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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 21

Will You Stay with Me Today?

Despite learning about the situation of the Empire, Sena’s morning remained bright.


Nothing had changed.




Sena’s expression in the mirror was dark.


‘I’m sorry.’


He hadn’t meant to ask Sylvia that yesterday.


… If he hadn’t, perhaps he would have been less sorry.


The ball.


That was Sena’s limit.


He didn’t want to do anything beyond that.




‘If my feeble power can be of help.’


Until he left, he had intended to assist.




“What’s this?”




“Who told you not to even touch dessert?”


“… I thought I’d been too hard on you. Actually, it’s okay to have a little.”


Astria looked at the strawberry cake prepared since morning.


Sena’s attitude was a bit strange, but Astria was not one to refuse.






Astria picked up the knife and sliced the cake.


A cake after a long time. It felt great.


Astria, who had been eating for a while, was starting to feel annoyed by Sena’s presence.


Sena was staring at her with an intense look.


“Why are you being so kind today?”


‘Is it because of the advance payment again?’


Astria munched on her cake and looked at Sena.


“Kind? Anyone would think I’ve been disrespectful to Your Majesty all this time.”


“Are you saying you weren’t aware of it? I thought you were someone who wouldn’t cling to life, about to die.”


“Ha, haha… No, I’ll live a long life.”


Astria paused as she ate the cake.


Sena’s hair was standing on end.


‘… What a ridiculous guy.’


Does he really have no attachment to life?


Why does he value other people’s lives so much?


The more she thought about it, the more it displeased her. Astria began angrily stabbing at the cake with her fork.


“Enjoy your meal.”


“Don’t talk. It’s annoying.”


Astria attacked the cake fiercely.


But she stopped midway.


“… Aren’t you eating?”




“Want one?”


Betty’s eyes grew wide and irritated as she quietly held her hands together and watched.


‘My Majesty, you are giving up the cake you were eating.’


She quietly covered her mouth. It was unbelievable.


“”Please enjoy it, Your Majesty.”


“To be honest, I didn’t feel like sharing.”


Astria’s satisfaction wavered slightly at Sena’s smiling face.


Satisfied, Astria set down her fork.


“Clean this.”




Betty came over and cleared the round, small table.


Since there was only one plate, it didn’t take long.


Astria looked at Sena with a slightly disappointed expression. If she was going to share, she should have shared more; isn’t this too little?


‘She’s like a retriever.’


Sena, after a brief thought, approached Astria.


“Excuse me.”




Astria revealed her forehead by pulling back her bangs slightly.


It felt a bit warm.


Sena spoke up.


“How’s your ankle?”


“No discomfort.”


“And your leg?”




Sena smiled faintly.


Her bones were intact, and her Achilles tendon was unharmed.


Now he felt confident enough to speak.


“I’ve healed them.”


“…Is that so?”


Astria looked down at her leg.


Her leg had started to deteriorate four years ago.


It had been about two years since she couldn’t stand without mana.




-It’s an order, move.


How many times had she prayed?


She had even sought out gods she had never considered before, hoping her leg would move.


All the exceptional priests in the empire were summoned to observe her condition.


She knew no one could fix it, and her leg was already half given up on.


Was her leg really so easily fixable?


No, Astria knew better than anyone that wasn’t the case.


It was Sena who was exceptional. It wasn’t that the previous priests were incompetent.


“Sena Birkender.”


Astria rose from her seat.


It had been a few days since her leg had become sufficiently functional.


But only now, hearing Sena’s words of ‘healed’ directly from him, did it truly sink in.


“I will keep my promise right here and now that I will do anything if you fix my legs.”


Astria was an empress.


It was natural for someone to make an effort for her.


Gratitude was something she had never felt. It was merely a right she should naturally enjoy.


For the first time in her life, she was feeling grateful.


She turned to a silver-haired saint who was slightly shorter than herself.


“If there’s anything you desire, say it. Whether it’s wealth, status beyond compare, or even a kingdom. Name a suitable country. I will grant whatever you wish.”


He had made an empress who couldn’t walk, walk again. What greater miracle could there be?


As an empress, she had to show him a miracle befitting that title.


What would he want?


Astria was ready to grant Sena anything he desired.


“It’s a secret.”


“…A secret?”




Astria glanced at Sena for a moment, then stroked her chin.


Her brows furrowed slightly as she spoke.


“If one must keep a wish secret from the wish granter, how should it be fulfilled?”


Sena grinned slyly, carrying a hint of burden.


“I’ll tell you after the ball.”


“…There’s no rush.”


Astria looked at Sena with a suspicious gaze.


It was a good opportunity to display her majesty after a long time.


But feeling manipulated was quite irritating.


Astria turned her head abruptly and walked toward Betty.


Betty unfolded the clothes she had already prepared.


“If you’ve finished your business, leave.”




Sena twirled in place with a fake cough.


Astria put on her uniform with Betty’s help and looked at him.


“What are you doing?”


“Your Majesty.”




“Today, would you like to be together?”


Astria remained silent for a moment.


Betty stepped back, covering her mouth in surprise.


It seemed that spring was finally coming to the Empress.




Astria reluctantly agreed to the arrogant physician’s request.

It was rather distasteful, but she decided to show some kindness in celebration of her recovery.


And so, the audience with the Empress.


Sitting with crossed legs on the throne at the far end of the grand hall, Astria was in a rather foul mood.


“Your Majesty…”




“Your Majesty.”


Beside her, a young attendant kept making noises.


“Didn’t I tell you last time that your posture isn’t good?”




Astria had tried various approaches.


“Do you want to die?”


She even resorted to threats…


“Are you trying to disrupt my duties?”


She attempted to reason with him.


“But some things simply cannot be allowed.”


However, Sena remained stubborn.


Finally, Astria exploded.


“If you’re going to keep babbling, get out.”




Apparently displeased, Sena kept his mouth shut.


Astria turned her head slightly, chin resting on her hand.


Sena’s lips protruded slightly.




But even then, she didn’t consider changing her posture.


There was a reason.

…Astria’s feet didn’t quite reach the ground from the throne.


They were just slightly off.


Nothing more, nothing less.


Maybe when she was alone with Sena, but soon she’d be meeting with several nobles, and she couldn’t afford to be so unseemly!


“Good day, Your Majesty.”


Another person entered the conversation. It was Rafiel, one of Astria’s few trusted aides.


Rafiel’s eyes widened as he looked at Sena standing beside the Empress.


“Why… is Sena here?”


“He’s being stubborn.”


“I see you trust him quite a bit. Your Majesty, it’s unusual to see someone unrelated to the matter at hand standing beside you.”


Of course, the Empress trusted Sena, but there was a specific reason for allowing him to be present in such an important meeting without reservation.


‘What kind of person has his hair stand up when he lies?’


She was certain there was no safer person.


“Show me the documents.”


“Of course. There’s only one today.”


Astria carefully read through the four-page document.


In summary:


< Duke Wilhelm convened the central nobility >

< Attempted assassination of Sena Birkender >

< Conspiracy for rebellion confirmed >


Astria smirked.


A rebellion?


Surprisingly, she didn’t dislike such playful schemes.


Violence, struggle, conquest.


These were all things Astria loved without exception.


“Chris did well. Tell him to continue his mission.”


“Yes, Your Majesty. I will take my leave then.”


Watching Rafiel leave, Astria was briefly lost in thought.


‘If my legs hadn’t been healed, it could have been quite dangerous.’


With that thought in mind, she looked at Sena with a slightly softened gaze.






“I grant you permission to stand by my side today.”


The throne Astria sat on was located in a place where there were separate stairs to go up.


Because the emperor must be located in the highest place.


Therefore, it was impossible for anyone but a trusted individual to stand beside the emperor.


Just standing next to the emperor preserved a person’s position of power.


‘Will he understand this generosity?’


Of course, coming from a humble background and with no education other than in healing, Sena knew nothing of the inner workings of the imperial court.




At around 10:30 AM, the Empress’s duties began.




The first visitor appeared to be a noble with a friendly demeanor.


Marquis Ashmont. A simple noble satisfied with managing a province despite holding central noble authority.




He’d been worried that he wouldn’t know any of the nobles who would be meeting with the Empress today.


Fortunately, there was a connection with the Marquis of Ashmont.


“Ashmont acknowledges the Empire’s one and only sun.”


Marquis Ashmont glanced at Sena before courteously addressing Astria.


He presented a simple matter and conversed with Astria.


Unfortunately, during their conversation, his gaze kept returning to Sena.


Noticing this, Astria raised an eyebrow and interjected.


“Do you have something to discuss with my physician?”


“Pardon me… Is the person standing beside you Sena-nim?”


“There can’t be two silver-haired healers with such an unusual name in the Empire. Do you know him?”


“My daughter has received his help.”


Hooh, your daughter?”


“He saved my daughter’s life when she was in dire straits. I could never repay that debt fully. I wanted to repay him for his kindness, but I couldn’t find him to do so…”


Sena becoming the physician was kept secret externally.


It was out of concern for potential complications.


‘Now that it’s come to this, hiding it further is impossible.’


But Sena had no regrets.


Seeking permission from Astria, Sena spoke up.


“It’s been a while, Marquis Ashmont. How is Chloe?”


“Oh, have you been appointed as Her Majesty’s physician, Sena-nim?”


The Marquis’s eyes widened, realizing his unintentional rudeness as he hastily composed himself.


“Your Majesty, may I make a rather audacious request?”


“Why hesitate? I granted you a wish. Physician, speak your wish.”


Astria nodded joyfully towards Sena.


“I didn’t help you hoping for anything in return. However, if I were to express a wish… I would wish for you to continue supporting Her Majesty for a long time, just like I have been. That’s all I desire.”


Marquis Ashmont, though mild-mannered, was not foolish enough not to perceive the hidden intent in Sena’s words.


Supporting the Empress for a long time.


Given the current state of the empire, it was a challenging request. However, he knew Sena’s capabilities well.


‘Her Majesty will rise again.’


Above all, nobles always repay their debts, whether of gratitude or vengeance.


Finally, the day had come to repay his daughter’s debt.


Marquis Ashmont replied with determined resolve.


“Yes, Sena-nim. I will make sure to do just that.”


And so, Sena successfully recruited one noble into Astria’s faction.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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