About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 57

No Rushing Away!

Rei-san and I stayed under the covers for a while, checking each other’s warmth.

Although my eyes had been wide-open until a little while ago, when Rei-san hugged me, I naturally became calm and sleepy.

But I couldn’t go on like this.

If I don’t ask Rei-san to go back to the futon in her room, I’m afraid of the next morning.

I wonder what Kaho and the others would say…

I opened my mouth, but all of the words I was going to say were inaudible.

A strong feeling of drowsiness came over me and robbed me of my consciousness.

Somehow I managed to say, “Good night. Rei-san…”, and my words were cut off.

Rei-san laughed and whispered, “Good night, Haruto-kun.”

Someone was looking down at me.

It was not Rei-san, it seemed.

And not one, but two.


A very disgruntled, but beautifully toned voice wakes me up.

I looked up to see Kaho staring at me, her cheeks puffed out.

Next to her, Amane-nee-san was looking at me with some amusement.

I rushed to get up, but I couldn’t.

Because Rei-san was nestling her cheek on my chest and hugging me tightly.


Rei-san mumbled in her sleep with a happy face and then rubbed her soft cheek against me.

Rei didn’t wake up at all even in this situation.

Seeing this, Kaho looked more and more displeased.

“Liar! Violation of agreement! No rushing allowed!”

Perhaps Kaho’s voice finally woke her up, and Rei-san, rubbing her sleepy eyes, looked around with a dazed look on her face.

Then, seeing herself in my arms and the two of them looking at us, she blushed.

“I’m sorry,”

“Oh, no way… You didn’t do …?

“Hey, I didn’t do anything!”

Rei-san’s cheeks became more and more flushed and she asked me to confirm her answer, “Right?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

Generally, I sleep soundly.

I am sure that Rei-san is the same way and did not do anything while I was sleeping.

When I asked her about it, she nodded confidently.

“When Haruto-kun was sleeping, I never bit his earlobe, stroked his chest plate, or kissed his cheeks without his permission!”

“You definitely did!”

When Kaho pressed Rei-san, Rei-san grumbled and reluctantly admitted that she did.

Kaho looked up at the ceiling, then turned her gaze back to me and pointed her finger at me sharply.

As my eyes went black and white, she poked me on the forehead with her finger.

The gesture was cute, but I didn’t call it cute because I knew it would only fuel her anger.

“We promised that only Amane-nee-san would sleep in the same room with him.”

Me and Rei-san stood shoulder to shoulder, shrugged, and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Kaho pondered for a moment and then clapped her hands together.

“I won’t get mad at Mikoto-san for breaking her promise, but in return, I’m sleeping on the futon with Haruto tonight!”


“It’s good, isn’t it? It would be unfair if I didn’t. Is that okay with you, too?”

“I don’t mind.”

Amane-nee-san’s eyes were shining happily.

No, it’s not okay.

She was completely amused.

“It’s decided.”

After she finished, Kaho chuckled.

“Be prepared, Haruto.”

What should I be prepared for?

Before I could ask her again, Kaho disappeared into the bathroom.

I was left behind and exchanged looks with Rei-san.

Rei-san giggled, “I’ve made Sasaki-san angry, haven’t I?”

“I’m worried about Haruto-kun and Sasaki-san sleeping together, but…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep a close watch on them.”

Amane-nee-san interjected.

“Actually, I was awake last night too.”

“Eh, that’s…”

“I saw all of Haruto-kun and Rei-san flirting.”

Rei-san’s blue eyes twirled around, perhaps confused by embarrassment and shock.

I felt myself blushing too.

It was quite embarrassing to think that my cousin had seen us hugging and kissing each other.

It was also quite inconvenient that we were not alone together.

I still had something I needed to tell Rei-san, but since it looked like we wouldn’t be alone for a while, I had no choice but to speak up in front of Amane-nee-san.

“Rei-san, do you remember our promise the other day?”

“The other day?”

“Let’s go to the aquarium.”

Rei-san murmured, “Ah”, and smiled beautifully.

We were supposed to have a date at the aquarium as a fake couple.

The other day when we tried to go after school, we couldn’t go because Rei’s younger sister, Kotone, showed up.

“We don’t have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, but we promised we’d go. Wanna go today?”

Rei-san’s blue eyes lit up and she looked up at me.

“Thank you. I’m so happy to hear Haruto-kun ask me out on a date!”