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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World Chapter 19

Crime Performed by Helping (7)

“Congratulations on the prize, Supervisor.”


It was about a week after the Magic Festival had ended and Vina came to my hospital room.

Sometimes, even in the Magic Tower where the concept of time could get twisted, a week was enough time for three events to pass.


Firstly, after about thirty or so rumors circulating on the forum about an unidentified spearman, it finally converged to the conclusion that “the Haeju School isn’t as impressive as expected.”

Secondly, Shien visited my room leaning on a crutch, remarking, “Why are you staying longer in the hospital when I was the one defeated?”

Lastly, the next cycle of the lecture on “Why Meteor is Ice Magic” targeting apprentices was approaching.


Ultimately, it was when she realized my absence as an assistant in the class that she felt something was amiss and came looking for me.

Of course, considering I hadn’t specifically mentioned going to the Magic Festival, I couldn’t resent her; instead, I was touched by the fact that she came to visit me.


It was like a pureblood magician gradually getting used to the world’s affairs as they took steps outside their School, much like a baby duck learning to walk.

Compared to our first encounter when she would immediately strike at the vital points of a speechless opponent, it was a significant improvement.


“I have a present for you.”


“Yes, actually, I was preparing it to surprise you.”

“This is….”


Of course, at that moment a cake-shaped ice cube made by magic was placed on my bed, it was evident to anyone that she still had a long way to go in terms of socialization.

Apart from the fact that my bed was starting to feel damp, the sensation in my lower body was gradually disappearing.

While pondering how to deal with this ice lump, I came up with a brilliant idea.


This seemingly useless ice was, in fact, a result of magic drawn from the pure mana of a pureblood magician.

Of course, it will be of great help in raising the proficiency of the ‘Interference Techniques’ of the Haeju School.


As an experiment, when I attempted interference, I felt the linkages resembling a dodecahedron.

Attempting to dissolve it with my current skill level was akin to trying to shatter a giant ice block with weak teeth and a tongue.

Vina, noticing my attempt to reveal her magic, didn’t particularly express any reluctance.

She just rolled her clear eyes towards me from the notes she had extorted from the apprentices.


“Supervisor, are you using mana interference on me?”

“You noticed?”

“Any magician above a certain level would know when their spells are interfered with.”

“If it bothers you, shall I refrain?”

“It’s fine. I didn’t expect something like this, but it was given to the Supervisor, so you can use it as you wish.”


Having received permission, I diligently tried to find the weak points of the ice cake for about 30 minutes.

I tried rubbing saliva on the vulnerable parts of the spell or scratching it with sharp teeth.

The result was frostbite so severe that the magic circuit was on the verge of necrosis.

The cake remained sturdy, and to break it, I would need to grind it down in increments of thousands of hours.


“Are you alright, Supervisor?”

“You seem fine, Vina. Does the spell interference burden the caster?”

“At my current level, it’s just a bit itchy. It varies depending on the magician’s temperament, but at this level, it’s not burdensome. How would you describe the way you interfere?”


“It’s ticklish, wet.”


Vina, gathering her knees on the chair next to the bed, adjusted her posture.

Although she seemed slightly uncomfortable, her expression remained unchanged.

I guess there was a big gap between me and her at the moment.

It’s not possible to climb the Magic Tower to the end with just bravado. Perhaps, if they held a dragon-slaying competition like the Magic Festival?


“Anyway, take care of yourself, and come out for the next class.”

“Thank you.”


After Vina left, I placed the ice cake on the floor and got up from the bed.

In fact, my injury had been improving since the previous evening.

The ankle I injured during the landing after the bout was still slightly sore, but I could walk well enough.

The reason I was still in the hospital was to be freed from all duties, including dormitory supervision.


Shien and I were both unable to participate in the next game, so we couldn’t even see it, but we quickly made it to the 9th floor.

Now, for the time being, I could return to my original state without any interference.


I took out the spear hidden under the bed and separated the handle from the blade.

After confirming once again that there was no one outside the room, I put up the “No Visitors” sign, drew the curtains completely blocking out the light, and finally attached a specially made item to the end of the spear and fixed it to the head of the bed.


The Great Three Adventurers


Dragonling Scavengers.

The Lord’s finest soldiers.


I once swept across the continent with my companions, and there was only one thing I had to do to escape everyone’s notice.


“You’re out.”



And that too, while lying in bed, using the headboard as a Witch Note stand for continuous browsing.







[Damn, this guy’s at it again!!!!]


This bastard has been on the forum for 100 hours straight!!

If you want to live, run away!!!!


— 100 hours? Oh crap

— Finally surpassed the limits of humanity……

— Mom… When does the Administrator sleep?

ㄴ After blocking all the evils in the world.

— Administrator is strong enough to overcome the 20-hour barrier of evil.

ㄴ Is this… the dignity of the Tower Master?



It wasn’t a joke; it was the time to focus on the forum.

There would be users who had accumulated numerous points through betting, so I needed to find ways to spend those points.

While efforts to accumulate points and avoid being blocked had positive effects, it would be frustrating without any rewards.


Lying on the bed, occasionally licking the ice cake and pondering for another four days, I came up with three main solutions.

I systematically wrote announcement posts, throttling the throats of the increased trolls who took advantage of the relaxed surveillance during the Magic Festival.




[Point Shop Opening Notice]


Now that the Magic Tower has ended, I’d like to guide forum users who have participated in betting on where to use the points you’ve accumulated so far.


  1. Random Box (100,000P)


  1. Creation of a new board within the forum (5,000,000P)


  1. Banquet Invitation (30,000,000P)


You can use it in three ways, and the contents and probabilities of the Random Box are secret.

While points cannot be traded individually, if you wish to create a new board, voluntary contributions are possible.

The point shop will only operate for a limited time, so if you haven’t purchased the product you want, please look forward to the next season.

That’s it for now!



There were separate categories in the gallery like “Request Board” and “Report Board”.

However, since the number was significantly small, there had been a steady demand for areas where information on conquering the Tower or School gatherings could be found.

The announcement that users could create boards they wanted with points received a good response, although there were some side effects.



[The Administrator finally granted our wishes]


The world where our “dog lovers” can stretch their legs has arrived.

Let’s all go to the new continent.


— Wow

— Please hold your breath for 10 minutes…

— That place is a real abyss.

— They say the fundraising is already over? What the h*ll?



[Request to create a bulletin board for the Strategic Nuclear Research Center~]


Let’s communicate~


— Sub-Manager!!!! Come out right now!!!

— These guys need to be banned for sure.

— I’ve recorded all those who donated points.



[But who will manage the boards if they increase?]


Do we attach a manager to each board?

Or is it autonomous?


— Administrator: Sub-Managers

— Sub-Managers

— Sub-Managers




[Request to Establish the Glesia School Board]


Everyone who wants to discuss Meteor is welcome!


— I’m going to request a board opposing the establishment of the Glesia School board~

— I’m for the Meteor is Fire Magic board~



Some boards had extreme influence, and even if the establishment was rejected, it was clear that a considerable amount of points could be extracted.

But that was not enough.

Since the vast majority of users wouldn’t bother visiting the boards, I had to find a way to satisfy them.


There was nothing better than gacha for extracting the most points.



[Did you get a date ticket with Administrator!!!!]


Yeah, it’s a “Sub-Manager Unlock Ticket”.

Surely, there are some duds, right?


— Are there any duds?

— No, 100,000 per pull is too expensive for that.

— No, it’s too expensive for one pull.

ㄴ Seriously, I can’t even do it a few times.

ㄴ If it weren’t for those damn Haeju guys, I’d pull three more times!!!

— SuperGeniusBlondeGirl: I’ll take that from you right now.




[I Found Out the Contents of the Random Box]


200,000 points

1-on-1 chat with the Administrator

Sub-Manager Unlock Ticket

Immediate establishment of a desired board

1-hour block


And there were also hard-to-find items like dragon scales or unicorn horns, but the probability is low.

Most importantly, there was actually an Administrator date ticket. It was only for 0.002 seconds, but I definitely saw it. Administrator didn’t lie. I’ll pull it out no matter what, even if I have to sacrifice my entire fortune.


— Is this for real?

— I want to believe this one.

— The probability is 0.002? Damn, the lobster content in lobster chips is probably higher than that.

— You could date Administrator? I’m cashing out to put points in the Glesia board.

— Why is there a 1-hour block there? lol

ㄴ Ah, it’s to survive lol



[Do we really need to pull to have a one-on-one conversation with the Administrator?]


Isn’t just pressing a button enough for a Sub-Manager to come running?


— But you get blocked.

— Nowadays, Sub-Managers does all the responses.

— If it’s a one-on-one conversation, we could talk about external topics.

ㄴ Seriously, isn’t this as good as the banquet? It’s an opportunity to ask Tower Master about magic.



[I’m not using this shop and persevering]


There are very few people on the forum who can do 10 pulls right now, and the probability of getting what you want is too low.

The points were too dispersed because of creating boards.

And the confirmed gap of 3 times is too high, I wonder if there are people who can afford it.


Administrator doesn’t seem to be normal kind of intelligent.


— Administrator is smart because he’s Administrator~

— Yeah, I couldn’t even spin a few times because I put points in the Puppy Lover’s board.

ㄴ Just die, please.

— There’s actually an easier way to get three times…

ㄴ Just pray, lol.



User points were quickly being depleted.

I focused solely on “Prinana” among others.


As a member of the Haeju School, she had overwhelming commissions from users participating in betting for every match she competed in.

She currently held the most points on the forum, having also bet on the winning team of the Magic Festival.


The number 3 price, the banquet invitation, was practically made to extract her points.

It wasn’t much of a burden to add one more seat when calling the other Sub-Managers.


However, instead of the invitation, Prina was wasting points by endlessly spinning the gacha.

As someone who had read all her posts, it was a somewhat strange choice.


Just as I was pondering what she was up to, a message arrived for me.

It was from Prinana, who had just pulled the “1-on-1 chat ticket” from the gacha.



Prinana: Administrator

Administrator: Yes

Prinana: Could you do me a favor?



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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

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