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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 35

To Save Sena

Sena could not accept opening a religious trial and killing people because they did not believe in God, but he understood.


It was never right, but it was the current of this era. Humanity had to suffer once. That’s just the way it goes.


So what about the current situation?


Is this era killing people, or is it Astria’s tyranny?


‘What happens when so many people die?’


The number shown above numerous people was [0].


Astria drew her sword, showing a cruel smile. Her eyes were ominous, almost gleeful in appearance.


It was a matter of killing them all. Clearly, there were about 80 nobles in sight.


Sena didn’t know what was right or wrong.


Politics wasn’t his field, and he knew Astria was an exceptional empress to usher in the empire’s revival.


However, it was hard to accept that all 80 had committed crimes deserving of death.


What about the nobles swept along by the current trend?


The nobles who naturalized to protect their territories from the nobility faction’s threats?


The nobles who, despite being somewhat corrupt, at least knew how to protect their subjects?


Those nobles who, since ancient times, were part of the nobility faction to constrain the emperor out of sincere devotion to the Empire?


If their punishment is the same as those who led the rebellion, is that right?


There should be distinctions in guilt.


A country that executes r*pists won’t be just r*pists because they will also commit murder after r*pe, knowing they’d be executed anyway.


Most importantly, what happens to the subjects if all these nobles are killed?


Corrupt or incompetent, the Empire’s nobles had a duty to protect their subjects from monsters, neighboring countries, and bandits.


It would lead to great chaos. Astria herself must have known.


“How long I’ve waited for this moment.”


As Astria took a step forward, overwhelming fear crushed Sena’s body.


Even Sena, without magic, found it difficult to breathe in Astria’s aura.


Astria, who sometimes showed a cute side, now seemed like a completely different person.


“I’ve lost some power, but do you have any idea how much I wanted to kill you crawling insects who crept in during that time?”


Astria stretched out her hand in the air. The space distorted, and a golden sword slowly appeared.


It was like the Holy Sword from the fairy tales Cruyff read to him as a child.


The sword shone brightly now, but it seemed it could turn red and lose its light at any moment.


“Every one of you will die. From today, the Empire will rise anew from your fallen bodies.”


‘…This can’t be.’


Sena bit his lip.


Clearly, the current Astria had lost her reason.


Considering that the lifespan of everyone on the left was not initially [0], Astria hadn’t intended to kill them all from the start, it seemed.


To Sena, Astria seemed like she was crossing an uncrossable river.


‘I have to intervene.’


He didn’t want the treatment he had given to her, consuming his remaining lifespan, to end up like this.


He might regret it until he died.




Did Chris know what Sena was thinking?


Chris raised his hand in front of Sena, silently shaking his head while making eye contact.


“At this moment, no words will reach Her Majesty.”


Chris warned firmly.


Astria was in a frenzy. In Chris’s eyes, Astria’s magic seemed to be going wild.


It was like a wave seen on the battlefield. In that state, Astria only had the instinct to strike down enemies. Even if she cherished Sena, she might not hesitate to kill anyone blocking her path.




Sena awkwardly smiled.


In this atmosphere, Sena’s smile was probably the only one.


Chris lowered his hand with a bitter expression.


“Come to think of it, you are also don’t listen to others.”



Sena moved forward.


Without any hesitation, Sena advanced toward Astria.


He approached the nobles on the left side and stood in front of Astria.


Under the overwhelming pressure that could not be defied unless one was a Master, everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the silver-haired boy who dared to block the Empress’s path.


Well, he looked overly stupid.


But at the same time profoundly sacred.


However, there was an imminent danger that seemed to fade away at any moment.




Sylvia felt her heart sinking. She tried to move but couldn’t.


She bit her tongue. Crimson blood trickled down her lips. But her trembling legs showed no sign of moving. She needed to go, but she couldn’t.



Astria’s murderous eyes stared at Sena.


“Move aside.”


The irrational Astria was annoyed by Sena’s defiance.


“You shouldn’t be here. Go to the right.”


Sena was terrified.


In fact, he was very terrified, unable to even lift his head.


So this was Astria’s true nature.


Truly, she was terrifying to the point of him trembling.


How did he manage to feed her any medicine?


“…I give you three seconds.”


Three seconds. It was the maximum patience that the current Astria, who had her legs healed by Sena, could afford.






“Your Majesty.”


Sena barely managed to speak before his permitted time diminished further.


His locked voice trickled out.


He knew he should say something cool in situations like this.


But his mind couldn’t quite roll that far.


He didn’t know what he should do, but he had to do something.


Sena lifted his head even as he trembled.


And step by step, he approached Astria.


Though Astria had lost her reason and only her instincts remained, she didn’t strike down the approaching white fluff.


Even if anyone else came, the current Astria would have killed them, but…


This was because Sena had already been recognized as a ‘harmless being’ by Astria for a long time.


Flowers, wind, laughter. Those kinds of things.


That’s why Sena could bridge the gap with Astria.


Sena opened his arms and embraced Astria’s neck and waist.


Astria’s pupils dilated. In the warmth, it felt as if she was being doused with cold water.


She only turned her eyes. She couldn’t tell if she was holding him or being held. When she realized she could have just killed Sena, anger surged within her.


Sena whispered into Astria’s ear.




It was a miraculous thing.


Once Astria lost her reason, she rarely regained it.


She had to soak her sword with enough blood, but she barely came to her senses.


But now.


Astria’s body, once filled with vitality, was now empty.




But it wasn’t because the excitement had subsided.


Instead of the “desire” to kill, another “desire” had emerged.




Sena looked up at Astria from within the embrace.


Despite his fear, Astria couldn’t resist the unwavering determination in Sena’s face to do what needed to be done. She felt an irresistible impulse.


An impulse she wanted to indulge.


“Close your eyes.”


Astria raised her hand to Sena’s cheek and slowly kissed him.




The Vatican.


The room was modest to the point of feeling empty.


A high-ranking priest, adorned with a golden cross on his collar, was reading something.


Approaching him, a priest with her eyes closed presented him with steaming coffee.


“You seem awfully delighted reading the same thing over and over. Is it that exciting, Cruyff?”


Seria placed the coffee down and sat in front of Cruyff. Folding the paper, Cruyff chuckled.


“News that carries good tidings never gets boring, they say.”


“News? What’s that?”


Seria looked puzzled as she glanced at the official document lying before Cruyff.


[The Empress has awakened from her long slumber and taken action. Five rebellious nobles and all members of the Imperial Knights executed. Swiftly recovering imperial authority. Details below.]


It was like a report, summarizing significant events of the current empire, compiled by the church’s informant for the archbishop.


“Sena called it. He believes there will come a day when even common folk will read such official notices.”


“Sometimes Sena says nonsensical things like that. It’s cute, though.”


Seria smiled mischievously. Cruyff also smiled back, and Seria handed him the steaming coffee.


“Thank you for always making coffee despite the hassle. After Sena, you’re the next best at handling it.”


“I still don’t understand what’s so appealing about that black liquid.”


“Hahaha. I used to think the same. Bitter, with no taste. But once you start drinking it, there’s nothing quite like it.”


Cruyff briefly savored the aroma of the coffee before taking a sip.


Seria muttered while looking at the official document.


“Did you send Sena knowing things would turn out this way from the start?”


“No way, I never imagined Sena would be the one to save a crumbling empire.”


“Don’t lie. You knew exactly what you were doing.”




Cruyff chuckled confidently. Seria gave him a sharp look. If only he could be as straightforward as Sena, she wouldn’t feel so frustrated.


Seria sighed and spoke.


“The Empire will find its way. It may have lost its path momentarily, but Astria is capable of resolving the situation quickly.”


“We’ll be busy for a while. If the Church can help, we should.”


“… Do you support the status quo?”


“Because Sena supports it. It’s been three years since he last wrote to me. Initially, it was a curse, but within a week, he was asking for help.”


Seria’s eyes widened.


“Come to think of it, he asked me for help too. I realized Sena isn’t the type to ask for help.”


“He’s not one to ignore others’ misfortune easily. If he lacks strength, he’ll borrow someone else’s to help. Clever kid.”


“…Unlike Sena, Astria isn’t like that. She’s been silent for a while due to poor health, but now that she’s recovered to some extent, she’ll be unstoppable.”


Seria’s expression darkened.


“Can Sena withstand her tyranny?”


Cruyff smiled calmly at Seria’s concern.


“He’s not my son for nothing. Sena possesses a strength stronger than any knight, magician, or priest.”


“What kind of strength does Sena have? He’s just a fool who knows how to save lives. A naive fool.”


“But he knows how to draw people in. Even in the midst of a battlefield, he can rally people to his side. No arrow devoid of reason can reach my son.”


Cruyff spoke with strong conviction.


Seria muttered weakly.


“That’s true. That’s why it’s problematic.”


Seria’s face seemed on the verge of tears.


“Wouldn’t it be best to let Sena peacefully close his eyes in his hometown, as he wishes?”




“If we fail to save Sena like this, both you and I won’t be able to bear it. Perhaps… it’s not too late even now. Before Astria becomes obsessed with Sena.”


Cruyff sipped his coffee, tightening his lips. Today, strangely enough, the coffee tasted bitter.


After a long silence, he spoke with difficulty.


“Even if this choice is wrong… Still… Still, there is no other way.”


Cruyff smiled sadly.


“To save Sena.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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