About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 12

Giving the Goddess a Piggyback Ride

A brown-haired high school student gave a lowly smile and tried to touch Mikoto-san’s chest.

Mikoto-san backed away and was about to run.

But there was a wall behind her, and she soon came to a dead end.


Mikoto-san looked at the approaching man’s hand and shook her head.

Then, her beautiful face contorted in fear and she covered her face with her hands.


“I hate … this, I hate it. Someone … help me!”


At the same time that Mikoto-san screamed, the guy took another step toward her.

However, the man’s hands did not reach her.




The man raised a stunned exclamation and collapsed on the spot.

I lightly brushed off his foot, and he easily fell down.


I think he’s not being very careful at all.


The remaining two boys were stunned by my sudden appearance, but eventually one of them turned bloodthirsty and punched out at me.


But he just swung his hand with all his might.


I dodged him and kicked him in the stomach.

The man gasped and screamed in agony.

I’m sorry, but since you were the one who came at me, you’ll just have to put up with this.


The last guy came at me the same way, so I grabbed his arm and threw him over. The guy that was thrown fell on top of the first guy whose leg was knocked, and the two of them fell out of action together.


Now there is only one thing to do next.


“Run away, Mikoto-san.”


Mikoto-san was stunned, with a look on her face that said she had no idea what had just happened.


The guys weren’t hurt, and soon they will be able to act again.

At that time, they won’t be as careless as they were earlier, and if all three of them were to come at us at once, we would be in trouble.


I had no choice but to take her hand because she didn’t seem to move at all and wouldn’t come over to me.


It felt warm to the touch.

I don’t get many chances to hold a girl’s hand.

If it was Kaho’s hand, it would be even better.


Mikoto-san’s face turned red, but I didn’t have time to worry about that.

I pulled on Mikoto-san’s hand and started to run.

We left the abandoned building and went out into a narrow alley.


“As long as we get to the main street, we’ll be safe, so let’s just head there for now.”




Mikoto-san gave me a tiny reply as we ran.

The area is full of old apartment buildings and abandoned buildings.

There was still no sign of the men chasing us.


Well, this should be a piece of cake, I thought to myself.





Mikoto-san let out a cute scream and fell down.

Mikoto-san, who had fallen vigorously to the asphalt ground, said, “Ouch …” and her eyes were teary.

I hurriedly bent down and approached Mikoto-san.


“Are you all right? I’m sorry, maybe I rushed too much.”


“I don’t think it’s something you should apologize for, Akihara-kun. But…”


As Mikoto-san tried to stand up, she groaned in pain briefly.

It looked like she had twisted her ankle.

It seemed to hurt so much that she could not take a single step.


“Akihara-kun, you can go ahead.”


“I can’t just go ahead and leave Mikoto-san like this. They will catch you again.”


“I didn’t say I wanted Akihara-kun to save me.”


“You were shouting “help me” in the abandoned building earlier, weren’t you?”


“That was that ……. Anyway! I think it would be better for you to escape at least.”


I shrugged.

If I would have run away after being told that, I would not have come to her rescue in the first place.

I bent down and turned my back to Mikoto-san.




Mikoto-san’s mysterious voice called out from behind me.

I answered from that position.


“I’m gonna carry you on my back. Hold on to me.”


“You’ll give me a piggyback ride?”


I chuckled.


“What’s so funny?”


“I thought it was a cute word you used, Mikoto-san.”


“It’s just a normal way of saying it.”


Mikoto-san said a little shyly.

I smiled and loosened my cheeks, but I had to move on.

When I rushed her, she seemed a little hesitant, but in the end, she wrapped her arms around my back.


Mikoto-san’s soft parts pressed against my body.

I almost blushed and shook off my evil thoughts.

The first priority now was to escape.


I carried Mikoto-san on my back and started running again.


I was so embarrassed that I thought she could hear my thoughts, but then I heard a small, embarrassed voice from behind my back.


“Akihara-kun…, are you thinking of anything strange?”


“I’m not thinking.”


“Liar. You’re thinking that my b*****s are soft or something like that anyway.”


It is true that Mikoto-san’s b*****s, which can be felt through her school uniform, seem to be quite soft and textured.

I don’t know because I don’t have anything to compare to.


Mikoto-san whispered in my ear.


“But just for now, I’ll allow Akihara-kun to think about some strange things.”




“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not…”


Then, Mikoto-san tried to move her body, and my back rubbed against her soft b*****s.


“Oh, hyah!”


Mikoto-san made a sweet, strange sound, and I became more and more aware of Mikoto-san and blushed.


“H-Hold on tight.”


“Uh, yeah… Will do.”


“Uh, thank you. Anyway, just hang on until we get home.”


As we talked, I kept making right and left turns at the intersection of alleys.

This way, I might be able to lose them.

This is my hometown, so I know the area better than they do.


Then I came to a place where the alley was twisted and easy to hide in the shadows.

I stopped there and let Mikoto-san down.


“We’ll let them pass once they’re here.”


“I understand. However, Akihara-kun is quite strong, isn’t he? You can easily carry me on your back and run.”


“Well, I am a man, you know. Besides, Mikoto-san is quite light.”


“Is that so?”




“But even so, I was surprised at how easily you beat those men earlier.”


“Well, I’m used to it because of all the things that happened to me in the past.”


I felt itchy as Mikoto-san stared at me with a look that said she was reviewing me a little bit.

Being good at fighting is nothing to be proud of.


After a while, I carried Mikoto-san on my back again.

This time, Mikoto-san neither resisted nor hesitated, and leaned her body against my back.