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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 18

Before My Heart Grows Weak

Sena, from within the carriage, constantly watched Astria’s demeanor.


“You shouldn’t be out when you’re not feeling well…”




“The weather’s been chilly lately. You might catch a cold…”


Astria hadn’t said a word since earlier.


She simply gazed out the window.


Which made it even scarier!


‘No way, meeting Isabella there. Isn’t this a cosmic collapse?’


The most unfortunate people in the world had encountered each other.


Watching them face each other, it felt like a clash of light and darkness, with their starkly contrasting skin tones.


First, an apology was in order.


“I’m sorry.”


Astria, who had been ignoring him, finally turned her head slightly and asked.


“For what?”


“Um, well…”


‘But what should I be sorry for?’


This was as awkward as when a girlfriend asks, “Do you know what today is?”


Sena scrambled his thoughts.


“I asked for help from Labella. But please don’t misunderstand. Isabella is just an acquaintance, and I have no connection with Labella.”




Astria sighed and looked out the window again.


Was that the wrong answer…?


In Sena’s mind, a near future unfolded unexpectedly.


-How dare you secretly communicate with Labella? Sena Birkender. You’ll be executed for treason.


It felt like an instant death sentence, not 70 days away. Cold sweat trickled down. What should he do, what should he do, he couldn’t decide.


“Was it you who treated Isabella?”


“Ah, yes.”


If Astria was the golden one, Isabella was mad.


She was seriously injured when first seen. Thirty poisoned arrows, fourth-degree magic on her abdomen.


Thanks to that, Sena had no choice but to stay up all night, saving her as soon as he was kidnapped.


While everyone in the room were exuding “save her or die” vibes, how nervewracking it was.


“I see. So she said that.”




“Are you more trusting of Isabella than me?”

Sena blinked and looked at the back of Astria’s head.


Through the glass by the window, Astria looked radiant.


‘Could she be jealous?’


No way.


She’s a tyrant.


The Empress!


But would she get bent out of shape over this…?


“Are you upset by any chance?”


“…Not really.”


‘You totally are!’


Sena was shocked. Right now, Astria looked simply bent out of shape.




Sena collected his thoughts and said.


“Sending a letter to Labella first wasn’t because I distrust you. And of course, it’s not because I’m closer to Isabella.”


Finally, Astria turned her head again.


Arms crossed, she looked like she was saying, ‘Go ahead and explain. This is your last chance.’


“A letter from a commoner came to me without any filter, which was odd. I couldn’t help but suspect a collaborator. If I had gone directly to your Majesty, it might have fallen on deaf ears and could have caused harm to Serilda.”


And organizational matters are best handled by the organization.


It was best for Sena to find someone completely trustworthy to deliver the letter.


Sena smiled broadly.


“Above all, you’re still a patient, Your Majesty. It’s unreasonable to ask for help from a patient who needs rest. Besides, you’re always so busy with work.”


It felt like auditioning for a program.


‘I hope I get the pass necklace…’


He was lost in thought.


“…It’s fine.”


Astria said very softly.




“Next time something like this happens, you can ask me for help. There’s nothing urgent in the empire right now.”


Astria’s expression softened even more.


“Well, I’ll forgive this incident. But there won’t be a next time.”


‘Guess I should’ve asked for forgiveness.’


Sena awkwardly chuckled and rubbed his nose.




It hadn’t been even half a day, but it felt like he had returned after a long time.


“I’m starting to feel at home here too.”


Sena began organizing herbs. Seeing the drawer full of fresh herbs put his mind at ease.


He labeled each herb for easy identification. After about an hour, his shoulders felt stiff from maintaining the same position for so long.


He sat down to relax his tired muscles. Leaning on the old wooden desk, he enjoyed the cool sensation unique to wood. Honestly, he considered taking it with him when he left.




Sena opened the book placed in the top right corner. The title of the book read: <The Empress’s Personal Physician’s Patient Journal>.


Inside were detailed records of Sena’s daily treatments up to now.


This was for future generations. He didn’t know who the next physician would be, but he hoped it would be of help.


“Let’s also write down how to use the herbs.”


Sena began writing, keeping it as concise and simple as possible.


How much time had passed? Before he knew it, it was time for Astria’s rehabilitation.


Yawning, Sena suddenly looked back. A transparent glass window. Medieval glass wasn’t known for its clarity, but this one was quite clear, even reflecting his face.


Just looking at that, he could gauge the empire’s technological level. And the numbers floating on the glass.




“In the army, they say time passes slowest when there are 100 days left… I’m jealous.”


His self-perceived time passed quickly.


As it approached the [0] where activity finally ceased, it would likely accelerate.


Absolute time remained unchanged and in place, which fascinated him.


‘Yeah, time’s really running out now.’


Sena suppressed his apprehension and rose to face the window.


Regrets in life. Who wouldn’t have them? Sena wanted to live longer than anyone.


But there was no way to change what was already decided. Sena had accepted death long ago.


However, Astria bothered him.


Her remaining time was [64].


Fixing her legs wouldn’t solve her physical condition.




Parkinson’s disease. There was a lack of knowledge and equipment to treat it.


It was a rare disease. Sena’s knowledge was limited to what a medical student would know.


Yet, even now, he wasn’t attempting to fix her comprehensive hospital-like body.


Even though there might be a ‘slim’ chance of fixing it, he knew he was the only one in the world who could.


<The Empress’s Personal Physician’s Patient Journal>


Was there any meaning in this? It was merely a shield against responsibility. He bowed his head under the weight of guilt.


Astria’s face came to mind. Rough words, but always trusting eyes.


A warmer personality than she seemed, and sometimes even cute in her actions.


“They’re all liars. What kind of tyrant is that supposed to be?”


To Sena, she looked like just a girl. A girl who had ascended to the throne at a young age, with an unfortunate life.


Maybe she was desperately holding onto a sandcastle that could crumble at any moment.


To be honest.


…He wished Astria would live for a long time.


Although their time together was short, such thoughts kept circling in his mind.


‘Just a bit, just a little, I should try.’


Sena swallowed, lifted his head. His reflection appeared in the glass window like a mirror.


“…Am I crazy?”


He bit his lip. Who was to govern who in the face of impending doom?


Hadn’t he promised to use his last moments for her?


“You’re really going to fall for that.”


With determination, Sena headed towards the Empress’s bedside.


No more delaying time.




He was leaving tomorrow without further delay.


Before his heart grew weaker.




“It’s finished.”


Sena, who usually exchanged various conversations, remained silent and finished the treatment.


“Your Majesty’s legs have recovered to some extent. You are stable. We’ll have to see more tomorrow, but you can even run now.”


“Is that so?”


Astria slowly got up. Walking as Sena described seemed natural, and she even seemed like she could run.


“Your Majesty, may I ask you one thing?”




“Why did you ask for only your legs to be fixed, not anything else from me?”


Astria responded promptly as if it were an obvious question.


“Asking for too much is called greed. I don’t ask for more than that. I’m satisfied with just my legs.”


Saving her life but never being able to walk.


She could walk, but she couldn’t escape her fate.


Nine out of ten. They chose the former.


He had long been curious why Astria was fixated on her legs.


“By the way, I’ve identified the mastermind behind the people who tried to kidnap you.”


‘Quite fast. I thought it would take longer.’


Sena didn’t ask who it was.


After all, he was leaving, and he wasn’t particularly curious.


He entrusted Jack to Isabella.


Even if he didn’t know, given Isabella’s personality, she wouldn’t just let it go.


The punishment for troubling Serilda was enough.


“What do you want to do?”


So it didn’t matter how things turned out.


Sena smiled.


“I’m fine. I’ll leave it to Your Majesty’s decision.”


“Boring guy.”


Astria sighed and paced around the room, seeming a bit excited. It was as if she found it fascinating just to be able to walk.


Sena had been considering when to leave, but Astria’s steps stopped just then.


“I’m thinking of holding a celebration in a few days.”


“A celebration?”


“An occasion to celebrate my recovery and show that I’m still well.”


“When will it be?”


“In three days.”


By then, Sena would be gone.


He would leave without anyone noticing tomorrow morning after his final examination.


Looking down, he gave a vague response.


“I see. Well then, I’ll leave. See you tomorrow morning.”


As he turned to leave.


Astria’s gentle voice stopped Sena in his tracks.


“Sena, attend the ball at least.”


‘I’m at a loss.’


Were all emperors always like this?


Was everyone always able to speak as if they knew everything?


…Did they always seem to know someone was leaving?




Astria looked satisfied.


With a somewhat melancholic expression, Sena opened the door.


As he stepped over the threshold, a sudden realization came to mind.


‘It was the first time she called me by my name.’


That the Empress had called him by his name for the first time.


And that they had become that much closer.


Sena was afraid.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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