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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 43

You Might as Well Be Wearing a Leash

Sena’s healing abilities have been talked about since ancient times.


For someone who wasn’t a priest, his exceptional healing skills were unusual.


Everyone was curious about his secret, but Sena never revealed it. He always avoided the topic with a vague expression.


As time passed, discussions about the method began to fade among the Academy students.


Saving lives is usually a concern for the clergy alone. Instead, they focused on Sena himself, loving how he helped anyone without prejudice.


No one tried to fathom the weight Sena carried on his shoulders, not even Sylvia, who thought she was close to him.


Now she understood how Sena achieved such remarkable healing. It was the result of Sena consuming his own lifespan.




“Ta-da. Here’s a candy.”


Sena handed Sylvia a candy with a smiling face, perhaps trying to cheer her up.


Already worn out, Sylvia looked at Sena sharply.


How could this person smile?


Feeling sad and angry, Sylvia spoke sharply.


“…I don’t need it. It’s candy from a liar.”


“Really? You’re still saying that? I’m genuinely upset.”


Sena glared menacingly, but it only seemed cute. Sylvia sighed.


“Please take it back.”




“The lifespan you gave me, take it back. I was destined to die a painful death from Hydra poison. Even if you save me like this, I’m not happy…”




Sena shoved the candy into Sylvia’s mouth. With a smirk, he asked.


“How’s that?”


“…It’s sweet.”


“Good. It suits your taste. Let’s go over there this time.”


Sena led Sylvia with a cheerful laugh.


This had been going on for a while.


After they left the cathedral.


No matter how much Sylvia asked, Sena wouldn’t answer.


Just smiling vaguely.


Today, he wanted to have fun, dragging his sore body around.


Eating sweet desserts.


Throwing darts.


Even bargaining for unnecessary items.


When he caught a swindler, though delighted by applause, he wasn’t happy.


‘It’s not fun.’


It wasn’t enjoyable.


No, a lie.


It was fun, it wasn’t fun.


Sena’s smile, warmth, kindness today.


Realizing there wasn’t much time left.



“Although brief, it was fun, right?”


Early afternoon.


Sena and Sylvia looked down from the rooftop of a tall building where the capital was visible.


Sylvia muttered with her face buried in her knees,


“If it’s so enjoyable, why can’t you live longer?”


Tears she had been holding back flowed quietly.


“I’m afraid there will be a morning without Senior.”


Sena looked at Sylvia with complex feelings.


After some hesitation, he sat down beside her. Unable to face her, he looked up at the sky.


“That moment will surely come.”


Though night hadn’t fallen yet, faint stars dotted the sky. Those stars were reflected Sena.


Sylvia stared blankly at Sena. Feeling that she must remember this moment forever, she never took her eyes off him.


“People eventually die.”


For the first time, Sena mentioned death, speaking frankly without any intention of hiding.


And looking playfully at Sylvia, Sena said.


“I can’t deny that I’m a little fast.”


Sena shrugged.


“Well, what can you do? It’s fate. But still…”


Sena smiled broadly.


“I want to live happily. The time remaining is too precious to be spent in sadness, you know? That’s all I want.”


Sylvia bit her lip.


What kind of person says such things when faced with death?


It’s okay to struggle to survive, even if it gets a little desperate.


But why, in the midst of this, try to comfort others?


‘Who needs to receive comfort right now?’


The more she thought, the tighter her chest felt.


In a small voice, Sylvia said,


“Isn’t Senior afraid of dying?”


“Not really?”


Sylvia’s shaking eyes were focused on Sena’s head as always.




Sylvia had a bitter taste in her mouth. She lowered her eyes. Nevertheless, she now understood what Sena wanted to say.


He seemed to quietly want to leave.


Perhaps he wanted to run away, not wanting to be found dead.


Even the lie that he wasn’t afraid right now was because he didn’t want to be this sad.


That’s who he was. A person who cared so much for others, almost foolishly.


‘If that’s what Senior wants.’


Sylvia was Sena’s knight.


She never made the oath lightly. Being fond of someone with such a personality, she willingly put on her own shackles.


She felt she must fulfill that responsibility. In Sylvia’s eyes, a stronger conviction than ever took hold.






“…Whatever Senios desires, I will make it happen. I’ll be by your side. Until death.”


Sylvia swore once again.


The truth she learned today would never be revealed to anyone.


No matter the hatred she received. No matter the cost, she would do it all for Sena alone.


“Is the misunderstanding cleared?”


Sena’s eyes looked a bit uncertain.


He was hoping to make today’s events a misunderstanding.


Sylvia barely swallowed her tears.


She smiled as brightly as she could.


“Of course, Senior. Making strange misunderstandings, you’re quite something.”


“Hahaha, sorry.”




It was fortunate that the misunderstanding was cleared.


Another case resolved today!


‘But still, not much time left to send the official.’


It was a painful truth,


But it was inevitable.


No matter how much he told her, she wouldn’t believe it. It felt like being a shepherd boy.


She felt the need for the truth. Ultimately, Sylvia ended up misunderstanding because Sena himself wanted to hide the truth.


Her expectations were correct. Since leaving the cathedral, he had been saying, ‘It’s not because of divine power. I don’t use such methods when healing people’. Even when back then, she didn’t believe until he spoke sincerely.


…He would regret it someday.


But it was better than becoming the most pitiful person in the world.


‘By the way, why exactly did people believe the fact that I use my lifespan for treatment?’


It was absurd beyond belief. How selfish was he? Just now, he secretly ate candy behind Astria’s back.




Since he comforted Sylvia, it was time to do what had to be done.


“Well then, let’s go to the church.”


“…Why the church again?”


“Well, because there are many corrupted priests in the church! If you give them some money, they’ll gladly take you outside the capital. Mix in a bit of coercion if necessary.”


“You haven’t given up yet?”


Of course not. If he gave up on that, his existence would lose its meaning.


Returning home for his death.


He had no intention of changing that single sentence for anything of value.


He only thought of fulfilling it, no matter the cost.


If he gave up so easily, it would be as good as dying right now, not 63 days later.


It was when Sena’s determination burned resolutely.




Sylvia gently hugged Sena from behind.


“Please do whatever you want.”


Sena blinked, feeling the touch of Sylvia’s hand on his head.


“Uh, yes?”


When did she become so proactive?


Even knowing how to pet her Senior’s head.


Sena awkwardly smiled.






“I, too, will be a bit greedy.”


What does she mean by being greedy?


Although he wasn’t not sure what it was…


‘When it comes to Sylvia, I no longer have a choice.’


He had burdened Sylvia with so much.


Whatever choice Sylvia made, it was now a departed ship.


She had no choice but to accept it humbly.


“Here it comes.”


“…Yeah. I understand.”


“You can refuse this if you want.”


With a bitter look in her eyes, Sylvia pulled Sena closer, a little more forcefully.


Sena scratched his nose and replied.


“There are things we can’t avoid, right?”


“Even a slight resistance would help, wouldn’t it?”


“I won’t. There’s no way.”


Sena looked down with a faint smile on his face.


A moment of silence.


Sylvia whispered into Sena’s ear.


“Just stay like this for a while. Then let’s go to the church.”




“Please forgive me.”


“It’s okay to hold me a bit longer. I don’t mind.”


The wind blew.


It was not a cool spring breeze but a cold wind announcing the imminent arrival of winter.


Yet Sena wasn’t cold, as Sylvia’s warmth enveloped him. Sena grasped Sylvia’s arms wrapped around his neck.


How much time had passed? Sylvia let go of Sena. But it seemed like a gesture that could be repeated anytime.


She spoke with her usual bright face.


“Let’s go now, Senior.”



Sylvia helped Sena to his feet.


They hurriedly walked toward the church.


In the jurisdiction, there were two churches. One in the city center and the other closer to the slums.


Though they were currently in the bustling district, Sena’s destination was the church near the slums. Calculating that the church in the city center might not readily accept his request.


Lovers laughing, mercenaries arguing loudly, infuriated merchants lying down after a heated negotiation.


Sena observed the capital’s appearance. Probably, there wouldn’t be another opportunity like this.


Sena and Sylvia moved away from the city center towards the outskirts. Along the way, they passed by the Silania Cathedral they had visited earlier that morning.


Sena recalled the earlier conversation.


-The Church is not particularly beautiful.


-Yet when lost and unsure where to go.


-Feel free to come by anytime. The Church—or at least Silania Cathedral—will assist Brother Sena as much as possible.


-It would be best to demonstrate that Brother Sena can become a priest, wouldn’t it?


Priestess Ellie.


She was a rare, proper priest.


He didn’t know what the remaining 45 days of Ellie’s life would bring.


But as that number decreased, the outline would start to become clearer.


‘Let’s inform Seria in advance.’


By then, Sena would truly be a last-minute case, with only about 23 days left to live.


…It was disheartening to rely on others again, but it couldn’t be helped.





As they finally reached the front of the Silania Cathedral, Sylvia swallowed hard and spoke.


“I sense Senior Chris’s presence. And this magic…”




It was when Sena looked at Sylvia with confusion.


-Her Majesty the Empress!


At the booming voice that seemed to split heaven and earth, Sena’s hair stood on end.


“Her Majesty is nearby.”




Sena quickly made a decision.


Without hesitation, he dashed into the cathedral.


Throwing open the door with force, he shouted loudly.


“You said you’d help me earlier!”


“B-Brother Sena?”


Ellie, who was preparing for a baptism, looked startled as she gazed at Sena.


She looked like she was about to perform some kind of religious ceremony, as she was wearing a flower crown and holding a container of holy water in her arms.


He was really sorry, but he didn’t have time to ask for forgiveness now.


“Please hide me!”


Swiftly, Sena squeezed himself into a cleaning supply cupboard.


“Sylvia, you too!”


“Why hide? And why in such a cramped space? Could you pick somewhere a bit more proper…”


Sena grabbed Sylvia’s arm and closed the door of the cleaning supply cupboard.


The smell of musty rags and a faint light filtering through a narrow iron grate greeted them. Through the gap, they could see outside.


“It’s… cramped in here, Senior.”


“Keep quiet…! And suppress your magic power! At least try to be discreet like me!”


‘If they catch us now, it’s over.’


Had they been too careless?


But he never imagined she would come in person.


What kind of dry sky is this, Astria?


“Dear Sisters…!”


Ellie, who was very embarrassed, looked at the white furball that was slightly visible between the cracks in and said.


“This is quite a predicament…!”


“You’ll protect us, won’t you? You will, won’t you? You wouldn’t abandon a lost lamb, would you?”


“Abandon? No, I wouldn’t do such a thing, but please explain the situation in detail.”


“The wicked Empress is trying to take me away. Please help!”




Ellie looked dumbfounded after hearing the word ‘Empress’.


What should we do, Brother? You’re out of luck.





“The wicked Empress. Did I hear correctly, Sir Chris?”


“If it’s disrespectful, the punishment will be severe.”


“Well, that’s just great.”


Sena’s already pale face turned even whiter.


Astria was looking directly in their direction.


As if she had just taken a bath, she used a towel on her wet hair.


With an exceedingly pitiful expression.


“What are you doing, physician? Hurry up and crawl here. If you behave well, I might even go easy on the leash.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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