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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 22

Did You Not Ask Me to Stay with You?

Even after that, the noble Sena’s parade of praise continued.


“I’m glad you’re well.”


“If my humble abilities can be of help, certainly.”


“There is a debt I owe to Sena.”


Initially wearing a relaxed smile, Astria began to look puzzled.


“You too?”


Astria raised an eyebrow and turned to Sena, who smiled.


Among the ten nobles present, four expressed gratitude to Sena and wished to repay their debt.


The number of nobles in the Empire is countless. Did he really save this many people?


‘What happened during your time at the academy?’


One question. Sena smiled slyly in response.


“Lucky me.”


Astria doesn’t believe in luck.

Results come from skill. There are limits to what can be achieved through luck—limits that have now been surpassed.




“One year.”


Late in the lunchtime proceedings.

A newcomer causes Astria’s expression to stiffen.


Court mage Elundir.

Well into his seventies, he had been drawn to this place by rumors spreading through the palace.


“Why is a dying old man here?”


Elundir chuckled quietly.


“That dying old man once said to a young boy with the earnestness of catching a straw.”


“I don’t ask for long, even a year would do, just give me a chance.”


“The boy kept his promise. That dying old man is still alive and kicking four years later today.”


The founder of modern human magic and a genius of the century.


Archmage Elundir.


A figure that words alone fail to do justice.


Now on the brink of retirement, he was looking for a successor.


Astria spared no expense to capture him, but stopping the retiring Elundir was impossible.




“Your Majesty, this old man here intends to postpone his retirement for another four years. Please allow it.”


Thus, he rescinded his retirement and remains active.


Astria had no choice but to respond.






Was Astria’s Sad Ending prevented?


Sena’s only concern was that.


‘It’s good to see so many familiar faces.’


Of course, this alone couldn’t restore the weakened authority to its former glory.


Still, thanks to the last figure, the pieces were likely put in order. Grandpa Elundir was quite a figure.


It felt like the seeds sown were blooming splendidly.


The preceding acts must have been for today’s events. It felt so good.


Helping people is truly rewarding.


‘I must have averted the worst possible outcome.’


Thanks to this, Sena’s heavy heart lightened considerably.


Astria hoped to pass away among many people.


In the end, not a lonely tyrant stripped of all power.




Around 1 PM, Astria and Sena went for a slightly delayed lunch.


Sena pushed her wheelchair slowly and spoke.


“The weather’s nice. Looks like spring is finally here.”






“How many people did you really save?”


This time, Astria looked at Sena as if she expected a proper answer.


“Um… I’ve never counted, so I’m not sure.”


“Are you saying you saved countless people?”


Astria asked calmly, looking directly at him.


“Why? Why did you go to such lengths to save so many? Are you truly a saint incarnate?”


There was nothing more difficult than this question.


Sena pondered briefly before replying.


“Well… because I could, perhaps. It’s not like I did it with grand intentions. They were just there, and I had the time. That’s all.”


Astria smiled softly. Sena couldn’t see it, but she appreciated his answer more than that of any renowned saint.


Because it was an honest, pure response.


“Above all, I’m not that kind-hearted.”


“I can’t believe that.”


Sena’s expression turned melancholic.


“You shouldn’t trust me too much, Your Majesty. Just think of me as a passing physician.”


Well. That sounds too good to be true.


Better than any dessert.


Astria swallowed her words.




Astria’s schedule was busy but straightforward.


In the morning, it was the scheduled audience with the nobles.


In the afternoon, it was office work at her desk.


By the way, Sena followed along to the office.


“You won’t find anything interesting here. Go back.”


Sena shook his head.


“I’ve decided to spend today’s time with Your Majesty.”


A stubborn expression.

That stubbornness seemed unyielding.


“…Then sit over there.”


Astria pointed her finger towards a desk just to the left in front. It was Rafiel’s spot.


“Um, it seems like someone already owns this desk.”


There were documents on the desk with a pen that hadn’t even dried yet. It was clear someone had been working there just moments ago.


“It doesn’t matter. I’ve instructed him to attend to other matters in the afternoon.”


“Oh, I see. I apologize.”


“Why greet when there’s no one around?”


“It’s just my nature.”


“You really are a trivial person.”


After neatly folding away Astria’s interjection, Sena pulled back his chair.


‘By the way, is this seating arrangement for real?’


It was a structure where Astria could monitor everything he did.


Thinking of the Empire as a black company, he sat down carefully, rearranging the documents and pushing them aside.


“Then shut up and sit quietly there. There isn’t much work today, so you can play after it’s done.”


“Do you think I’m a child…?”


Sena spoke as if he was astonished. Without giving any further response, Astria handed him some documents.




Five minutes later.


Sena blinked in the quiet office.




This is boring.


‘I just want to go back to my room and make herbal medicine.’


He already felt that way.


It can’t be helped!


Sena was terminally ill. Every minute and every second was precious. He had escaped from the Academy because he hated wasting time like this.


-Do you think I’m a child?


…But because of what he said just five minutes ago, he couldn’t leave.


Tap, tap, tap.


Sena, who was aimlessly tapping a thick file, looked around the silent office.


He checked under the desk and even tapped the file holder unnecessarily.


However, he discovered something hidden between the thick files.




Sena’s eyes sparkled as if he had found treasure.

It was a book he had never seen before.

Sena loved books he had never seen before.


‘Today is really my lucky day.’


To someone like Sena, who was addicted to dopamine in modern life, this medieval setting was particularly agonizing.


Chess and reading were the only entertaining pastimes. But in the medieval era, ‘books’ were considered rare treasures. He had read almost all the books available because there were so few.


So, finding a book he had never seen before in a place like this was truly lucky.


Sena flipped through the book, examining it. Its name was <Diary of the Gray Wallpaper>.


…It didn’t look very interesting, but since there was nothing else to do, he decided to read it for now.





Astria turned her sore wrist for a moment.


Normally, she shouldn’t be able to feel such sensations, but it was due to her physical condition. Sometimes she had to loosen up.




Just as she was about to ask for a massage, Astria looked at Sena, who was sleeping with his face on the desk, and her eyes narrowed.


“…Does sleep usually come so easily in front of the Empress?”


Astria looked at the sleeping Sena with a serious look on her face.


Was there a lack of urgency? Or perhaps, was the dignity of the Empress diminishing?


‘I am a tyrant.’


Astria’s gaze turned cold.


She secretly took pride in the title ‘tyrant’. She thought it was a fitting title for someone who symbolized fear and domination.


Everyone should be afraid of her. Astria enjoyed being an empress who instilled fear.


But he dared to fall asleep in front of the Empress with such nonchalance?


Even if he were a close aide, he would have been confined in an underground dungeon for a while and fed water. If it had been silent, he would have had his throat slit on the spot.


‘Still, he did quite an admirable job today, so a light punishment should suffice.’


Astria got up silently from her seat. Plucking out the strands of hair that were half-tucked into her clothes, she approached Sena.


The more she approached, the more Astria’s lips curved upwards. Just pulling out a single hair. It was a cheap price to pay for daring to fall asleep in front of the Empress.


Sena’s hair, perhaps because it never lied, was well covered. He had quite long hair, also akin to a pillow.


‘…The priests really do light the fires and charge, huh.’


It was the first moment she understood those cult members. Sleeping unknowingly, Sena looked like an angel without any flaws.


Of course, Astria was a devil who secretly plucked the feathers from angels. With a cruel smile, as she raised her hand towards the top of his head…


Sena shivered. Then, in a very quiet voice, he mumbled,




As he twisted around, he changed his posture. In the lying position, he faced towards Astria.


A face that had not been visible appeared.

A face that resembled a wet cat.


Astria could assert confidently that there was no one else in the world who slept with such a forlorn expression as Sena.




Unconsciously, Astria removed her coat and covered Sena with it. With only her white blouse remaining, she returned to her seat.




Distracted, Astria absentmindedly glanced at Sena, who was still sleeping.


…For some reason, she couldn’t take her eyes off him and couldn’t concentrate on her work at all.


Astria finished her work late into the night.




Rubbing his eyes, Sena walked to Astria’s room. Although he felt her gaze pitifully, it didn’t matter. People could sleep well sometimes.


‘But that was really not fun.’


The contents of <Diary of the Gray Wallpaper> were as the title suggested, a novel written from the perspective of a wizard turned gray wallpaper by a witch.


Whoever wrote it, Sena thought a fire pit would suit the book.


“Thank you for your hard work today.”


After guiding Astria to her room in the wheelchair, Sena bowed his head slightly.


…Although he hadn’t done anything in the afternoon, overall, it had been a fulfilling day.


“Weren’t you just sleeping?”


“Well, you see.”


Astria stood up from her wheelchair with her arms crossed and looked at Sena.


“Are you leaving?”


“Oh, yes. That’s right. It’s late.”




Astria snapped her fingers.


‘Is she calling me?’


Without any suspicion, Sena took a few steps towards Astria.


She extended her hand. Sena unconsciously placed his hand on top of hers.


Astria’s hand dug in deeply, grasping Sena’s wrist. It seemed like she wasn’t giving much force, but it appeared to be a gesture that she could grasp tightly at any moment.


“…Your Majesty?”


“Didn’t you say ‘let’s be together today’?”




Sena tilted his head in confusion.


“Then we should sleep together, right?”




Sena awkwardly smiled.


What is she saying right now?


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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