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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 19

Just a Little More

Sylvia was sitting crouched in front of a small field, guarding her spot diligently.


The training grounds of Teutonic Knights were not the ideal place for this, being quite secluded and not interfering with the training.


A blind Auror or even a mole might destroy the garden.


Therefore, Sylvia had recently been keeping a close watch over it. If it were to be destroyed, someone she cared about would be saddened.


At that moment, Sylvia turned her head with a fierce expression, sensing a presence.

However, as soon as she saw who it was, she quickly straightened up with reverence.


“Commander Gallahad. Good morning.”


Sylvia promptly saluted. She was that kind of person.


Guard Captain Gallahad.


Ranked second among the Imperial Knights.


But there was a lot of talk about this being mere ‘deference’ towards the former Guard Commander Granz.


The debate was fierce. Is Granz the strongest, or is Gallahad?


Sylvia was on Gallahad’s side. She had joined the Teutonic Knights because she admired Gallahad from the start.


“Sylvia. What are you doing here instead of training?”


Gallahad approached, his lips curled upwards. The fangs that showed when he smiled were reminiscent of a wolf.


“I was just taking a short break.”


“I heard you spend the whole day guarding that garden.”


‘That Reston b*stard.’


Sylvia glared fiercely. Reston was the worst man she knew, devoid of any loyalty. Time would tell.


“Well, I won’t say anything about your talent, but babysitting stops here.”


Gallahad handed her a paper.


There’s only one reason a commander hands over documents.


Sylvia immediately stood at attention and respectfully accepted it.


“It’s an order. Our Empress was quite bothered by this incident.”


The contents of the paper were simple.


Select one person and send them to my physician.


“Am I that one?”


“Yes. You’re the chosen one.”


Sylvia was pleased, yet not pleased.


The Teutonic Knights were now on the brink of a major campaign.


“…Do you not trust me?”


In that situation, power leakage was the thing that Gallahad hated the most.


Of course, it might be because she was the closest to Sena. They were fellow alumni of the Academy.


Nevertheless, Gallahad raised his eyebrows as if to say, “What are you talking about?”


“Because you excel the most in guarding within the Teutonic Knights. I can tear people apart, but I can’t protect them.”


“Am I the most skilled?”


The genius had long abandoned her pride.


Here, the Empire’s most skilled individuals gathered in the Teutonic Order.


Even in the Academy of geniuses, it was a place where one had to be acknowledged as a ‘genius’ by everyone to enter.


Naturally, Sylvia thought of herself as the weakest. Therefore, she worked harder than others.


“Yes. And contrary to what you think, I consider this mission more important than the upcoming campaign.”


However, contrary to Sylvia’s thoughts, Gallahad held Sylvia in high regard.


Despite being young, she was strong. The advantages gained from this short conversation were beyond imagination. Above all, it could induce the effect of ‘complacency’ in the opponent. She was suited for guarding.


It was the selection of the most exceptional individual for the most important mission.


“I can see that Her Majesty’s condition is improving day by day.”


“Of course. Senior Sena is more remarkable than any other priest I’ve seen.”


In this aspect, Sylvia felt proud as if it were her own achievement. The melancholy had been dispelled without her realizing.


“That’s right. About ninety percent of the Empire’s issues would be resolved if Her Majesty’s health continues to recover. So-”


Gallahad aligned himself with Sylvia.


“Protect him.”


Usually somewhat playful, he spoke with a serious expression unlike any other time.


“Protecting him is the path to saving Her Majesty.”




Sena awkwardly smiled and tilted his head.


“So, you’re my guardian knight now?”


“Do you have any objections?”


“No, no objections. Thanks for looking out for me, Sylvia. I feel reassured.”


Sena quickly hid his travel bag behind him and briskly stepped back.


Wait, this wasn’t part of the plan.


Sena’s plan to quietly leave was now in jeopardy.


‘Come to think of it, this has happened before.’


He remembered encountering Sylvia when he was packing to leave the Academy.


Why does she always have such good timing?


Sylvia blinked and pointed behind Sena at the protruding travel bag.


“But what’s that?”




“It’s a big bag that’s hard to hide, even if you try.”




Looks like hiding it was pointless!


Sena swallowed hard.


“Well, I was planning to go out to town for some necessary medicine. Why? There’s a new potion out at the most famous alchemy shop in the area.”


“…I haven’t heard that rumor.”


Sylvia’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Sena’s spiky hair.


If they attended the Academy together, everyone except Sena knew a certain fact.


If he lies, the hair on his head will stand up. No magic student had figured out why that was.


“You lied.”




Sena was confident about anything except using magic.


However, there was one exception. He always got caught lying. Why was that?


“I didn’t lie.”


“That’s a lie too.”


Sylvia’s expression seemed somewhat sad. Sena awkwardly smiled in confusion.


“Leaving again?”




“Senior, do you really have to leave without saying anything?”


“No, it’s just that…”


Sylvia seemed like she might burst into tears if he poked her.


“At least when you leave, say something. Do you know how hard it is for those who stay behind? Even during our academy days, when you suddenly left, do you know how difficult it was for me…?”


Something transparent seemed to fall from Sylvia’s eyes.


Sena squirmed. The most awkward thing in the world was when someone cried in front of him.


‘…But how do I say that?’


To leave.


Because of time.


He wanted to avoid conversations with this pattern. Sena didn’t want anyone to sympathize with him until the end.


He wanted to die alone in a place where no one knew. That was Sena’s only wish, with 69 days left.


“What are you talking about?”


Sena stroked Sylvia’s twitching head.


“Where am I going? I’m not leaving.”


Not yet.


Sena smiled broadly while keeping his true intentions hidden. Sylvia, who had been sniffing, looked up.






‘…Maybe I’ll just attend the ball.’


Three days.


Seeing Sylvia’s tears, he thought he should use that much.


He decided to stay just a little longer.


Really, just a little more.




Early afternoon.


Sylvia held a bucket of cloudy water with a blank expression and created a subtle vibration with magic.


‘Why am I…?’


“Miss Sylvia, you look like you have some complaints.”


When Astria asked playfully, Sylvia quickly snapped out of it.


“Oh, no, nothing like that.”


Astria’s face turned pink as she soaked her feet in warm water.


Feeling quite pleased at the moment, Astria was willing to overlook minor rudeness.


“How’s the temperature?”




Astria closed her eyes quietly. She never expected such a method to exist. She would probably use it often.


“Then, I’ll start the examination now.”




Astria looked disappointed.


“…Your Majesty, this isn’t just to make you feel good; it’s strictly within the realm of treatment.”




“Your Majesty.”


“I got it.”


Astria stared intently at Sylvia. Sylvia, feeling flushed, quickly got up upon seeing Astria gesture towards the door.


The Empress’s health status was highly confidential. It was the same even for the Imperial Guards.


Only Chris, the Guardian Knight, and Sena, the Physician, could accurately assess the condition.


There was ample potential for exploitation.


As Sylvia left the room, Sena checked Astria’s pulse.


‘I think I understand why you got called a saint.’


With long eyelashes and skin as white as snow. Silver hair that seemed like it would be soft to touch.


A handsome boy. Perhaps no one else but Sena fit that description.


The atmosphere was so solemn that his nickname seemed fitting.


Sena opened his eyes with a gentle smile.


“Your condition is very good. Starting tomorrow, you can begin with light exercise.”


“Can I wield a sword?”


“Not yet.”


“When can I start?”


“For activities like that, you’ll need at least a week.”


“That’s inconvenient. I must wield a sword at the ball.”


Sena tilted his head.


“You’re planning to wield a sword instead of your partner’s hand?”


“I did say it’s a celebration of my recovery. So, I’ll need to prove it.”


‘Is she planning a sword dance?’


Sena couldn’t quite imagine it, but he figured Astria must have some plan.


“If it’s a short time, it should be fine as long as you don’t overdo it.”


“Then, it’s enough.”


Astria smiled leisurely.


“It might be quite interesting, so just wait and see.”




On the way back to the room with Sylvia.


They found Serilda sweating profusely at the door.


‘What’s going on?’


Around five or six of them.


People who seemed to be nobles were gathered at the door.


Serilda desperately shook her head when she spotted Sena. She seemed to be warning him not to come over.


However, Sena walked over without any hesitation.


As he approached, the nobles causing a ruckus turned to look at Sena.


“Are you the physician to Her Majesty?”


Count Iso scrutinized Sena.


“Yes, I am Sena Birkender. What’s the matter? Are you bothering my maid?”


“Your maid? She’s a commoner.”


There it was! Seven out of ten nobles used that line!


Sena was amazed at Count Iso’s stereotypical behavior.


“I am Count Iso. The central noble of the realm, under the leader of the nobility faction, His Excellency Duke Reinhardt’s authority…”




Central nobility. He was someone not influenced by the Cruyff Shield.


Priests at least pretended to listen when Sena spoke, unlike nobles.


Of course, that didn’t mean clerics were better than nobles.


“I’m sorry, but I’m pressed for time. Can we get to the point?”


Count Iso’s eyebrows twitched as he eagerly spoke.


“Well, there’s no need for a lengthy discussion.”


He cleared his throat once and then spoke authoritatively.


“Physician, give me the medical records of Her Majesty.”


“…Excuse me?”


Sena wondered if he misheard.


Produce the medical records of the Empress?


National secrets?


‘The Empress’s condition was deteriorating, and the nobility faction is gaining dominance, but could it really be this reckless?’


Sena looked discreetly at Serilda.


If she hadn’t intervened desperately, Astria’s medical records might have embarrassingly fallen into the hands of the nobility faction.


“Didn’t you hear? Produce the medical records.”


“Of course not.”


Sena replied incredulously.




Sena was startled by the sudden shout.


“It seems you fail to grasp the situation. You have no right to refuse from the beginning. If you do, then…”


Iso lowered his voice menacingly. It wasn’t particularly intimidating.


At that moment, Sylvia covered her mouth and whispered.


-‘Shall I handle it?’


…Sylvia could be intimidating at times. Sena signaled with his mouth.




If they couldn’t solve this much, they wouldn’t survive in the medieval era. Ugh.


Crossing his arms, Sena mimicked Astria’s expression as much as possible.


“So, what now?”




An eye for an eye.


Power against power.


“What’s going to happen?”


He was curious.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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