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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 47

Resignation Letter (2)

Astria was in the midst of her duties, but her attention was fully focused on Sena.


Sena was standing in a corner, hands raised and shaking nervously. Without a doubt, he couldn’t have looked more miserable.


“…That’s enough.”


Astria sighed lightly. She needed to concentrate on her work despite the irritation. Sena lowered his arms and nervously massaged with his wrists.


“Do you understand your mistake?”


“I don’t know.”


“Do you want to raise your hands again?”


“…I’m sorry for running away.”


‘But I can’t help it.’


Sena had plenty to say in his own way. Even if it wasn’t him, Astria could somehow continue living, but only Sena could fulfill Sena’s own wishes.


“Your Majesty.”


Sena put his hand into his chest. It was the resignation letter he had been carrying all day. As he handed it over, he spoke seriously. Due to personal reasons, he cannot stay here for long. This is where his service as Her Majesty’s physician ends.


Astria was admittedly stubborn, and the future refusal was clear.


Nevertheless, this provided a pretext for any kind of conversation. At least there was a justification for escape. In medieval times, justifications were crucial, and even Astria couldn’t overlook them.


He wouldn’t miss any chance. Despite being a priest’s son, he was adept at handling situations.


It was just as he was about to take out the secret weapon from his chest. Astria gathered the documents she had signed, tapped them neatly into place, and set them aside before standing up.


The morning sunlight illuminated Astria’s blonde hair brightly. She spoke mysteriously today.


“Let’s proceed with the next item on the schedule.”




Sena, momentarily captivated by her mystery, responded belatedly. Then he pointed to himself.


“Me too?”


“Isn’t it obvious?”


“I-I’m your physician.”


“What if my condition worsens suddenly?”


“I-I’ve been acting separately until now.”


“I said it. From now on, wherever I go, you’ll be by my side.”


Sena was perplexed. Surely Astria didn’t intend to drag him around all day?


Then there was no way to escape.


“Hoho, you still have audacious thoughts.”


Astria gently grabbed Sena’s collar and pulled.


“I don’t enjoy repeating myself, but I’ll say it once more.”


Cruelty. Desire. Possessiveness. These were the ingredients that made up Astria.


A desire for an exceptional healer who had healed her legs beyond the reach of any exceptional priest.


Possessiveness for a face that matched her tastes from the first sight.


The cruelty of wanting to confine Sena, who met those conditions, for a lifetime, and make him look only at her.


“With the excuse of once escaping, I’ve conquered you. You are now my possession. Your time belongs to me.”


Although not the story Sena had in mind, he flinched.


‘But conquering to the extent of holding hands and sleeping… isn’t that a bit of an overstatement?’


Even amidst these thoughts, Sena inwardly made a retort.


“Then what will I take from you if you try to run away?”


“W-What do you mean?”


This was quite an important question. Sena thought Astria should have told him beforehand.


Astria smirked slyly.


“Your dignity.”




She raised her eyebrows as if to say imagination was limitless.


“Still, if you continue, I won’t stop you.”


Astria released Sena’s collar and said seductively.


“You’ll regret it if you give me more reasons, physician.”




Astria’s destination was the Colosseum.


The Colosseum. If someone asked why Rome’s landmark was here, Sena could confidently reply that it was human nature to create something cool.


The emperor’s seat was the largest and had the best view in the Colosseum. Several people were already seated there.


Sylvia, Chris, and Rafiel.

Rafiel handed over documents as soon as Astria arrived, and Astria accepted them, looking through each one carefully.


Sena, arriving late, locked eyes with Chris. Chris chuckled and playfully teased Sena.


“Are you Her Majesty’s boyfriend?”


“Don’t say that with such a straight face.”


Chris lowered his waist and extended his hand as if to a lady.


“I recognized you from the first moment, Sena. You’re quite the playboy. Chloe must be in tears.”


Naturally, Sena ignored the hand and sat down. However, he suddenly had a question.


“By the way, what’s Chloe up to these days?”


“She established the ‘Magic Tower’.”


“…Magic Tower?”


“Until now, there hasn’t been a group representing magicians, right? I see it as a kind of guild.”


Sena looked at Chris with a clouded gaze.


He whispered.


“Did Her Majesty approve of this?”


As far as Sena knew, Astria was an empress obsessed with swords. He had seen her often since his Academy days. Foreign students used to shout, “Stop suppressing the magicians!” in front of the principal’s office.


“Ashmont just appealed to me.”


But it was Astria who replied, perhaps having heard the conversation.


“Don’t get any strange ideas.”


Astria raised the corners of her mouth.


“I hate magicians.”


‘She dislikes a lot of things.’


Sena laughed awkwardly.


“…My lord.”


At that moment, Sylvia spoke with a low gaze. Perhaps because it was a public place, she referred to him not as her usual “Senior” but as “my lord”. Oh, it felt cringey when Sylvia said something.


“You need to stay still today. Absolutely. Promise me.”


“Yes, Miss Knight.”


‘Maybe she’s saying this because it’s part of the knight’s test? Cute.’


But no doctor watching UFC would say, “Oh! How could they do such a thing!” It was needless worry.


Anyway, Sena grinned and nodded. Now, in this bleak palace, Sylvia was the only one he could trust. He had to show his best.


“Don’t even look at it if you can’t bear it. Just close your eyes.”


“Concerned about your senior, as always, Sylvia.”


“My lord. It’s serious.”


“Yes, yes.”


Sena praised Sylvia for her concern and patted her head. Sylvia blushed slightly but quietly enjoyed Sena’s touch.


At that moment, Astria looked at them.






“Come over to my side.”


With a somber expression, Sena went to Astria’s side.


Astria hugged Sena’s waist and glanced at Sylvia.


What will you do about this?


It seemed as if she were saying that.


“Do you have any complaints, Miss Sylvia?”


…Was she just jealous a moment ago? Because he patted her head?


Childish, Your Majesty.


Sena sighed and looked ahead. Indeed, the view was good from this seat, perhaps because it was elevated.


Prospective knights were packed tightly in one spot.


“There are so many people.”


“Most of the Imperial Knights are practically wiped out.”


“…That’s true.”


Because of the aftermath of the recent rebellion.


Most of the Imperial Knights had been dismissed.




Even if the Empress was weakened, what was the point of clinging to the nobility?


The name “Imperial Knight” had become a mockery.


“How many do you plan to choose?”


“There’s no limit. But, by the end of today’s test, there won’t be many standing.”


Astria seemed to have already assessed them.


Each time, Sena felt a strange sensation. He couldn’t see anything without magic.


What could she possibly be seeing? Were there even numbers?


“Miss Sylvia.”




“You will take the test.”


Both Sylvia and Sena were surprised.


“Excuse me?”


“You are a Teutonic Knight. Your qualifications should be more than sufficient.”


Imperial Knight’s test.


Even if she was eliminated, it was important to demonstrate an ‘overwhelming difference in strength’.


Even those who didn’t become knights would spread rumors about the strength of the Imperial Knights.


Therefore, it was customary to select the strongest knights possible for the test.


To have chosen oneself for such an important position, Sylvia couldn’t believe it.




Astria looked at Sylvia with sharp eyes.






“Overwhelm them with only 30% of your strength. If you feel like you couldn’t overwhelm them.”


Gulp, what kind of punishment is she planning?


‘She wouldn’t kill her or anything, right?’


Sena decided he would have to stand up to the Empress this time. Sylvia was a precious knight to him.


Astria looked at Sena and said.


“It would be embarrassing.”




“There is no punishment greater than that.”


Astria smiled triumphantly. Sena breathed a sigh of relief. What? She made it sound so serious, but it’s nothing special.


But Chris wiped his cold sweat.


“As expected of Your Majesty. You’re truly a cold-blooded one without any blood or tears.”


“I, too, am sometimes surprised by my own cruelty.”


Chris was making a fuss.


‘Where? It’s just a blow to her pride.’


Sena couldn’t understand at all. Indeed, those knight types were hard to understand.


‘I don’t really get it, but I hope Sylvia does well.’


Sena briefly escaped Astria’s embrace.


Then he approached Sylvia with a bright face and hugged her once.




“Cheer up. I’m sure Sylvia will do great.”


A white furball looked up at her with innocent eyes.


It’s not just cute, it’s holy.


In that moment, Sylvia burned with determination.


Sena was dumbfounded as she watched Sylvia jump with great momentum and land beautifully.


“It’s hot.”


He had thought she was cooling down just now.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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