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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 44

Sena’s Room Is Gone

Inside the returning carriage.


Sena glanced at Astria, unsure where to look.


“Um… Can you just appear like this?”


The words he managed to utter were filled with confusion and indignation.


It felt like the fabric of reality had been torn apart.


Wasn’t an empress supposed to be a distant figure, observing the world from a dull throne?


Appearing so blatantly in reality was cheating!


This is unfair, completely unfair.


“I have nowhere in the world that I cannot set foot in.”


“W-well, that’s true, but…”


“Oh, I guess there is one place. Even if it’s me, I don’t belong in the cleaning supplies cupboard. Why were you even there?”


Sena felt embarrassed seeing Astria genuinely curious.


In that fleeting moment, he couldn’t see anywhere else to hide.


Time to change the subject.


“Ahem. Your Majesty, why were you at the cathedral?”


“Can’t you see the holy water? I came for a baptism.”


‘A baptism, huh?’


Astria was still drying her hair with a towel. It would take a while for her long hair to dry completely.


But Sena found it irritating that she kept touching the same spot over and over.


Is it okay to be so clumsy while drying your own hair?


Eventually, Sena reached out his hand.


“Give me that.”




Astria handed him the towel.


‘I show my back to no one.’


At least that’s what Sena expected, but unexpectedly, Astria politely turned around for him to dry her back.


As Sena dried Astria’s hair, he asked.


“Why the baptism?”


“My recovery is solely thanks to my cute physician, but the world won’t acknowledge that.”


Sena vaguely understood what Astria wanted to say.


He was not a priest; just a simple healer.


In a world where “Holy Magic ” existed, healers like him were treated poorly.


“I needed to claim that the Church’s aid helped me recover. It’s more fitting to say that Justitia took pity on me and saved me.”


Astria was not pleased.


She didn’t like such false claims.




If the Church hadn’t supported Sena, those lunatics would have done something to him.


To Sena.


Astria was willing to fight the Church, but she had other tasks at hand and didn’t want to complicate things unnecessarily.


“You did well. Surely, it will be better for others too.”


“Aren’t you mad?”


Sena seemed oddly resolved.


Astria found that even more irritating.


“You act like someone stole your glory.”


“Well, I think a patient recovering is more important, not the reputation of saving lives.”


‘And she’s not fully recovered yet.’


Despite saying that, Astria herself was also on a ticking clock.


The number was [59].


But why did it decrease again…?


“Is that so? I was annoyed.”


Astria’s eyes narrowed.


“To the point where I want to kill everyone.”


“Uh huh, no bad language allowed.”


Astria sighed.


A nobody, yet so audacious.


Even then, doing everything she wanted was the behavior of an arrogant cat.


Suddenly wanting to see a face, she turned around.


Sena blinked innocently.


Looks quite appetizing.


She might want to keep him.


When Astria’s possessiveness reached its peak, she spoke with a playful expression.


“You don’t think I came looking for you, do you?”


Wasn’t that the case?


Must have been a misunderstanding.


Then he must be a fish caught by chance.


No luck at all.


It was when Sena thought this that Astria suddenly spoke.






“I did come to find you.”


Sena’s face turned red.


Gripping the towel soaked with holy water tightly in both hands to cool down.




“Wow, what a coincidence.”


“It’s, uh, just a coincidence.”


“I don’t think Your Majesty actually came to find me…”


Sena sweated profusely, quickly concocting a lie that would soon be exposed.


Astria looked out the window as she spoke.


“Did you even bother choosing a successor?”


“…Just in case.”


“Running away as you please, but still ensuring the patient’s stability.”




“Ambiguous. Choose one. Either abandon the patient and run away or take responsibility for them till the end.”


“What if I can’t do either?”


“Then give up.”


Astria raised the corners of her mouth at Sena, who met her gaze without flinching.


He too had thoughts of his own.


“Your Majesty, you’re the great Empress of Laperci, right?”


What was he saying again? Astria tilted her head as if to say, “Go on.”


“In that case, you wouldn’t tell lies, would you?”


“Indeed. Even if there’s a way to turn falsehood into truth, I don’t tell lies.”


Sena took a deep breath.


“Then, please keep your promise. The first day I was appointed as Her Majesty’s personal physician, when I fixed your legs…”


Astria gently pressed Sena’s lips with her index finger.


“Don’t test my patience, Sena.”


She was barely restraining herself.


Astria knew Sena might try to escape.


But if he actually executed that plan and momentarily escaped her grasp in her garden, it would make her very angry.


Not expressing anger was because she had something to gain from it.


Always. Astria never forced others’ actions. She only made them take responsibility for their actions.






Sena was so scared he couldn’t even look her in the eyes properly.


Astria’s momentum was truly intimidating.


“A while ago, I let go of a group planning a rebellion. Guess why?”




“Curiosity, perhaps. Rebellion gives me a reason to eliminate them.”


Astria smiled provocatively. Countless chains were already ensnaring Sena in her mind.


“Congratulations on momentarily escaping my garden. But, unfortunately.”




“You’ve given me a reason. A reason to confine you for life.”


Astria grabbed Sena’s cheek, leaning in as if to devour him, then pulled back with a subtle smile.


That smile disappeared as she gazed out the window with a perfect poker face.


“Sena Birkender.”


“From today, the place you will sleep is next to me.”


“No objections are allowed.”




Astria returned to the imperial palace after a short schedule.


The royal courtiers who saw her all bowed their heads deeply.


And behind them, Sena followed, holding a large travel suitcase in both hands. Perhaps because of the luggage, he looked unusually solemn today. It even gave off an aura of guilt.


“Gardener. The view there is not good. Remove the obstructing trees.”


“Seems like there’s a shortage of maids. Ah, is it due to illness? Fill in the missing staff.”


“Teutonic Knights. You’ve done a great service. I permit you to drink my favorite wine.”


Astria commented as she passed by.


It was almost catastrophic. Everyone who heard her words moved very, very busily.


Especially the trees. One of the Teutonic Knights was wielding a sword given by Astria, chopping down trees to the sky.


He wasn’t supposed to be a lumberjack. But after hearing the compliment just now, his enthusiasm was blinding enough to close one eye.


Even Chris was discreetly glancing at Astria with great anticipation.


Astria didn’t even look at him.


“Chris. Don’t even dream.”


“You’re too harsh.”


Sena covered his mouth.


‘Looks good.’


Why is she punishing him for being disrespectful?


Sena decided to keep that thought for the rest of his life. Sena was somewhat narrow-minded.

“By the way, it’s an honor to see you again, Miss Celine.”


Chris’s mocking tone seemed to irk Sena subtly.


For Sena, it was quite offensive. If he were a friend, wouldn’t he just let it slide as a harmless joke about dressing up as a woman?


Sena finally swallowed a harsh response.


“Eat sh*t.”




“Didn’t hear me? My physician is prescribing you to eat something. Must be good for your health.”


Astria chuckled gleefully. Chris’s face turned ashen. Feels good to put him in his place.


‘…Not really in that position, though.’


What should he do?


Sena’s future looked bleak. Once caught, escaping would require considerable effort.


‘Wait for an opportunity. It will come someday.’


The Empress is busy. She wouldn’t bother with a lowly physician like him.


If he could find a chance, this time he would escape even using his ‘power’ to ‘cut through the walls’.




“Oh my. It’s been a while, Sister. How are you, Your Majesty?”


Inside the palace, in the audience chamber.


Sylvia and Chris had gone somewhere else first. They seemed to have something to discuss. He told them not to scold her, but he should check again later.


There was already one person in the audience chamber. It was Seria.


She looked suspicious just sitting there doing nothing, as if waiting for Astria to arrive.


“Don’t call me Sister.”


“Sister, sister, sister.”


‘How annoying…!’


If only Her Majesty weren’t here, she’d be dead for real.


As Sena trembled, he suddenly thought of someone.


The kind Priestess who sometimes called him ‘Brother’.




‘Let’s tell Seria.’


“Were you two friends?”


“Yes. Sena and I have a long history. We were childhood friends.”


“…Childhood friends.”


“Also distant relatives.”




Astria, who was about to demonstrate one last ‘performance’ to ensure he never made a foolish mistake again, changed her mind.


In that moment, her perception of the troublesome and somewhat absurd priest, Seria, also changed.


“Nevertheless, you’ve worked hard. If you have any wishes, ask for one thing. I’ll grant it.”


Free wish voucher event.


It wasn’t a gift for just anyone.


When Seria, who always regarded Astria with disdain, heard her offer, a look of surprise briefly flashed across her face.


“May you have the blessings of Justitia. Your Majesty, you look particularly holy today after receiving baptism.”


“Still trying to act sanctimonious as a priest.”


Despite the blatant flattery, Astria wasn’t particularly displeased.


Priests were a breed that would praise even a jumping frog.


“Well, what is it that you want?”


“It may sound unusual, but I would like to borrow Sena for a moment.”


Wrinkles creased Sena’s forehead.


Seria knew Sena hated being treated like a woman and enjoyed subtly teasing him with terms like ‘Miss Sena’, ‘Sister’, and ‘Unnie’.


It had been ten years. Truly an insufferable childhood friend.


“It won’t be for long. I’ll allow you to borrow him for a moment.”


“Thank you.”


“Priests all use their wishes for trivial things.”


She didn’t understand, she really didn’t.


Astria shook her head graciously and stepped aside for them.




“Fake priest. A drunken priest. I will reach out to Cruyff, and I will also reach out to Nemesis.”


Sena spoke as if he would devour anyone who crossed him. Seria opened her eyes slightly, her red eyes flashing.


“Seems like you’ve been speaking ill in my absence, Sister Sena. I’ll be sure to tell Cruyff that Sena bought an expensive maid outfit.”


There’s no other way but to commit s*icide.


Sena immediately recoiled.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”


“Forgiveness is a virtue of the clergy. I’ll forgive Sister Sena’s momentary lapse.”


“But this time you were too harsh.”


Sena was quite angry with Seria.


It wasn’t just about being treated like a woman.


“Her Majesty’s lifespan has decreased. You haven’t been doing your job properly.”


“You expect a lot in just two days.”




When Sena made a truly angry expression, Ceria shrugged her shoulders a little.


Perhaps feeling awkward, she walked coolly to the window and spoke.


“She didn’t listen to me at all.”


“…Is that so?”


“Yes. Her Majesty did not accept any of my requests. Frankly, I admire you. How did you manage such a patient?”


“The word ‘manage’ isn’t appropriate for a priest to use…”


“I still have a long way to go. Perhaps, only Sena can heal Her Majesty now.”


Seria spoke seriously, and Sena pretended not to hear, staring at the ground.


“I wanted to meet Sena separately to say these words.”


She’s doing it too.


If he had enough strength to live like that, he would have liked it if he closed his eyes in his hometown at the end.



“I’d like you to stop by the Silania Cathedral.”


Ignoring Seria’s words, Sena spoke.


“There’s a priestess named Ellie there, and she’s not doing well.”


The moment Seria lifted her eyebrows and was about to say something.


The door of the audience chamber opened.


Astria’s personal maid, Betty, bowed politely.


“Sena-nim. It’s time.”


“Oh, right. Her Majesty has other things on her schedule, right? I’ll return to my room.”


Sena hurriedly spoke and tried to leave.


But Betty didn’t step aside.




“Oh no, Sena-nim, your destination is over there.”


It was Astria’s room.


Sena was puzzled, tilting his head.




“Her Majesty’s next appointment is…”




Blushing slightly, Betty turned her gaze away and spoke softly.


“Today, Her Majesty said she would like to produce an heir.”




“With Sena-nim.”


Sena didn’t quite understand.


What does she want with him?


“And from now on, the place where Sena-nim will stay is Her Majesty’s quarters. Sena-nim’s room is gone.”


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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