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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 33

Ball (3)

“Your Majesty, I’ll be back shortly.”


“Where are you off to now…”


Before Astria could finish her sentence, Sena was already moving.


Astria glanced at Chris and spoke softly.


“Sir Chris, am I mistaken? He’s outright ignoring us now.”


“It’s just Sena being himself. He has his moments.”


“Quite exasperating.”


Astria sighed but then perked up slightly at the sight of a chocolate cake on the table.


Rather good.





Meanwhile, Sena quickened his pace.


‘I need to make a change.’


In the distance, Sena spotted Duke Wilhelm engaged in conversation with nobles, holding a wine glass with a smiling face.


There was still time to act.


But first, he needed to diagnose and eliminate the cause.






“Excuse me, I’m Vivianne Queensberry. If it’s not too much trouble, would you dance with me?”


“Sena, long time no see! Did you tie your hair up today? You remember me, right? I’m your junior of two years!”


“Are you the Saint of Larden we’ve heard rumors about? It’s been chilly at night lately…”


Sena found himself surrounded and unable to move forward.


Although he had started with determination, Sena now found himself lost in the crowd.


Confused, disoriented!


“Please, my lower back is stiff. Is it because of my age? My daughter recommended you…”


“…Eat some eel.”


“Eel…! Thank you. By the way, my hair’s been thinning a lot lately. Can’t you do something about it?”


“I can’t fix that either.”


“I see…”


Baron Lepti made a sullen face. But there were some things that even Sena couldn’t do.


Trying to politely respond to everyone, Sena searched diligently for Duke Wilhelm.




Sena froze at the familiar voice.


Slowly she turned her head and saw Chloe in her red dress with her hair neatly done up.


Hah, at a time like this.’


“Nice to see you again, Chloe.”




Chloe’s expression was tense.


She might have frightened off the young ladies who were about to ask him to dance.


“I’ll get you out of here.”




Sena awkwardly smiled and tilted his head. Get me out of where?


“This seems to be the only way to have you.”




“I’ll do my best. Take care of yourself until then.”


With that, Chloe turned and walked away.


Sena knew Chloe was misunderstanding something, but he had no time to explain.


He needed to gather information quickly to mobilize the organization. If he wanted to leave today, he had to resolve things in the morning.


‘Sorry, Chloe. Remind me to look at my will later.’


But as Chloe disappeared, the noble young ladies once again surrounded Sena.


“I’m Lena of House Hasberry. Sena, would you dance with me…”


“Oh my, young lady. Didn’t you see I asked first? How rude.”


“What did you say just now? Miss Queensberry. Should I make your family as insignificant as you with your modest bosom?”


“This is quite awkward. You act like a lady but you’re nothing more than a loudmouth. Being fat doesn’t mean you have a big br*asts. Right?”


“Did you want to show off your corset reduction today? You’ll end up with ribs sticking out, my dear~ Hohoho.”


Both had formidable skills in verbal combat. Sylvia’s past remarks about not wanting to deal with this were now understandable.


‘This really isn’t the time…’


The problem was Sena’s unsuitable personality. Moreover, rejecting a dance request from a noble lady at a ball was out of the question.


In the past, Chris once refused and woke up to find his name on a strange wooden doll stuck with pins.


He didn’t want to face that fate…! Even if he didn’t believe in superstitions, it was unsettling. Especially in a world where real black magic existed.


“Excuse me, could you please move aside?”


At that moment, a dark voice caught Sena’s ear.


“Yes, of course, Your Grace.”




Duke Wilhelm was in front of Sena’s back.


Just as the person he had been looking for arrived, Sena found himself rather taken aback.


Was it good luck or bad?


Anyway, it’s definitely a good thing. Sena put his half-floating spirit back into his head.


“I think this is our first time meeting. Marquis Sena Birkender.”


Wilhelm spoke with an unexpectedly friendly expression that didn’t match his dark demeanor.


‘…He know I’m a Marquis?’


Until now, only a select few knew. And anyone who did, surely had thoroughly investigated Sena.


Nevertheless, Sena responded appropriately.


“Yes, indeed, it is my first time meeting you. I am honored to make your acquaintance, Duke Wilhelm Reinhardt. …Thank you for your attention yesterday.”


“Haha, it was my way of preventing any unfortunate incidents. I was concerned you might take it the wrong way.”


‘Considering he sent assassins.’


But Sena maintained his composure, smiling angelically and extending both hands as if truly embarrassed.


“Oh no, not at all. There’s nothing to take offense at. Thanks to your advice, I was able to safely avert a threat. I’m actually unsure how to properly express my gratitude for your help to someone as insignificant as me…”


“Aren’t you the Saint of Larden? Many of my associates have benefited from your assistance.”


Wilhelm took a step closer to Sena, his eyes crinkling with a polite smile.


It felt ominously wrong to Sena. More than anything, it was frankly terrifying.


Duke Wilhelm’s ‘life’ was changing wildly. Not a single second remained fixed; it kept changing.


‘I can cure this illness.’


Sena steadied his resolve. The fact that he transformed more upon meeting Sena than during the conversation with Astria was proof of how crucial this conversation was.


“A saint, you say. I am not worthy of such a title.”


“Oh, come now, show some humility. I’ve heard that within the Church of Justitia, there are preparations to canonize you as a saint.”


‘Even the internal circumstances of the church… There is no doubt that he is the current powerful figure in the Empire.’


It seemed there were strings even within the church. To what extent?


…It didn’t matter who it was. Even if it was the highest rank in the church, the ‘Pope’.


‘Cruyff wins.’


Sena was confident.


“In any case, it’s a relief. With someone like you as Her Majesty’s physician, surely Her Majesty will soon rise and shine?”


Sena glanced at Wilhelm for a moment.


He was clearly gauging Astria’s condition.




The number that had been changing wildly came to a halt. And it was on a positive note.


There was clearly something pivotal in that question.


Let’s entertain one assumption.


‘If he assumes Astria is healthy, would he live longer because he wouldn’t be rebelling?’


Then why did Astria have only three days left?


Or rather, what answer did the Duke want?


Sena chewed his lip. He needed to answer right away. Duke Wilhelm was clearly not an ordinary person.


If Sena gave a vague answer and then realized and provided a different one, he wouldn’t be believed.


“I will go along with Justitia’s wish. It is not for us humans to decide.”


“…You are remarkably loyal. If someone called saint, like Sena, could you also interpret Justitia’s intentions?”


“If I have sufficient grace, perhaps.”


The Grace of Justitia.


That was a slang term for bribery.


Duke Wilhelm smiled unpleasantly. With a thinly opened ominous look, he gazed at Sena.


“If grace is what you seek, it shall be yours. I will visit you soon.”


“If you are one who seeks Justitia’s teachings like Duke Wilhelm, you are always welcome. Although I am not a priest.”


“Haha, what nonsense. Are you not one who faithfully follows Justitia’s teachings more than anyone? From what I understand, it’s important for anyone, regardless of status, to follow Justitia’s teachings. Please speak freely. Where is Justitia looking? I am truly curious and unable to move.”


‘He seems to be in a hurry.’


He seemed desperate to know Astria’s condition.


Now Sena had two options.


Is he going to let him know that Astria is healthy?


Or should he report that she is still in critical condition?


‘Choosing the former seems preferable.’


Then the Duke would put off the rebellion.


But is that really the correct answer?


‘Not entirely sure.’


Sena closed his eyes for a moment.


The events flashed by quickly.



-Then scared nobles will give up the rebellion.


-Today is just the start of making this situation more manageable.


Wilhelm’s intentions were unclear. In a faint haze, distinguishing what was real from fake depended entirely on luck.


But Sena had seen and heard many things while with Astria.


Although Wilhelm’s intentions were unclear, Astria’s were understandable.


Her intentions were clear.


‘As of now, Astria is still in the wheelchair.’


“What will be the future of the Empire?”




“Justitia can be ruthless to the point of cruelty. I cannot change what it has already been decided. But do not worry. Justitia only sends trials that humans can overcome.”


‘It’s nice to know how to tell the truth without lying when I’m always hanging out with priests.’


Sena realized that he could lie without actually lying.


With this, he could avoid getting caught even if his lies were clumsy.


“It’s really a shame. Thank you for your words. I will remember them well.”


Duke Wilhelm chuckled slightly.


Sena looked up at him.




‘I can’t relax yet. Ultimately, because of this, Duke Wilhelm will incite rebellion.’


Duke Wilhelm returned to his camp.


Sena was about to quickly find a group from the church and play the ‘Inquisition’ card.


“Sena, please grant me the honor of our first dance…”


“Beautiful lady. I fell in love with your gem-like eyes the moment I saw them. Please, give me the chance of honor…”


“…But I’m a man?”


“It doesn’t matter.”


Sena felt a genuine punch. More than that, as soon as Wilhelm disappeared, the nobles flocked to Sena like a swarm.


Was it because of the conversation with the Duke? There were more people now than before.


“I am…”






Sena stepped back in surprise.




But there were people behind him too.


‘This is really bad. I can’t move. How do I find the church from here?’


The ballroom was already huge. How could he get through this crowd and reach people’s ears?


It seemed comical, but it was a serious crisis.




Sena felt like his body was being sucked somewhere.


“I knew this would happen.”


Sylvia sighed and grabbed Sena’s wrist. Sena’s eyes sparkled.


She’s here to save me!


“Excuse us. Her Majesty is looking for Sena.”


Sylvia dismissed all the clamoring nobles with a cold expression.


Sylvia brushed off the shouting nobles with a cold expression and quickly led Sena away.


“Senpai, are you incapable of learning?”




He looked away, feeling embarrassed.


“Why do you keep wandering around knowing this would happen? …Especially when you’re not in good health.”


“It’s my fault.”


“If someone like you wanders around at a ball, it’s only natural you’ll get kidnapped.”


‘…Was that it?’


Sena blinked at this new knowledge.


No, that can’t be right.


Even if he’s prone to getting kidnapped, he wouldn’t get kidnapped in a place like this.


Still, thanks to Sylvia, they safely arrived in front of Astria.


“I should put a leash on you.”


Astria looked at Sena with a bored expression, resting her chin on her hand.


“Physician, stop wandering around without permission.”


Sena smiled awkwardly but felt relieved when he saw the number above Astria’s head.




Fortunately, it seemed like the emergency treatment had worked.


…But why is it one day less?


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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