay. I’m just feeling a bit dizzy.”


“Rather, I’m worried about my disciple’s face. You’ll get wrinkles for nothing.”


Asilia’s hand touched Ian’s forehead.



“What I was waiting for wasn’t someone’s salvation.”


Like molding clay, Asilia gently touched Ian’s face.


“We have enough time to see the end of this place. That was your master’s goal. So, please turn away.”


Asilia smoothed Ian’s forehead.

But her smile held a hint of sadness.


“It would have been better if we had met outside.”


There was a slight commotion.


The group that was finishing off the corpse monster returned.

Danya came running and looked at Ian and Asilia’s faces in turn.


“W-What’s going on? Blood? A-Asilia, are you okay?”


“Miss Danya. I’m fine.”




“Master is okay. Let’s proceed with the plan.”



Danya grabbed the hem of her own clothes.

Then she turned around and started walking.


The rest of the group followed Danya discreetly.




When their backs had gone far enough, Ian quietly nudged his master’s back and knelt down.


– Ssshh.


Without a word, his master was hoisted up on his back.

The weight was infinitely light.


One, two.


Tears started falling.


Ian cautiously moved towards the summit.


“I have a lot to tell you.”

“If you speak quickly, I think I can listen to everything on our way.”


Though he couldn’t see his master’s face, he imagined her smiling.


“What were you hoping for during all those long years of waiting?”

“The hope of having a splendid disciple like you someday. And the expectation that we could eventually bring down this place. In fact, it was rather enjoyable. Unlimited hot springs and plenty of time to refine swordsmanship.”



Ian intended to vow for revenge.

Revenge against Richard, the one who made her like this.

But. It felt too obvious to utter such words.


“Isn’t this pure white snowy plain beautiful?”


Asilia said naturally.


You had to spend decades trapped here.

Yet, you remained unwavering without a trace of faltering.


There was much to learn.


It wasn’t just about swordsmanship.


Dealing with the most difficult enemy.

Learning the values to confront the Bloodstone Cult.


If he hadn’t met her, Ian himself would undoubtedly have fallen apart at some point.


Ian condensed all those words into one sentence.


“Thank you for being my master.”


A moment of silence passed.


“I’m thankful to you too. For being my disciple despite being so lacking.”





They reached the summit.

Endless snowy plains spread beneath their feet.


“…It was shaped like an eye.”


Yerina murmured.

Ian closed his eyes along with her.


He felt strange energies crossing the snowy expanse. It was an enormous, eye-shaped barrier that covered the snowy plain beyond the horizon.


“Did you create all this, Master?”

“Well, what else could it be? I made it initially and have been maintaining it steadily. I was quite lively when I was young, you know.”


― Wheeiiing


The wind intensified.

The swirling snowflakes began to become rougher.


“Richard’s mana movements are getting more intense.”

“Now, Ian, it’s time for you to show what you’ve got.”


Ian nodded.

He carefully leaned Asilia against a tree.


Then he drew out the sword that had once been a staff.


Ian stood at the starting point of the truth.




Their business at Richard’s prison was over. Once they escaped, they would have to face the final boss, Richard, in battle.


But Ian wasn’t worried.


Sasha Asilia, who stood against Richard.

Because he received the teachings of his master.




She nodded at Ian and turned her gaze towards him.

Ian slowly raised the sword.


He felt the snowflakes piling onto the blade.

He felt the weight of the snowflakes.

He thought of a branch swaying under the weight, unable to withstand it.


And then.


Following the path Asilia had paved, Ian swung the sword downward.


There was no need for a flashy sword dance.


The sword unleashed a torrent along its black path.

As a result, it was activated.


For a moment, he felt helpless as all his mana was drained away.


― Kugugung


A tremendous noise surged from afar.


The snowy plain, like a heavy breath, writhed with a massive body.


The world began to collapse.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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