About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 77

Kotone’s Feelings

Kotone Tomi.

That’s my name.

I was born into the Tomi family.

The Tomi family was a prominent business owner in our small provincial city, making us the wealthiest family in the area.

Moreover, I was, by all accounts, an adorable young girl, and everyone around me always fussed over me.

In my early years, I believed I was happy.

I had a kind and handsome father and a gentle, beautiful mother who always protected me.

Whenever my mother called me “Kotone”, it filled me with joy.

I loved my father dearly, and as a preschooler, I once asked him, “Daddy, do you love me?” He chuckled and replied, “Kotone, you’re my everything”, while gently ruffling my hair.

I was certain I was the happiest person in the world.

But that was a lie.

I had an older half-sister, one year older.

When I found out about her, my world turned upside down.

When I was in elementary school, my father abruptly left our home. He had a beautiful half-Japanese mistress.

They had a child together, and that child was my half-sister, Rei Mikoto.

My father chose his mistress and my half-sister over us.

In other words, my mother and I were discarded. Then, during their journey abroad, my father died in an accident.

I couldn’t understand.

Were my father’s words about caring for me all lies?

My mother was shattered.

When I tried to console her, she pushed me away and lashed out in violence.

Her eyes had lost touch with reality, and it seemed she didn’t recognize me anymore.

Eventually, she took her own life.

In my despair, a girl appeared before me.

It was my half-sister.

Rei Mikoto had lost her parents and been taken in by the Tomi family.

Rei was a beautiful girl with silver hair and blue eyes.

Perhaps more beautiful than me, who was complimented by everyone around us.

Her extraordinary non-Japanese looks were proof that she carried the blood of the woman who took my father away from us. When I laid eyes on Rei, I couldn’t contain my hatred.

I had lost my parents, and though I lived comfortably thanks to my grandfather, I had no one I could truly call family.

The Tomi family’s heir had been decided to be my father’s brother, my uncle, and it seemed like everyone had lost interest in me.

The attention I received was not genuine; it was merely a way to please the future head of the Tomi family, my father.

Understanding that, I lost faith in those around me.

I was not a unique or special existence. I was just a pitiful creature abandoned even by my one and only father.

I grew up in loneliness within the Tomi family alongside Rei.

While Rei had been mistreated within the family due to her status as an illegitimate child, her silver hair and blue eyes drew attention when she ventured outside.

I hate to admit it, but even though I was quite beautiful myself, standing next to Rei, I couldn’t help but feel overshadowed by her, the one with foreign blood.

My growing hatred for Rei was compounded by her apparent fear and guilt towards me. She avoided me, and this only served to fuel my frustration.

When I entered middle school, I began subjecting Rei to various forms of harassment, which those around us tolerated while Rei continued to endure.

However, during Rei’s winter of her high school years, she finally ran away from the mansion.

As a last-ditch effort to separate her from her newfound happiness, I tried to set up a situation where she would be attacked by a delinquent group.

I had planned to break her spirit.

But that plan failed.

One of Rei’s classmates, a boy, protected her.

What’s more, she seemed to be staying at his home.

His name was Haruto Akihara.

He was our cousin.

I was surprised when I went to check on Rei. She sat next to Haruto, looking bashful.

I couldn’t accept it.

I had intended to make Rei miserable, so why was she so happy with a boy?

Rei didn’t deserve to have what she took from me, the person who took my parents away.

Logically, I knew she wasn’t to blame, but I couldn’t help feeling that way.

So, I tried to separate Rei and Haruto Akihara.

But it didn’t work.

My senpai, Haruto Akihara, despite his mild appearance, was much stronger than I had thought. Even with my threats, he remained unshaken.

My older sister, who had always given in to my threats, chose to stay with Haruto-senpai under his persuasion.

Even when I tried to use my clairvoyant abilities to threaten him, Haruto-senpai remained completely unfazed.

While I had been saying that I would make both my sister and Haruto-senpai regret their decisions, I started to become curious about Haruto-senpai.

When I secretly followed them, I ended up seeing Haruto-senpai and my sister kissing.

My sister blushed but appeared incredibly happy, wearing a smile I had never seen before.


I couldn’t help but think that.

Why could my sister live with the one she loved while I remained alone?

Then, my sister brought Haruto-senpai back to our mansion.

I saw it as an opportunity.

There was no need to resort to violence to separate my sister and senpai.

If I could win senpai’s heart, it would be the most significant blow to my sister.

So, I invited Haruto-senpai out onto the night road outside the mansion.

The result was our abduction.

I think I acted recklessly.

I was on the verge of being attacked by a man, crying like a child, and Haruto-senpai protected me. That’s when I first realized.

My hatred for my sister had somehow turned into jealousy.

I was drawn to the relationship between my sister and Haruto-senpai.

A strong partner who would protect me from any threat, someone who would listen to my stories, and live in the same house.

That was Haruto-senpai for my sister, and I found myself wanting the same.

I wanted a family.

Now, Haruto-senpai and I are sleeping in the same room, just the two of us.

As I had imagined, Haruto was kind.

He protected me when I was about to be attacked by a man again, he indulged my selfish wish to sleep together.

The meals provided by our kidnappers were always meager, but senpai prioritized feeding me.

Even when I tried to refuse, senpai would smile and say, “I’m fine.”

I was constantly anxious about the possibility of being killed, but even when I showed weakness, senpai would always be there for me.

In our small room with only one bed, I was happy.

Since losing my parents, I had been left alone in a vast, luxurious mansion.

But it’s different now, because I have senpai.

Regardless of my sister, I had developed feelings for senpai.

I didn’t want my sister or Sasaki-senpai to take him away from me.

A week had passed since our abduction, and we welcomed another morning, still embracing in the same bed.

Senpai still seemed uncomfortable with waking up and finding me in front of him, blushing and flustered.

I couldn’t help but smile and think to myself that I wished this moment would last forever.

“Hey, senpai. Can I kiss you?”

“I’ve told you multiple times, but no.”

“Well, then, I’ll surprise you again.”

“That’s even more of a no.”

The only thing that bothered me about senpai was that he didn’t seem to accept my advances at all. I hadn’t been able to successfully kiss him, apart from that surprise attack on the first day.

Senpai said, “I’m going to take a shower,” and tried to escape.

I made up my mind.

I had to approach him in a situation where he couldn’t escape.

While senpai was in the shower, he was n*ked.

“I’m coming in with you, okay, Senpai?”

Muttering to myself, I put my hand on my skirt and gently let it fall to the floor.