About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 29

Aki-kun likes her

I’m going to pretend that me and Mikoto-san are dating.

That way, we can dodge the suspicion that it’s because we live together.

This was Mikoto-san’s suggestion.


And Yuki, Kaho’s best friend, agrees with it.

I was surprised, and Mikoto-san’s blue eyes widened in surprise.


Yuki looked a little flustered as she gazed at us both.

She looked restless, her eyes darting about and her hands fidgeting.


“I-is this really such a surprise?”


“I thought you’d be against it.”


“I think the reason Kaho dumped Aki-kun was because she didn’t have a sense of crisis.”


“Sense of crisis?”


“Kaho, I’m sure she wants to be spoiled …… by Aki-kun who can be her childhood friend all the time and who still likes her even if she rejected him or avoided him because of it. I think it’s probably very comforting to know that you don’t accept the other person, but they accept you.”


“I don’t think Kaho would ever think that, but …”


“I don’t know. Kaho, you know, is a bad girl.”


Yuki chuckled.

Kaho herself had said those words.

She said she was a very bad girl.


Yuki’s words did not end there.


“But I like Kaho like that. Aki-kun, you do too, right?”


“Well, yes.”


I like Kaho too, so naturally, the answer is: yes.


“I’m glad!”


Yuki’s face lit up.


“I think that if Aki-kun and Mikoto-san show that they are dating, Kaho will feel threatened. If she realizes that it is not natural for her to have Aki-kun all to herself all the time, she will realize how she really feels.”


“I wonder if that’s the way it’s going to be.”


I don’t think it will be that convenient.

Love is nothing more than the touch of the soul and the contact of mucous membranes, Kaho said.


But Yuki seemed confident.


“Love is about having the other person all to yourself. I’m sure Kaho will realize that too.”


Yuki then looked back at Mikoto-san.


“Is that … okay with you, too, Mikoto-san?”


“Originally, it was my suggestion, so it’s fine, but I’m not doing it so that Akihara-kun and Sasaki-san can be together.”


Mikoto-san stared at Yuki, looking quite dissatisfied.

Yuki was not perturbed this time and smiled.


“It’s fine. But you see, Aki-kun likes Kaho, not Mikoto-san, not me, but Kaho. I hope you don’t forget that.”