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The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee Chapter 75

Miso Stewed Udon!

Toru was having a meal out with Aino, just the two of them.

Now that he thought about it, though they had eaten together at the school cafeteria before, this was their first time having a regular meal out.


But since it was lunch and they were high school students, it wasn’t anything as formal as a restaurant dinner.


When Toru mentioned this, Aino smiled.


“As long as I’m with you, Toru-kun, anywhere we eat is a feast! But someday, I’d love to try French cuisine with you.”


“Yeah, maybe a Christmas dinner at a place with a nice atmosphere, something couples might do.”


“Oh, so you think we’ll become a couple?”


“Th-that’s, um… right. If things keep going as they are, I think that’s what will happen. But—”


Making Aino, his fiancée, his lover meant that it would eventually lead to marriage.

Toru wasn’t ready for that yet. He didn’t have the confidence to protect her.


Aino’s face reddened as she smiled happily.


“It’s okay. Just hearing you say that makes me really happy. For now, we’re in a dating phase, and we’re good friends, right?”


“Yeah, you’re my most important friend.”


Even if Aino wasn’t his girlfriend, she was still the closest person to Toru at the moment.


“But Toru-kun, you also have your childhood friend Chika-san and your family-like friend Tokie-san.”


That was true; Aino had spent less time with Toru than either of them.

Still, Toru valued Aino deeply because she needed him.


Understanding this, Aino nodded.


“I’m determined to win against all of Chika-san and the others. So be prepared, okay?”


“That sounds like it’ll be a fun challenge.”


“Hehe, I’m going to make you fall for me, Toru-kun.”


Aino’s sultry expression made his heart skip a beat.

He felt like he might really fall for her.


But Aino quickly switched to a childlike expression.


“So, what should we eat?”


“Oh, right… Chika mentioned a place with great ankake spaghetti, but I don’t know where it is.”


“That sounds like something to try with Chika-san next time. If you have a recommendation, I’d love to go there.”


Aino looked at Toru with her sparkling blue eyes. It raised the stakes a bit, but it also made him happy that Aino wanted to go to his recommended place.


“What kind of food would you like, Aino-san?”


“Soba or udon, maybe.”


Toru found it surprising that Aino, despite her appearance, preferred Japanese cuisine.

He had an idea.


“How about miso-nikomi udon?”


“Oh, I’ve wanted to try that for a while!”


“You haven’t had it before?”


“Living in Nagoya, you don’t often eat Nagoya specialties, do you?”


Indeed, while tourists frequently eat Nagoya cuisine, locals might not as much.

Morning sets at cafes and miso katsu were common, but Toru had only had kishimen a few times. Still, miso-nikomi udon was something many locals did eat.


Aino smiled bashfully.


“My mother is a picky eater, so we didn’t have much Japanese food at home.”


“I see.”


Although Aino was Finnish, she had lived most of her life in Japan. However, her mother might not have been accustomed to Japanese food.


It made sense that she hadn’t thought of eating miso-nikomi udon.


“That’s why I’m excited! I’ve seen those bubbling hot pots on TV and they look delicious.”


“There’s a great place nearby that serves just that.”


Toru walked with Aino through the streets of Sakae, choosing a shop. It had a slightly old appearance, but it had a dignified and refined look.




A clear soprano voice rang out.


Contrary to the shop’s atmosphere, the server was a young girl, around their age.

Perhaps she was a high school part-timer or helping her family.


She froze for a moment, then guided them inside.


(What was that pause about…?)


Was it because Aino’s appearance was unusual, or had they met before?

Toru couldn’t figure it out, but he focused on his lunch with Aino.


They were shown to a tatami mat room, where both sat on cushions in the seiza position.

As they sat, Toru almost caught a glimpse of Aino’s underwear, making him quickly avert his eyes. Still, the image of her slender white thighs lingered.


Fortunately, Aino didn’t seem to notice.


“So, what should I get? Have you decided, Toru-kun?”


“I’ll have the oyako miso-nikomi udon. It’s better with the egg.”


“Then I’ll have the same as you.”


Aino spoke cheerfully, almost humming a tune.

The place was filled with families.


Aino chuckled.


“Do you think we look like a family?”


“Maybe when we’re a bit older.”


“So, like a married couple?”


Aino giggled softly.


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The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee

The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee

Tsundere Hokuou Bishoujo no Classmate ga, Konyakusha ni Natta Totan ni Dere Ippentou ni Natte Shimatta Ken ni Tsuite, ツンデレ北欧美少女のクラスメイトが、婚約者になった途端にデレ一辺倒になってしまった件について
Score 6.8
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Toru Renjo, a high school student, was mediocre, amiable, and hated himself. At the other end of the spectrum is his classmate Aino Luthi. Aino, a blonde blue-eyed girl, is the most beautiful girl in school and the daughter of a Finnish conglomerate. No matter how you look at it, she is a special existence. In contrast, Toru and Aino have little to do with each other. However, by helping Aino not get injured, Toru has a little connection with her. After a while … Toru becomes Aino’s fiancée. In order to escape from the marriage of convenience, Aino chose Toru as her fiancée. However, Aino, who is really lonely, is gradually attracted to Toru’s kindness. I should have been a fiancée only in name …



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