About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 10

Childhood Friends Are Coming?

As if she had made up her mind, Mikoto-san declared that she would never say “thank you” to me again.


What did she mean by that?

When I asked her about it, she replied:


“I am not good with people being nice to me.”




I probably had a lot of question marks on my face when I asked her back.

What was this goddess going to say?


“I don’t want to owe anyone anything, and I don’t want to cause trouble. I’m not good at getting along with others.”


“I know it sounds like a negative thing to say, but you can say it in different ways, like helping each other or friendship, can’t you?”


“It’s the same thing. If you are helped by others, you have to feel indebted to them, and if you have a special partner, you have to take care of that partner. It’s a hassle.”


“It might be a hassle, but it might be worth the hassle.”


I said, but Mikoto-san denied my words.


“Akihara-kun may think so, but I don’t. That’s why I can no longer be bothered with you. So you don’t have to bother me anymore, and you don’t have to make me dinner or anything.”




When I gave her a subtle glare, Mikoto-san looked away, her face reddened, and she said in a quiet voice.


“I appreciate the kindness you showed me today. Your Omurice was very delicious. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be nice to me from tomorrow on.”


There was a hint of a smile on the Ice Goddess’ face.

After a pause, Mikoto-san said.


“I will move out as soon as I find a place to live, so don’t worry. I will try not to cause you any trouble.”


Then, Mikoto-san asked me where to find a place to sleep.

I told her that I had a futon that my sister Amane used to use when she lived here, and that it was in the closet.

Then she walked to the back room.


Room #301 is a 2DK, but there is only a thin sliding wall between the front bedroom and the back bedroom, so it is impossible to lock from either side.


“I’m sure Akihara-kun understands this without me having to tell you…”


“I’ll never go in there, so don’t worry. If I try anything, you can just kill me.”


I raised my both hands.

I jokingly struck a pose of surrender and non-resistance, but Mikoto-san did not laugh, just said a small “thank you” and retreated into the back room.


I looked up at the ceiling and sneezed.

I think I’ll take a bath too.



On the way home after school the next day, I stifle a yawn.

I couldn’t sleep much last night.


The thought of someone else sleeping in the same apartment made me so nervous that I couldn’t sleep.

I was even more so because the other person sleeping there was the goddess of the school.


I think that Mikoto-san probably didn’t get a good night’s sleep either.

When I woke up in the morning, Mikoto-san was already gone. It seems she went to school first.


Well, if we went to school at the same time from the same place, we might meet someone we know and have a troublesome misunderstanding.


After all, we had not spoken a single word in the classroom, and we took separate routes home.


As I left the station and walked up the hill to my apartment, a strong wind blew through the air.

Dead leaves were flying up and down, along with dust and dirt.


It’s cold again today.

I shivered.


I told Mikoto-san that I would lend her my coat, but it seems that she went to school without it. Mikoto-san, I really think you will catch a cold soon, but I wonder if you will be all right.


As I was walking aimlessly, thinking of all kinds of things, I was slapped on the back from behind.


Surprised, I turned around to see two girls in school uniforms, who looked like sisters, giggling.


“Even though we were walking right behind Haruto, he didn’t notice us at all. I’m so embarrassed.”


“Sorry … for startling you, Aki-kun …”


The short-cut girl who called me “Haruto” is my childhood friend Sasaki Kaho.

Her big eyes sparkle with joy.


The other person who used the nickname “Aki-kun” for me was Yukino Sakurai, a friend of Kaho.

She is quite petite and has semi-long hair.

She wears striking red under-rimmed glasses. She has a mature demeanor.

By the way, “Aki-kun” comes from “Aki” in “Akihara”.


Yukino has been Kaho’s best friend since middle school, and after I was dumped, she helped me make up with Kaho.

Without her help, I don’t think I would have been able to get back to the point where I could casually talk with Kaho again.

She’s been a friend of ours since middle school, and we went to high school together.


“It has been a long time since I’ve seen Kaho and Yuki go home together. What’s up?”


I said.

“Yuki” is Yukino’s nickname, and I have been calling her that ever since a little incident.


Fufufu, Kaho laughed deliberately.

I think she’s thinking something strange.


“Haruto, you bought a new game, you know, the fighting game with all the different characters?”


I think Kaho is referring to the new video game I bought last week.


You control a character from a famous game, and you win if you blow your opponent’s character off the stage with your character.

It’s a great game to play with a big group of people, and I was planning to invite my friends Ooki and the others over to my apartment to play it.


With the ease of living alone, my residence is very convenient at times like that.


Come to think of it, of course I have to keep the fact that Mikoto-san is staying at my apartment a secret from my classmates.


If they find out, it would be a big deal, and I don’t know what they would say.

And that means I won’t be able to casually invite my friends over, will I?

As I was aghast, Kaho said something outrageous.


“Yuki wants to play that fighting game.”




I looked at Yuki, and she nodded her head, her cheeks flushed.

Come to think of it, Yuki likes video games.

But I think she told me the other day that she had bought the same game.


“Yuki wants to play that game with Haruto. There aren’t many girls who play that game, and she doesn’t have any opponents.”


“Oh, Kaho. Don’t say that…”


“Hey, it’s okay, right, Haruto? Oh, of course, I’ll join you, too!”


Kaho said with a bright, carefree smile.

Yuki, on the other hand, tugged at Kaho’s school uniform sleeves and made a troubled, embarrassed face.


I see.

I can see the story.


In other words, they want to come over to my apartment now and play games with me.

Normally, I would welcome them.

Especially Kaho, who has rarely come to my house since my failed confession, has voluntarily said she would come today.


It was a great pleasure for me to have Kaho come to my home again, just like before.

This was thanks to Yuki’s request to play games, and I can’t thank her enough.




What would happen if the two of them came to my home?

There is a good chance that they will bump into Mikoto-san.


The two of them used to come to my house often in the past, but I think they usually stayed until rather late on those occasions.


So, based on my experience, Mikoto-san will probably be back at my house by the time they leave.

If anything, she might already be at home.


That would be bad.

I felt sweat pouring down my face despite the fact that it was winter.


Kaho bounces up to me and giggles.

Then she looked up.


“Haruto? Can’t we have some fun?”