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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 36

I’ll Be Leaving Soon



Astria, who had regained her senses, did not punish all the nobles.


She divided the severity of their crimes as Sena had hoped. Five were executed, including Iso, who were directly involved in the rebellion.


However, no one escaped consequences. Even at the least, they had to pay hefty fines and, in the worst case, were stripped of their noble titles and had their territories confiscated.


“Now, are you satisfied?”


Astria sat on the garden bench and spoke.


There was no longer a fussy wheelchair. She seemed refreshed.




Sena touched his lips with a vacant expression. The warmth from yesterday still lingered.


“You were quite stubborn. Now you seem defeated.”


Astria plucked a flower. Interferences to harmony must be dealt with promptly. She looked at the flower she had plucked, imagining it might have served a purpose elsewhere.


“Aren’t you even afraid?”


A petal released from Astria’s hand fluttered in the wind and accidentally brushed against Sena. He staggered momentarily.


“To think a frail man stumbling from a drifting petal dares block my path.”


“I… didn’t stumble.”


“You did stumble. I thought you were going to fall.”


“Just how weak do you think I am? Even during my Academy days…”


“You still fear being prohibited from using mana, claiming to have been the top of your class. How accurate was that?”


“…If I did fear, how much did I fear?”


Sena muttered discontentedly. Don’t speak of others’ weaknesses, Chris.


“There’s no next time.”




“When my eyes turn blue, stay away. It means I’ve gone blind.”


Saying this, Astria stood up. Sena glanced at her feet. She was barefoot.


Perhaps it was her preference not to wear shoes while in a wheelchair, looking carefree. Or maybe she generally disliked shoes. Well, this world doesn’t have glass shards scattered on the ground. It shouldn’t matter much.


Still, isn’t it dangerous?


“But Your Majesty, they’re blue even now.”


“I have gray eyes. I’m talking about my vision.”


“Gray… is it? They look blue.”


“Can’t you distinguish colors? Physician?”


As if to make a point, Astria grasped Sena’s face and stared at him intently.




“Well, they still look blue to me.”


Though her eyes were gray, there was a bluish hue in her ashen eyes.


Her ashen eyes lacked the eerie feeling typically associated with them.


…Of course, even if it wasn’t the eye color, Astria could perfectly embody that eerie feeling.




“…Please let go, I’m embarrassed.”


Sena bowed his head deeply. Observing Sena’s blush, Astria smirked.


There’s more to be come, and it’s already gotten to this point.


Sena mumbled, barely audible.


“That was my first kiss.”


“…Your first kiss?”


Astria looked surprised at Sena’s unexpected revelation.


Even without Chris’ occasional rumors, Sena was undeniably popular.


Seeking beauty is human nature. Having attended the Academy, he must have attracted the attention of the Empire’s most scandalous youths.


Of course, Astria didn’t know. The fact that there was someone who worked hard to protect Sena’s purity.




“It was my first too. So, we exchanged our firsts yesterday.”


“Your Majesty’s first kiss?”


This time, Sena was astonished. Wait, she became Empress without ever having kissed anyone?


…More underwhelming than he thought.


“You’re thinking of something very rude.”


“…Not at all.”


Astria stiffened as she looked at Sena’s stiff hair.


It might not matter whether this was a lie or not. He had always been painfully honest.


“Your Majesty, your hand.”


“Haven’t I been healed?”


‘Healed? Not exactly.’




Astria was only slightly better off than himself, who was on the brink of death.


‘To leave it to Seria, I need to know as many complications as possible.’


Astria had embraced all the complications resulting from Parkinson’s disease.


The road ahead was long. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be walking it with her, but he had to say it.


“We still have a long way to go.”


“You can take your time.”


Astria reached out her hand to Sena.


Sena half-clasped Astria’s delicate-looking wrist.


Honestly, it’s hard to believe. He had thought the tales of tyranny were just noble exaggerations, but yesterday he had truly feared for his life.


But there were still things that needed to be done. Sena closed his eyes. This was a gesture of gratitude towards Astria, who had listened well to advice that could have been ignored.


‘After all, it’s like a general hospital. I don’t know anything else, but the insulin drop is at the level of someone who has taken dr*gs.’


What’s the use of saying this? It was severe diabetes that caused it. By concealing it in such a way, it was her own fault.


“You really need to be careful with sugar intake.”


“Again with that?”


“Promise me.”


Sena extended his pinky finger, filled with concern.


“Even if you really want to, promise me you’ll hold back.”


“What’s that?”


“It’s a promise we make in my hometown. Just hook little fingers with me.”


“Hmm, is this like a sacred oath? Quite presumptuous. Daring to risk your life against the Empress.”


“…No, it’s not that scary.”


“What happens if you break it?”




Sena pondered before answering.


“You have to eat a thousand needles.”


“…A new form of torture. I might have to try it.”


Sena hooked his pinky finger with Astria’s.


‘If it’s Seria, it would be okay.’


If they could just manage the diabetes, he would trust Seria with the rest.


Seria was different from other priests that Sena disliked.


Unlike ordinary clergy who believed that employing any other methods was sacrilegious and merely cast spells without any intervention.


Seria used basic medical knowledge to respond initially before resorting to spells.


There shouldn’t be any mishaps like last time when she mistakenly set a bone.


“You promised.”




Sena grinned sheepishly at Astria.


Perhaps it was the pretty garden background.


Today, Astria’s face looked especially pretty.


…He wanted to stay a bit longer.


“What are you thinking about?”


“Nothing at all.”


“Is that so.”


Sena silently spoke to Astria.


‘You need to stay healthy even without me. If possible, this time, truly heal.’


A parting greeting said to oneself.


It had become a familiar habit of Sena’s.




Returning to his room, Sena started cleaning.


Dust was quite fascinating.


No matter how much you sweep and wipe, it returns to normal by tomorrow morning.


It would be nice if it could clean itself like his body.


‘…It’s sterile.’


Absently, Sena leaned against the warm morning sunlight.


The light shooting through the glass was quite intense.


Contrary to those who seem to have a terrible affinity for evil, Sena’s skin was delicate.


Even a slight grip would leave marks.


It was as pale as someone who had never seen sunlight in their life.


Usually, with this kind of skin, merely being exposed to sunlight for long periods should cause it to peel or turn red.


However, no matter how long you waited, Sena’s skin remained the same.


He was as white as the first snow of winter.


“Perhaps even ultraviolet rays can’t penetrate. Then maybe uranium is okay.”


Just pure curiosity. Sena let out a humorless laugh.


A body devoid of germs.


Even in a fantasy world, that’s too far-fetched.


Well, from the start, the concept of mana doesn’t make sense.


In this world, it wasn’t too far-fetched to accept the idea of a fifth element.


However, bacteria were a different story.


There are more bacteria in the human body than there are cells.


Without them, could one even live? According to Sena’s common sense, it would have posed a serious health problem.


‘The short lifespan may have something to do with it.’


But if that were the cause, there was nothing that could be done about it.


What should he do about Sylvia? No matter how much he thought about it, there’s no way to stay alive.






Sena turned his head and lowered his sleeve. Serilda was standing there with a mop.


“Did you come to clean?”


“Oh, yes… but…”


“It’s okay today. I already did it.”




“Don’t make that face. Sometimes I feel like cleaning too.”


Sena approached Serilda.


“Is your brother okay? His name was Astin, right?”


“Oh, yes! Thanks to you, Sena-nim, he’s fine. He eats well, moved, and his eyes have noticeably improved. These days, he’s practicing swordsmanship.”


Serilda spoke joyfully.


“He aims to enroll at Larden. Isn’t that reckless? It’s not easy.”


For a commoner to enter Larden, there’s only one way.


A genius.


That word describes it to an extent that is indescribable. In Serilda’s eyes, Astin wasn’t quite that.


But she liked that recklessness. Because one could be reckless when alive.


“He can do it.”




“People with exceptional motivation can do anything.”


Sena smiled as he spoke.


“Astin was sick for a long time, right? He must have felt sorry for you, Serilda. To repay the favor, enrolling at Larden is nothing.”


“Oh no. Astin… wants to repay you, Sena-nim.”






Serilda said confidently.


“How admirable.”


It was when Sena faintly smiled. The sound of someone approaching was heard, and Serilda went out first.


“It’s not Luna… What’s going on? It’s the first time I’ve seen you without armor.”


“I finished my duty. Any complaints?”


“…I don’t have any complaints, but must you speak in such a manner?”


The person who entered was Sylvia. She glared at Sena a little fiercely.




“Not really?”


Sena stretched out his body.


‘Well, this works out nicely.’


Sena first spoke to Serilda.


“Could you step outside for a moment?”


Serilda lowered her head without hesitation.


“Yes, understood. Call me when you’re done.”


“Yeah. Please close the door when you leave.”


After Serilda left, Sylvia turned her head sharply and spoke.


“There’s a rumor spreading that you’re the Empress’s man.”




“You kissed in front of everyone, what was that about?”


“No, not that.”


Sena’s silver hair fluttered.


Sylvia’s pupils gradually dilated as Sena nearly collapsed before supporting himself.




Sena’s body slackened. The once radiant gaze in his eyes was dimming.


Sylvia’s eyes flickered with concern.


“It seems like I’m reaching my limit.”


He never thought he would be able to walk around without any issues until the day he died.


Even Astria, someone beyond the level of a Master, couldn’t avoid the specter of death.


Although he knew it wouldn’t be long before this happened.


Still, he never thought he would be visited by death so suddenly.


Isn’t 64 days still quite ample?


“W-Where does it hurt? Wait a minute, I’ll call a priest.”


Sena grabbed the hem of Sylvia’s clothes and stopped her as she hurriedly tried to call someone.


“You know. Even magic doesn’t work on me.”


“S-Still, I can’t just stand by and do nothing.”


“No. Right now, just stay with me.”




Sena smiled brightly.


“You’re my knight, right?”




Sylvia said, her voice trembling.


Sena felt sorry.


‘I shouldn’t have been caught.’


Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to burden a childlike person.


But human hearts are so tricky.


Knowing someone close by who understands, he felt relieved.


It would have been dangerous if he were alone.’


Sena wiped away the tears in Sylvia’s eyes.


“Don’t worry too much. I’ve just lost a bit of my balance.”


‘The loss of bodily functions is beginning.’


Was it from this morning?


Walking straight had become difficult.


It felt like walking with a heavy burden tied to his legs.


If he lost his mind even a little, he stumbled, and now this was the result.


When did it start?


The blood-vomiting started about three years ago.


It became more frequent about a year ago.


He realized there was a problem with his motor function about six months ago.


Now, with only about two months left, his sense of balance. What’s next after that?


One thing was certain, as always, Sena had something he needed to do.


“Sylvia, get ready.”


Still, it was better than before. When he stepped into the Academy, Sena was alone.


When he left everyone behind, he felt a bit lonely.


But now, at least one person was by his side.


Sena looked at the bewildered Sylvia.


“I’ll be leaving soon. As soon as today, if possible. At the latest, before tomorrow morning.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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