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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World Chapter 18

Crime Performed by Helping (6)

“Hey, what’s up?”


“Hey, what are you doing not holding my hand quickly?”


I grabbed her hand in the opposite direction of where she was pressing me, against Prina’s urging.

We went on to win one more victory afterwards, making it to the quarterfinals with a total of four wins, finally advancing to the semifinals.

With only four surviving teams left, the popularity of the Magic Festival soared to its peak.

As I entered the arena, which was several times larger, I could feel curious gazes coming through the recognition-impairing magic from all directions.


“Ugh, seriously…! What’s there to be so curious about when all the factions are exposed? Peeping around and causing a fuss! All these so-called magicians are completely nuts. Hey, you too, hurry up and put on your hood.”

“Are you alright, Senior?”

“Are you sure you’re okay? And did you actually suggest that I hold your hand first? I really can’t stand empty talk like those popular kids!”


Prina seemed to be half in panic as it was probably her first time standing in front of so many people.

Nevertheless, she continued to mutter to herself as if justifying why she didn’t let go of the hand she firmly held in front of everyone.


“I’ll buy you lunch next time… but then you didn’t even bother to contact me. What about the promise we made at the drinking party last time? Oh, you thought that was all fun and games? Laughing it off like that…! Is conversing with people a joke to you? Words always come back to haunt the one who speaks them. Anyway, even though I hate it too, I have to stick to what you said because you brought it up. I’m not like those irresponsible people.”

“But we can’t fight while holding hands, can we?”



Since the other party revealed themselves on the opposite side of the arena, I had no choice but to let go of Prina’s hand.

Although it was questionable whether she could actually use magic properly, it was rather convenient for me.


Now it was time to remove the veil cast upon the Haeju School and reveal the truth to everyone.

And the protagonist who would put an end to this situation happened to be someone very familiar to me.


“Long time no see, Clark.”

“You seem to have mistaken me for someone else. You don’t know me…”

“You think I wouldn’t recognize you? Drop the act.”



Why is she so angry again?

Shien, who had been participating in the Magic Festival with great momentum since five years ago, was currently a strong candidate for victory.

Although public opinion within the forum was divided in half due to the use of illusionary barriers and concealment spells, I was confident that we would definitely lose this time.


“Shien, have you written anything on the forum recently?”

“You told me not to write anything.”

“Then do you know anyone with other famous nicknames…?”

“I don’t know. And right now, that’s not important at all.”


Because I couldn’t use Mystery against Shien, who lived by piling up walls on the forum.

Unless I directly revealed myself as the Administrator, it was impossible to impose a Curse Name on her.


“Then I’ll step back.”


As Prina retired on her own, and Shien’s partner also stepped back, only the two of us faced each other.

Although I was somewhat tempted by the challenge, winning in the Magic Festival without using magic was meaningless.

Unlike me, Shien was sincere.


“The conclusion of all things, Father is here. Power is unified with the earth, and only system and conviction, not ambiguity, will prevail.”


The Covenant of the Sages.

Simultaneously recited the three verses meaning Immobility, Disruption, and Permanence, the three swords emitted a faint light.

Now, as long as her sword maintained the Mystery, it would never break, cutting through everything made of magic, and would maintain its state unchanged over time.

Pointing at my spear, which was trembling slightly, Shien said.


“Clark, if you really think you can beat me… don’t run away from this place. I’ve only dreamed of this moment since you defeated me with your spear.”


“Let’s make the same bet as last time. This time, I’ll definitely win.”

“What if you win?”


At my question, purely out of curiosity, the sharp edge of the sword wavered for a moment.

While I was considering the prolonged silence, wondering if I should try managing the forum or not, her grammatically incorrect wish was heard.


“If I win, you, you’ll join… join the Intelligence Department, like me!”


I didn’t like that.

From the Administrator perspective, the Intelligence Department was a good institution when its power was weak.

I couldn’t grant her wish just because she asked for it.


“Instead, if I win, we won’t have this kind of fight anymore.”

“Well, that’s… Do you hate fighting me that much?”

“That’s not the issue. This was never meant to be used against people.”


What is an adventurer? It’s a profession that accepts quests and defeats monsters.

While there are individuals like criminals or dark wizards who tread between humans and monsters, knights specializing in wars or mercenaries have very different natures.

The reason I avoided dueling with Shien for five years was simply because I couldn’t help her grow.

I hadn’t specialized in spear techniques, and I was far from magic.


“But anyway.”

“Wait, what did you just…”

“Come at me. Or I’ll leave.”


Anyway, if I had to untangle the mess that had been building up until now, this was a good opportunity.

I put away the Witch Note and lifted the spear.






“Rupert, how have you been?”

“Oh! It’s been a while, Sage! I was worried since I haven’t seen you for a while. How have you been?”

“I’ve been in a struggle with the alley cats eyeing the leftovers in the cafeteria and territorial disputes. It was a tough fight compared to that, but I managed to win in the end.”

“Congratulations. You truly are a Sage.”


Rupert, who was sitting in the audience, gestured to Agnes and offered the seat next to her.

Approaching with a casual stride, she seemed interested in the popcorn bag, but there was nothing inside.


“Already finished?”

“Just picked up an empty one. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to mimic eating since it’s an exciting match?”

“Hmm, I heard that the prospective students are showing more interest in the Haeju School this year, so I thought things were improving. Seems like we still have a long way to go.”

“Unfortunately, the only counter was burnt down, so we couldn’t take in any new recruits. Still, thanks to that friend, the problem we were worried about has been resolved quite well.”


Rupert pointed out Clark, who was fighting fiercely against the ace of the Intelligence Department this time, without falling behind.

Because of his good performance at this Magic Festival with Prina, the negative image of Haeju School had been greatly diluted.

Although it was mainly discussed within the forum and hadn’t led to visible changes yet, it was clear that things were gradually improving.


“As expected, he’s been marked since he entered the Magic Tower.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I felt like he wanted to climb the Tower as much as I did back then. But it’s strange, it seems like he’s only half the size of the Mystery I saw back then.”

“Really? I thought he had enough talent…”


Although he didn’t show it, Rupert was inwardly so surprised that he felt like jumping out of his chair.

The firepower that had burned down the fireplace was only half?

Then why did they choose a Curse Name that was even weaker?

Agnes, who had guessed Clark’s intentions, didn’t seem disappointed.


“Well, since he’s a smart kid, he must have made his own judgment. It’s easier to gain fame within the Magic Tower than to be remembered by names that are already beginning to be forgotten.”

“Although Aitar’s Mystery is relative, that’s a bit strange. Even if magicians aren’t interested in the world outside the tower, if Clark’s potential is more than twice the size of the mystery I confirmed, then everyone would have heard of his name at least once.”

“Oh, are you that confident? Then Rupert, how many of the heroes I’m talking about outside of the Tower do you remember?”


Rupert had been the scion of a family that ruled a small principality before he entered the Magic Tower.

He was well-versed not only in various rumors circulating through the social circles but also in the oral tradition and history coming from neighboring countries.

However, the names of these people that came out of Agnes’s mouth were all completely new to him.


“Five Swords under the Sword Master? Dark Master and the Ten Members? What on earth is that?”

“They are those who once tried to subdue Disasters but failed. If you don’t remember, there’s no need to try to recall.”


Since it was ‘that curse’, Agnes said, and she crunched on the unpopped corn kernels left under the bag.

Contrary to the name of the Magic Festival, a duel of sword and spear was unfolding in the arena.


Shien’s rapier violently pushed against Clark like a wave, shaking the heavens and earth.

Meanwhile, Clark, with his longer reach, was only concerned with widening the distance.

His movements, aimed at just one strike, seemed far from those of a skilled spearman.


However, when the silver shining sword finally pierced his neck, Rupert, who saw it, exclaimed with his fingers snapping.


“Ah! Still, there seems to be a group similar to the ones you mentioned. ‘The Great Three Adventurers’.”

“Do you remember them?”

“Yeah, there’s no way I wouldn’t know. Aren’t they the only ones among the adventurers on the entire continent who received a lord’s edict to successfully subdue a Calamity?”


Most famous adventurers were known by their stage names, so they were easier to remember.

However, since the scope of its activities did not overlap with the principality and it was a party that ceased its activities a long time ago, it was also blurred in Rupert’s mind.


“‘Flash,’ ‘Gunshot’, and the other one is definitely….”




When he tried to recall the last person’s name, an enormous explosion echoed from the arena. The pressure was so intense that some of the defensive spells cast by the audience seats shimmered, some even cracked.


When the shock equivalent to an earthquake wave subsided, a spear was discovered stuck in the floor, which was cracked like a sheet of ice.

From that, Rupert was able to remember who the last adventurer was.






‘I lost.’


When Shien came to his senses, she realized that she was pinned to the floor of the stadium, just like five years ago.

What she remembered was Clark, confident of victory, stepped on the sword she had stabbed and jumped into the sky.

It was only the ‘tip of the spear’ that reached right in front of her eyes in a split second.


“You’re not badly hurt, are you?”


“You blocked it well. Ordinary defense spells are useless against it.”


Did she really block it?

Despite tearing through her defenses, the magic imbued in the sword, and igniting her entire mana circuit, all she could do was divert its trajectory.

et, she ended up being grazed by the spear and swept away by the aftermath, leaving her exhausted.

It was nothing more than his consideration to prevent her from getting seriously hurt.


“…About what you said earlier.”


“What did you use it for? Your spear.”


Before admitting defeat, Shien was certain.

The attack that soared into the sky wasn’t a technique designed to target humans.

Although it was only the ceiling height of the first floor of the Magic Tower now, what if it was a mountain range or a canyon?


Approaching and retrieving the spear embedded in the ground, Clark replied to her question with a brief sentence.


“Dragon hunting.”


The Demon Dragon.

One of the Four Great Calamities, along with the Enemy of the Sun, the Great Witch, and the King of the Abyss.


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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

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