I, a high school teacher, was transferred with my students to another world Volume 1 Chapter 42

The Egg

While it was still the territory of magical creatures, it seemed that human settlements were getting closer. The fact that I had killed people wouldn’t disappear. That’s how I was able to protect Kimishima. At least, that’s what I chose to believe.

Wary of the monster with a boar-like face attacking again, we quickly moved away from the spot. Since Carton and his companions had already run ahead, encountering monsters on the way was expected. We remained cautious, but this might have been a chance to make progress at a slightly faster pace.

Was I wrong? Since then, Kimishima had noticeably spoken less. An escape that relied on clinging to hope for tomorrow could be fatal due to differences in motivation.

Was there something I could do? I pondered a bit as we continued on the path.


It was evening. It was time to consider a hiding place.

“Kimishima, could you fan the flames?”

“Flames? If it’s about starting a fire…”

“Well, how about trying to cook the egg over a bonfire?”

“…We’ll be found by monsters, you know?”

“We can use leaves or something to hide it from view, and it’s still bright enough now that it won’t be too noticeable.”


A meal can be a source of energy. Just nibbling on these biscuit-like portable foods won’t provide the necessary energy. I considered the possibility of cooking the egg over the fire. The shell seemed quite thick, and even hitting it didn’t seem like it would crack easily.

Kimishima looked a bit troubled, but she still lit the fire. I gathered branches and built up the fire. Then, I gently placed the egg on it.

“Do you like it semi-cooked?”

“…Are we really going to eat it?”

“You’d like to try eating something proper.”

“Is this…what is it?”

“I thought we could try cooking it like this. We can use the thickness of the shell to make it like a boiled egg.”

“…I don’t like them semi-cooked. And eating it…”

“Alright, let’s take our time then. That should be fine.”

“It’s just…”

Well, it was the egg of a creature from another world that I was seeing for the first time. I understood the hesitation. But if they tasted good, it could surpass everything. I had no basis for this, but I had confidence.

Amidst the crackling of the wood, the egg was engulfed in flames. The shell seemed quite thick, so we’d need to cook it well. Regular boiled eggs took about 10 minutes, I thought. Given the size and thickness of the shell, we might need to cook it even longer.

I was a bit excited, but Kimishima was staring at the egg with an expression as if she was looking at something unsettling. I was feeling a bit of a change of pace, but I was starting to feel a bit of frustration.

Even so, it must have been around 30 minutes when I thought it might be done. That’s when Kimishima muttered something.

“Did you have a girlfriend or someone like that, Sensei?”

“Huh? M-me?”


“No… I…”

Recently, I went out to eat with English teacher Mayuri several times… Not that she was my girlfriend. It wasn’t more than colleagues… I did have some feelings, but coming to this world and being bathed in the light of God severed those connections. Maybe that’s why, I had completely forgotten until now.

“Did you have someone you liked?”

“Well… I wonder…”

“There were rumors that you went on a date with Mayuri-sensei, right?”

“Huh? Why… something like that…”

“Mayuri-sensei was really popular among the boys. Tsuji-kun, in particular, was so infatuated. I remember him being angry at you.”

“Is that so? But we only went out to eat together a couple of times. We were colleagues.”

“…But, Sensei. Mayuri-sensei would be fine…right?”

“What… do you mean?”

“Right now… she’s 18, isn’t she?”


“I’ll turn 18 next month.”


Ugh… Has what I had been holding back while walking accumulated to the point of almost overflowing?… Kimishima’s pressure was oddly strong. The egs was still in the fire, and it was starting to feel a bit dangerous, but it was also a difficult situation to address.

“Is it because I call you Sensei?”

“Huh? No, it’s not like that…”

“Should I call you by your name?”


“Sensei, please stop calling me by my last name. It’s like a stranger.”


“I’m Yuzuki.”



“Well, it’s just… it seems unnatural…”


Kimishima seemed to be deep in thought. Yeah. There’s no man who wouldn’t be happy to receive such affection from a woman. Of course, even I felt a bit nervous at the expression Kimishima showed.

But another problem had arisen for me.

My bladder was about to burst.

“Sorry, I needed to… go to the bathroom. Could you open it for me?”

“Are you trying to escape?”

“Huh? No, not at all. I really needed to go!”

Since the surroundings were completely covered with a curtain of trees, I asked Kimishima to make an exit for me. I quietly went out into the darkening outside and relieved myself a bit away.

While relieving myself, I continued to ponder what attitude I should take.


While relieving myself, I looked at the Divine Citizen Card on my left hand and something was odd. What was this?

Thinking about it, something seemed off. The writing was unusually clear. Rather, it was too clear.



At that moment, I heard Kimishima’s small scream, “Kyaa!” Panicking, I tried to rush over, but I couldn’t stop immediately. Desperately pulling up my pants, I headed towards the tent.

“Are you okay… eh?”

I hurriedly entered the tent, and there was an unexpected sight in front of me.


…A red chick was sitting on Kimishima’s lap.

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