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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 15

Kidnapped Maid



Astria really loves the garden.


It’s said that she has been here every day since her illness worsened.


“Why do I like the garden?”




Sena was curious about that.


Flowers and such seemed the farthest from him.


‘It looks good on the outside, but.’


“Surprisingly, I unexpectedly like harmless things. Flowers, spring, shade, things like that.”


It sounded like a line from some drama somewhere.


“What about trees?”


“I can cut people with withered branches too.”


“… What about laughter?”


“You can also kill people while laughing.”




Sena was impressed.


It seemed quite plausible.


Astria looked at Sena from her wheelchair and said,


“By the way, physician. Thinking about it now, you’re one of the harmless thing too.”


“It’s nice that you like me, but… please give up.”


Perhaps because of the emotional story, Sena spoke with a serious expression.


“Physicians belong to everyone.”


“…Push faster.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


The morning consultations were over.


It was time to go back, but since talking with patients is also part of a physician’s duties, he decided to spend a little more time.


However, there was one strange thing. Sena whispered to Astria’s ear with a lowered voice.


“You can start moving little by little, why are you still in a wheelchair?”


Come to think of it, there was no need to push her.


Astria’s legs had recovered enough to walk without difficulty now.


It was still too much to run, and she couldn’t walk for long periods of time, but it was enough to take a walk in the garden.


Astria glanced at Sena once and spoke after a while.


“It’s because of the tranquility.”


“You mentioned Duke Granz, right?”


“He’s also an enemy, but what I’m talking about now is different.”


“You have many enemies.”


Astria smiled sarcastically.


“As my body deteriorated, my power split into three.”


‘Is this about the Imperial faction and the noble faction?’


Sena wasn’t completely ignorant about the royal affairs.


Well, it’s because it’s the country he lives in – and he attended the academy run by the royal family. Even if he didn’t want to know, he couldn’t help but know.


The Imperial faction centered around Astria.


The noble faction led by Duke Linehart. He knew about these two major factions… but what’s the remaining one?


He was curious, but decided not to ask. Somehow he had a feeling it would give him a headache.


However, he roughly guessed that Duke Granz, known for his powerful tranquility, represented that “third force.”


“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to show resilience?”


“Surely it would be better for Granz. But those cowardly nobles aren’t like that.”


Astria propped her chin up. Her brilliant blonde hair spilled down.


“They won’t move until I’m at death’s door. However, if they hear news that my condition is improving, it might be different.”


“No way…”


“They’ll fiercely retaliate. Especially, against you, physician. To kill you.”


‘…This is unsettling.’


Sena awkwardly smiled and tried flattery.


“Your Majesty will protect me, won’t she…?”


“Well, I’ll try my best to get revenge after you die.”


‘You arrogant…!’


Even if it’s empty words, shouldn’t she say something like, ‘Hoho, do you think I’d just let go of a talented physician like you?’?


Then maybe his respect would increase by a gram.


“Please assign a knight or something. They seem idle.”


He often encountered the guards when planting herbs in front of the knights’ headquarters, and they seemed incredibly idle.


He hadn’t seen them do anything other than card games.


“I refuse.”


Astria shook her head from side to side.


He really wanted to feed her a sweet lie just once.


“At first, it was two years. Then it was six months. After that, I killed one person every week.”


“… Yes?”


Astria suddenly said something grim.


She gazed at Sena with a stern look.


“The number of physicians I’ve killed so far. Among the departed, they call it the ‘Week of Promise’.”




“In such a situation, what would happen if I assigned a knight to you?”


Astria uttered aloud what Sena was thinking inwardly.


“This week’s physician might be different, being cautious and all. They might kill you.”


Astria touched her lips with her hand as if she realized something.


“Come to think of it, today was the eighth day. The Week of Promise has passed. Maybe you’ll start moving already.”


“Your Majesty…?”


Sena trembled nervously.


“Now leave. It’s time for business.”


“Ah, no, it’s not like that.”




“You should do something, you know, humanely!”


Sena finally spoke directly with his own mouth.


But Astria only smiled.


After a while, Astria spoke in a faint voice.


“Hurry, physician. There’s no time. Unfortunately, the Empress who would protect you currently lacks even the strength to lift a sword.”




“That’s why I didn’t want to do this.”


Sena detested complications. Yet, here he was, in the most complicated place in the world.


Still, he wasn’t worried. This was the royal palace. The Empress’s bedchamber was nearby. Before resorting to drastic measures, the guards or Chris would protect him.


Above all else-


‘Within two days, let’s leave.’


Astria’s condition had improved considerably.


Only her legs, though.


To be honest, a corner of his heart began to feel uneasy.


It was the first time he was considering fleeing with a patient in front of him.


But Sena’s wish to return to his birthplace and spend his remaining time in peace was strong enough to overcome that guilt.


Until that day came, he would stay locked in this room. Quietly, of course.






Luna’s voice was heard from outside the door.


Serilda was still on duty. She had insisted on standing guard even though she had stayed up all night.


-A guest has arrived.


“Let them in.”


‘At this hour, is it Sylvia?’


Contrary to expectations, the unexpected person appeared.


“Nice to meet you, Sena. I’m Priest Lucia. Please feel free to call me Lucia.”


She was quite a young priest with long wavy hair that reached her waist, and impressively closed eyes.


Sena didn’t have much aversion to people, but he disliked members of the clergy as much as cockroaches.


So, he greeted the guest with a very uneasy face.


“Uh, yes.”


‘If I knew she was a priest, I wouldn’t have let her in.’


It was already a late regret.


“I am honored to see the disciple of Cruyff.”


“Why did you come to see me?”


She spoke in a low voice as she let go of her robes, two rows of golden thread on her right side.


“The Inquisitor.”


Under the pretext of the name of God, a group of murderers who kill innocent people without hesitation.


That’s how Sena defined them. Naturally, he despised the Inquisitors far more than ordinary priests.


‘How many has she killed so far?’


“You still don’t plan to rely on the church?”


Sena said firmly.


“No, I don’t. If that’s what you’re here to talk about, please leave.”


“I’m sorry. It’s just that even someone as insignificant as myself can feel that Sena has been chosen by Justitia.”


“… Please leave.”


“Oh, dear, you seem to be receiving dislike from the moment we meet. It’s quite sad.”


Lucia truly wore an expression of sadness.


Sena knew better than anyone not to be fooled by such appearances.


Members of the clergy were more authoritarian than anyone else, even to those without status.


Their hierarchy was so eerily accurate and strict.


Showing such a courteous attitude was because of the connection with Archbishop Cruyff.


If there was nothing in front of them but a commoner, they would scream “Heretic!” and rush in.


It was the fidelity that varied depending on the rank of the possessor.


That, Sena found disgustingly repulsive.


“I asked you to leave. I have no interest in the church.”


“Even if you say so, as Cruyff’s disciple, you can’t completely ignore the church. Right now, you might tell me to leave, but you’re listening.”


Lucia’s words were on point.


Cruyff was like a father to Sena, perhaps even more.


No matter how much Sena disliked priests, he couldn’t make things difficult for Cruyff.

Despite hating the church the most, Sena was closest to the church among those who were not clergy.


“… I’ll hear what you have to say.”


“Recently, I’ve heard that you’ve become the Empress’s personal physician and it’s been quite difficult.”


“There’s nothing difficult.”


Lucia smiled quietly and took a glass bottle out of her pocket.


It contained a transparent liquid.




“What’s this?”


“Holy water. Please use it for treatment.”


“If it’s just ordinary holy water, I’ve used it already. The church isn’t foolish.”


“As you say, it’s a bit special. It’s made according to the testimonies of the priests of the church who have been her physicians so far.”


Sena took the holy water. After shaking the bottle in the light once, he opened the lid.



Then he lightly touched it to the back of his hand.


And then…




The holy water evaporated immediately.


It was poison.




Seeing that, Lucia clasped her hands together. Then, with a look of ecstasy, she approached Sena and took his hand.


“This, the body bestowed by God as I’ve heard.”


Her face was flushed.


‘Is she a psychopath?’


Sena knew that the Inquisitors were not right in the head, but he didn’t expect it to be to this extent.


Feeling nauseated, Sena spoke coldly.


“Get out of here right now.”


“It’s an honor to see it with my own eyes…”


Lucia stopped talking.


Then, she took a few steps back, placed her hand on her chest, and bowed her head.


“I apologize for causing a scene.”




“Yes, unfortunately, I’ll leave from here.”


Lucia slowly raised her head.






Sena was feeling the worst he had felt in a while.


“If you need the power of the church, don’t hesitate to find the nearest cathedral.”


“I don’t need your power. I can handle things by myself.”


“Indeed, is that so?”


Lucia half-opened her eyes with a hint of sarcasm. Even her pupils were white. Then she smiled subtly.


“Although I can’t touch Sena, those around you are different.”




“Please be careful.”


After Lucia left.


Sena couldn’t move.


‘What does that mean?’


He soon understood the meaning of those words.


Suddenly, the door opened, and Luna entered with a cold sweat on her forehead.


“S-Serilda, I can’t find her.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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