About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 64


After a good look at the jellyfish, we proceeded to another floor of the aquarium.

Rei-san said she wanted to see the 35,000 sardines, and indeed they were beautiful.

The sight of a large number of sardines swimming in a school alongside large tuna-like fish was aptly described as a silver curtain.

Rei-san was happily murmuring in a bubbly voice, “It’s beautiful.”

After looking around at sea lions and deep-sea fish, we walked for a while and came to a place where many people were gathered.

Rei-san and I looked at each other and peeked over people’s shoulders to see what kind of creatures were there.

It was a penguin.

Children who come with their parents say, “How cute!” and point their fingers.

A rather small-looking penguin with a single black band on its white abdomen.

Rei-san murmured.

“Those are Humboldt penguins.”

“You know a lot about penguins.”

“Really? I think it’s normal.”

Rei-san shrugged.

I’m not much of an animal person, and I have no idea what kind of penguins there are.

But Rei-san seemed to like the aquarium more than just a date spot.

If Rei-san was interested, I might as well try to learn about fish and penguins.

As I was thinking this, one of the penguins behind the glass climbed onto the land and onto the top of another penguin.

The penguins were trying desperately to keep their balance while swaying in what appeared to be an unstable position.

After a while, I too realized what the penguins were doing.

I looked at Rei-san and saw that she was blushing and slumped over in embarrassment.

But eventually, with her cheeks still tinted, Rei-san’s mischievous blue eyes lit up.

“Haruto-kun. Do you know what that one is doing?”


“Don’t you understand?”

“No, I know, but…”

“That’s penguins mating.”

I knew that without being told.

But when Rei-san opened her lush lips and pronounced the word ” mating”, it was strangely alluring, and I couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Rei-san giggled.

“Haruto-kun, you’re embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed at all.”

“Then, aren’t you embarrassed when you imagine doing something like that with me?”

I felt my face turning red.

This does not claim that she was not embarrassed.

However, it seemed that Rei-san was embarrassed as well, and she was blushing more and more, and even her earlobes were stained red.

I looked away.

“It’s not good to make jokes like that.”

“It’s not a joke. I don’t care if you do that to me, Haruto-kun. Do you not like it, Haruto-kun?”

“I don’t dislike it, but…”

I mean, when I took a bath with Rei-san, it was quite dangerous.

At that time when we were close together n*ked, I might have lost my reason a little more and ended up like that with Rei-san.

Rei-san narrowed her eyes and smiled softly.

“Do you know? Penguins lead a monogamous life. Once they get together, they stay together forever. Isn’t that kind of nice?”

I looked at the penguins behind the glass.

Two penguins, huddled together, trying their best to stay together.

Once again, I turned my attention back to Rei-san, “Huh?” Rei-san looked up at me.

When I nodded, Rei-san loosened her cheeks happily and took my hand in hers.