I, a high school teacher, was transferred with my students to another world Volume 1 Special

Setting Information (Temporary)


 Shigeto Kusunoki – Orient

3rd Year

 Kyohei Domoto – Credor (Tenden)

 Akira Kohinata – Campanella

 Tetsuya Sato – Trum

 Daiji Tsuji – Karu

 Kimishima Yuzuki – Dolce

2nd Year

 Tomonori Ikeda – Brights – Dilmun Knights

1st Year

 Takato Nishina – Knot – Recovery

 Miki Sakuragi – Rukia (Tendai)

Strongest Ranking Titles

Within Top 100 Celestials

Within Top 10 Great Celestials

3rd Place Keisei

2nd Place Naun Ulrich Stars (Glenvaren Dynasty)

1st Place Tenyo


 A title given to graduates who excel at the Keron Magic Academy in the Wilbrand Holy Kingdom.


・Yggdrasil Continent

 Glenvaren Dynasty

 First country founded by the inaugural king, Heat Glen. Includes the Barren Knights and Dilmun Knights.

 Wilbrand Holy Kingdom

 Founded by the first Pope, Fehlraben. A small country centered around the independent Envirion Cathedral, separate from the Glenvaren Dynasty. The Sky Temple is affiliated with this country.

 Divine Army.

 Kingdom of Jibe

 It is said to be a country founded by the legendary merchant Euphris Jibe. He bought out declining noble families during a chaotic era, expanding to the size of a nation.

 Republic of Rigaland

 A nation was founded that was sought after by people seeking democracy.

 Hodgkin Federation

 A federation formed by five small nations to compete against other countries.

・Irminsul Continent

 Huger Duchy

 The hero Huger, from the Jibe Kingdom, crossed the isthmus and pioneered this duchy.

 Adventurer Guild Autonomous Territory

 Frontline base for the colonization of the Irminsul Continent. Gathering place for those expelled from their countries or seeking a future.


  Referred to as “Jungle Leafs”, those who operate independently and refuse to be affiliated with a country. The Adventurer Guild was established as an organization to provide jobs and relay services for them. Bandits and thieves are also considered part of Jungle Leafs.

 Adventurer Ranks

  Dawn Beginner

  Shinon Intermediate

  Daylight Advanced

 God GS

 Spirit Rank 12 Floors

 1st Place Tengen – Credor, Juli, Signo

 2nd Place Tendai – Brights, Alba, Preza, Rukia, Five, Ast, Exeline, Oceanus

 3rd Place Great Spirits (Higher Spirits)

 4th Place Same as above

 5th Place Same as above

 6th Place Middle Spirits

 7th Place Same as above

 8th Place Same as above

 9th Place Lower Spirits

 10th Place Same as above

 11th Place Same as above

 12th Place Elemental Spirits (Unclassified, etc.)


 People in this world consider it originally a land of monsters, and humans are just borrowing a small corner. Those who believe in God centered around the Wilbrand Holy Kingdom see them as invasive.

 Races (Very arbitrary and temporary)

 There are also race-specific characteristics. For example, a race that doesn’t transform but becomes significantly stronger. Such racial characteristics are not reflected in rankings as brought-in skills.

  Elvis People – Elf-like (lol)

  Noin People – Dwarf-like (lol)

  Earth People – Currently only planned for Japanese

  Warwick People – Giants – Strong

  Martin People – Resemble white people – Heat Glen

  Liken People – Middle Eastern image

  Greco People – Similar to Asians – small build

  Morrison People – Red-haired – General Camilla

 Money “Ern”

 While there are gold and silver coins, usually funds are deposited in temples and churches that also handle banking operations. The Divine Citizen Card is commonly used like a debit card for financial transactions.

 1 Ern = 1 Yen

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