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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 14

The Tyrant's Observations

The only sun of the Laperci Empire, Empress Astria is always busy with her work.


But not today.


Instead of the usual mountain of paperwork, there were only two sheets left. Today would end with that.




It’s regrettable. Truly regrettable, but the serene ‘Granz’ was an excellent knight.


All the piled-up work was resolved as soon as he returned.


Thanks to him, today was leisurely.


Astria roughly signed the remaining two documents and vigorously shook the cord on her right.


-Clang, clang.


At the sound of that frantic noise, Betty promptly entered and bowed.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“Bring me a cake. The sweetest one. With strawberries.”


“I apologize, Your Majesty, but desserts are prohibited by Sena-nim’s orders…”




Astria clicked her tongue with a displeased expression.


“Are you my maid? Or that fool’s maid?”


“I am Your Majesty’s maid. But who knows? Serving Sena-nim might not be bad either.”


Yesterday’s incident involving Sena spread throughout the palace.


While other substitutes pretended to be polite, among the maids, it seemed like Sena was being treated as some kind of ‘adult’.


To Astria, he just seemed like a fool.


If she stole money, her arm would be cut off, and if she didn’t properly fix things, a priest who stole from a poor maid should have his tongue cut off, right? That was the proper way to handle things.


“It’s a pity. You’ll live and die as my maid. Whether it’s tomorrow or right now, I don’t even know.”


“It doesn’t matter.”


“Get out.”


Betty smiled brightly, bowed, and left her office.


Astria tapped the table with an annoyed expression.


‘So audacious. Truly audacious.’


Who dares to snatch Empress’s dessert?


There were no shortage of priests worthy of being on the dining menu before, but every time, they would flee at the sight of her wrath.


Even though Sena continued to boldly look at her with a face that said, ‘What?’


It’s a death sentence. There’s no doubt about it.


But there was a reason why she had to leave him alone.


‘…I feel my legs returning little by little.’


Her small feet moved. One step, two steps. Nothing abnormal.


Before, even standing up was a struggle for her body, let alone walking, even with mana. It’s unbelievable.


Could she even run by tomorrow? Arrogant, but a useful physician. That’s why it’s even more ridiculous.


‘To hand over the money I granted to help the maid who stole? And to personally visit the slums for her brother.’


She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that this morning.


The slum was not a place for someone like Sena, who looked noble from head to toe, to visit without an escort.


Astria’s eyes sank deeply.




If Sena gets hurt, wouldn’t she be in a difficult situation, having been saved the only competent physician she could find?


“…I suppose I should go and say a word.”


It wasn’t particularly out of boredom today.


Nor was it out of worry.




Astria was moving in her wheelchair, her chin resting on her hand. She asked Betty, who was leading from behind.


“But what about the punishment for that maid?”


“…Sena didn’t want any punishment for her.”


“Don’t tell me you just let that maid off the hook.”


“That’s exactly what happened.”


The wheelchair stopped. Astria looked up.


The maid, Serilda, looked flustered upon seeing her.


“How predictable. Doesn’t he have any sense of urgency?”


She knew he was kind-hearted, but she didn’t expect it to be to this extent.


Astria let out a faint sigh. Let’s handle this instead of an incompetent physician.


“You there, trash.”


“I-I greet the sun of the Empire…”


“Pack your things and leave my palace immediately.”


Astria said with a tone of indifference. Serilda’s pupils dilated, but she bowed her head and replied shortly.


“I und…erstand.”


“If you understand, then move aside.”


Betty pushed the wheelchair. Towards the door. But Serilda didn’t step aside.


“What are you doing? I said move aside.”


“…Is it presumptuous of me?”


Serilda lifted her head.


“I cannot carry out that order.”




Astria wondered if she misheard. Only then did she look at Serilda.


In an instant, Serilda’s face turned pale. She felt extreme terror.


Most criminals react like this when facing Astria. It was natural and familiar.


But Serilda didn’t yield.


“Sena-nim ordered that no one should enter the room.”




Even his maid not obeying her orders infuriated Astria.


“Do you understand that with just one word, I could kill an insolent wench?”




However, seeing Serilda’s unwavering gaze, Astria’s anger slightly abated.


Even though her hand holding the skirt was trembling, Serilda still had something to say.


It was quite intriguing.


Ho, even if it means risking your life, you’ll still obey your master’s command? No regrets for disagreeing?”




Did this maid know?


That her answer just saved her own life.


Astria said with an unimpressed face.


“You have quite the backbone. Well, it’s not too bad.”


“I rescind the command to give up. Move aside.”


Yet, even as Astria said so, Serilda didn’t move, causing Astria’s eyebrows to twitch.


“I am your master’s patient. What kind of doctor avoids his patient? Your master will understand this, so move aside. I won’t say it again.”


“Yes, yes…!”


Finally, Serilda hurriedly stepped aside and opened the door.


The wheelchair carrying Astria moved.


As soon as they crossed the threshold, Astria spoke.


“Betty, wait outside as well.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


With a click, the door closed—


Astria slowly got up.


The soft sheets. Sena was lying on them, asleep.


“Physician. Wake up. It’s time for your duties.”




But Sena, deeply asleep, had no intention to wake up.


Astria frowned and walked to the bed.


“I said wake up. Arrogant physician.”


Even though she approached, Sena showed no sign of movement.




He was simply sleeping with a peaceful expression.


“Just because you stayed up all night, you’re in such a vulnerable state. Anyone could abduct you without you knowing.”


Astria pulled a nearby chair and sat down. Crossing her legs, she looked down at Sena with an arrogant expression.


‘He’s quite pale.’


Sena was really white.


Sometimes when the sunlight shines in, it feels like it won’t disappear like this.


Watching Sena sleep, Astria slowly reached out to his cheek.




It felt as soft as pudding.


Afraid she might get addicted, she withdrew her hand.


Instead, her attention shifted elsewhere.


“Sleeping like this must be uncomfortable.”


Sena’s sleeping posture was awkward.


Astria wasn’t exactly graceful either, but Sena was a bit extreme.


Aside from curling up his body, the blanket was barely covering him.


“Why am I doing this?”


Muttering to herself, Astria covered him with the blanket. He might catch a cold.


But then…




Sena pulled down the blanket that covered him and kicked it off with his foot.


“How dare you kick off the blanket the Empress covered you with?”


Unacceptable behavior.


Astria covered him again, but…




Sena pulled it off once more.


Fuming, Astria repeated the action, but no matter what, Sena kept pushing the blanket away.






Sena tightly hugged the blanket. It was impossible to cover him anymore.


“How can such a lowly creature exist?”


Sighing, Astria sat back down.


Something she hadn’t noticed caught her eye.


On the shelf.


There were round cookies arranged neatly on top.


Astria felt unfair.


“Are you saying I shouldn’t, while you’re eating cookies?”


Without hesitation, Astria picked up a cookie.


But as soon as she took a bite, her whole body froze.




Of all flavors, it had to be mint chocolate cookies!


Repulsed by the taste, Astria dropped the cookie from her hand.




Rolling away, the cookie went far.


Sena suddenly sat up.


Startled, Astria looked at Sena.


Sena got out of bed, half-awake.


“Hey, you’re awake, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t eat the cookie, the cookie got to me…”


But Sena didn’t pay attention to Astria.


‘What’s he doing?’


He staggered over and picked up the cookie.


Throwing it in the trash, he went back to bed and lay down.


Astria was so bewildered that she couldn’t move for a while.


“…What am I doing here?”


Suddenly feeling pathetic, Astria got up from her seat.


It was the moment she was about to leave.




Sena spoke, half-awake. Judging by his restless movements, he seemed to be just talking in his sleep.


“Hurry… Fix the legs and let’s run away.”


Even after hearing that, Astria just walked toward the door.


Before leaving, she glanced at the sleeping Sena and whispered softly.


“…I’m sorry, physician, but that dream of yours cannot come true.”


“I’ve never let go of anything I’ve held in my hands.”






After waking up a while later, Sena’s eyes widened at an unexpected fact.


“Her Majesty?”


“Yes. She briefly visited while you were sleeping.”


Honestly, there was a vague memory.

Astria doing various things in front of him when he was asleep.


And she seemed to have said something.




Sena’s pupils shook.


“N-no way.”


“S-Sena? Is there a problem?”


Sena hastily searched through the drawer.


“Thank goodness….”


His money bag was intact.


He worried about what would happen if it was stolen.




Rehabilitation time came without fail.


Sena tilted his head.


“What’s this necklace for?”


“I thought if I’m raising a dog, I should at least have a leash.”


“I don’t like it.”


Sena grimaced.


A man wearing a necklace?


He didn’t want to wear it. He already felt stressed sometimes being called girly.


“Oh, really? Well, this is worth 50,000 gold.”


“An artifact, huh?”


Sena was already wearing the necklace.


It was too expensive to refuse.


A silver necklace. If he hid it well in his clothes, it would seem to disappear.


“…Easy to recognize, that’s good.”


“But, Your Majesty.”




“What did you say when I was asleep? Before leaving the room?”


Astria said, lifting the corners of her mouth.




‘Was it just a simple illusion?’


Feeling like he was missing something very important, he felt uneasy.


‘…Well, whatever. It’s probably nothing important.’


Anyway… he didn’t have much time left here.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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