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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 32

Ball (2)

The party celebrating the Empress’s recovery was more grand than any before.


The large hall was adorned with crystals, and golden tables were covered with sumptuous dishes and lavish candles.


The feast was extravagant. Despite the Empire’s current food shortages—referred to as a ‘famine’ in some quarters—the tables were laden with abundant food, presented like offerings on golden platters.


“When was the last time such a grand feast was held?”


“From what I recall, it was eight years ago, at Her Majesty’s coronation.”


It was quite unexpected that Astria, who typically did not indulge in extravagance, would host an event of this scale.


Nobles greedily tore at barbecue and savored the delicacies.


“It seems urgent, doesn’t it?”


“Perhaps this is the final flourish.”


Astria was already a weakened empress, labeled as a dying ruler across the realm. Even the common folk were aware of her failing health.


This in itself was proof of Astria’s waning power. A ruler with strength would ensure that only the highest ranks of the Empire knew of her condition, even if she were to perish immediately.




“Who do you think will be the next emperor?”


“Most likely Duke Reinhardt, don’t you think?”


“Indeed. He alone possesses the charisma to navigate this turbulent situation.”


No one believed Astria’s condition was improving.


This gathering was a last-ditch effort. It was a gamble to prolong the fading political life.


Everyone believed it and was convinced.


“Today, the history of the Empire will change. We are standing on the edge of history. Isn’t it thrilling?”


A noble swirling a wine glass remarked.

Others responded in agreement.


“Regardless of who wins, it will be us, the central nobles. Not like those stagnating in the countryside.”


“Haha, they won’t stand a chance.”


The central nobles, occupying the most prominent spots in the hall. However, the few scattered in the corners caught their attention.


“Long time no see, Marquis Ashmont.”


A noble with a wine glass approached them.


The gazes of the nobles in the hall turned toward them.


Even the music seemed to quiet down.


“Long time indeed, Count Iso.”


“Ah, you look quite weathered. Still no plans to come to the capital?”


Marquis Ashmont smiled quietly and stood up.


“I wouldn’t come without an invitation from Her Majesty.”


“Haha, that’s quite a joke. That famous saying has come to naught, hasn’t it? Her Majesty’s condition is… well. The more reason for you to assist, my friend.”


A duke. The difference in status between a marquis and a count was substantial. Yet Iso was clearly speaking down to him.


But Ashmont remained unruffled, not batting an eye.


“What are you implying? I heard Her Majesty has recovered. Isn’t this ball a testament to that?”




Iso wondered if he misheard. Surely he wasn’t unaware that this gathering was the Empress’s final act before her demise?


“Hahaha! Ho-ho-ho! Did you hear?”


How could they be so naive?

It was unbelievable among fellow nobles.


“Timid Ashmont, wasn’t that just a rumor? Hahaha! Are you still afraid? Marquis. Her Majesty can’t even stand.”


The Empress is a sinking ship.


Who would gamble on a single ray of hope aboard that ship?




The central nobles erupted into laughter together. But the local nobles did not join in. They waited patiently.


The one and only sun, the Great Sword Empress. Astria, the seventh Empress of the Empire.


“The one and only sun of the Laperci Empire, the United Kingdom of Pirestia and other nations and territories, our great protector, Her Majesty Empress Astria, has arrived.”


The commotion that greeted the empress’s arrival instantly quieted the hall. The music changed, and all eyes turned toward Astria in her wheelchair.


The nobles kneeled, showing respect. Before her appearance, they had mocked her openly, but the terror of the tyrant Astria was deeply ingrained.


They dared not lift their heads. But their hearts harbored different thoughts.


‘Today, history changes.’




Sena felt like he was about to throw up from the nerves he had.


‘I shouldn’t have agreed to this. I didn’t sign up for pushing a wheelchair.’


The weight of the noble gazes was overwhelming. There were far more people than Sena had imagined.


Could it be because the empire occupies nearly half the world map? The psychological pressure was no joke.


“Sir Chris.”




“Why is Sena acting like a wet cat?”


“That’s probably it.”


Sena glanced at Chris. They had been together for a long time, but he know how he felt, right? Couldn’t he tell that he needed a break?


“Because the decorations aren’t symmetrical.”


“…That’s not it.”


It was more like OCD than just a desire for symmetry.


Sena let his shoulders slump and looked at the decorations Chris mentioned.


There was a lion-shaped decoration, subtly asymmetrical.


Hmm… That’s a bit annoying.


“For someone who’s been around as long as I have, you sure don’t know me.”


But Astria smiled. She glanced towards where the central nobles were gathered.


“They must have looked disgusting eating.”


“Indeed, Your Majesty’s insight is unparalleled.”


Unable to hold back any longer, Sena spoke up.


“I’m just nervous.”


Astria seemed surprised.


“So you’ve finally regained your senses.”


“I’ve always been sensible.”


“Don’t lie. I was worried I might need to search for a new physician.”


“…Even if I wanted to.”


Still, it helped to ease some of the tension.


“You’ll find one soon, a new physician.”




Astria frowned, but Sena, as always, brushed it off with a smile.


“Today, are there representatives from the church? I’ll greet them briefly and be back.”


‘Is Cruyff here?’


The odds were fifty-fifty. Sena had sent a letter detailing the current state of the Empire to Cruyff last night.


Physically impossible if he’s far away, but perhaps luck is on his side.


‘Then today’s matters will be resolved easily.’


But Sena had one question. The nobles seemed to fear even looking at Astria.


In this situation, would rebellion really occur?


“They said the church was close, and it’s true. They’re even looking for priests in a place like this. Can they really become saints?”


“Even so, my adoptive father is part of the church. It’s just courtesy to greet them.”


‘I have something to do.’


Of course, usually Sena didn’t even bother with greetings, let alone pretending to know others.


But today, it was a fact that their support was needed.


“There’s really no need for you to go. It’s about to start.”




Astria’s smile deepened, strangely cruel. Then it happened.


“The pillar supporting the Empire, His Excellency Duke Wilhelm Reinhardt, was arrived.”


A commanding voice echoed through the hall. The music changed, and all eyes focused on one spot. Sena’s eyes widened.


‘Isn’t the music louder than when the Empress appeared?’


He wasn’t particularly skilled in etiquette. But they say even a village bumpkin can recite poetry after ten years. He knew a thing or two about ‘crossing the line’.


That was the central nobles openly paying respects despite the Empress’s presence…


It was clearly Reinhardt, who arrived much later than the Empress.


That, more than anything, indicated the Duke’s authority over the Empress.


Duke Wilhelm approached Astria without hesitation and bowed.


“Greeting, Your Majesty.”




Astria regarded the duke with a displeased expression.


“Congratulations on your recovery.”


Wilhelm raised his head halfway and cast a low gaze towards Astria’s legs.


Sena felt frozen, unable to move with his gaze fixed on Wilhelm.










‘It’s the same as last time. It keeps changing intermittently.’


What has changed is that the numbers are now at extreme extremes.


Sena felt a shiver run down his spine, and this time he looked at Astria.


“I received the gift you sent yesterday. But it wasn’t quite to my liking.”




Sena froze like a statue. Did he misread the numbers just now?


“…That’s strange. I didn’t send any gifts yesterday.”


“Oh? Is that so? Perhaps I was mistaken.”


“Yes. It must have been a mistake.”




Wilhelm’s number remained fixed. Sena finally realized there was some correlation between the two.


Sena tried to calm his trembling heart and think calmly.


‘This means either Duke Wilhelm dies, or Astria dies. There’s no other possibility.’


Based on the information so far, Wilhelm would initiate a rebellion today.


If successful, Astria would die. If unsuccessful, Wilhelm would die.


Then why was Astria’s number 3 instead of 0?


‘What does the number 3 signify? Even if he rebels, saying he can’t just kill the Empress is too risky. From Duke Wilhelm’s perspective, there’s no choice but to kill Astria.’


As Sena desperately racked his brains, the conversation between the two continued.


“Then who sent such a gift? I’m curious.”


“What kind of gift was it?”


“Just a small gesture. They prepared a cane for me since I can’t walk.”


“How audacious. Such a thing for someone in good health.”


Astria smiled deeply.


“We’ll have to investigate again after the celebration. We must find out who did this and punish them, don’t you agree?”


“But still, their intentions were noble. How about sparing them?”


“I won’t allow it. That act crossed the line.”




Astria’s lifespan, and conversely, Wilhelm’s became [0].


What’s changing the conditions?


Sena still couldn’t grasp it.


But one thing was clear.


“If the opportunity arises, I want to kill them here. Will you assist?”




“Of course, Your Majesty.”




One thing was certain. There was a task that needed to be done.


He had to diagnose it perfectly and save Astria.


After all, he was the Empress’s physician.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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