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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 46

Resignation Letter (1)

Chirp chirp.


The warm sunlight bathed the morning palace in its glow.


In front of the Empress’s chamber door, two maids faced each other.


“Remember the protocol.”


Serilda nodded with a tense expression.


“Yes, Miss Betty.”


“No matter what happens, no smiling. No cuteness. Remember, we are perfect subordinates.”




The inner chamber.


…Sena wasn’t exactly a palace resident.


Nevertheless, as a similarly titled figure, Serilda had every right to awaken the couple after their rendezvous.


“Let’s go in then.”




The maids on either side simultaneously opened the doors.


As the grand Emperor’s bedroom doors swung open.


Betty and Serilda couldn’t decide where to fix their gaze upon entering.


Clothes scattered around.


A disheveled bed sheet.


The two figures atop… embracing each other.


Blonde and silver hair entangled in a surprisingly harmonious manner.


The issue was the scene was quite intimate.


Both were unclothed.


Covered by a blanket, but perhaps that made it worse. It left more to the imagination.


However, Astria was unusually awake. Sensing Betty’s caution, she turned towards her.


“Your Majesty, did you cough?”






Astria spoke while quietly looking at Sena who was sleeping right in front of her.


“Remove this furball.”


“It seems difficult.”


Betty was in a bind. She couldn’t lay a hand on the Empress’s body. The same applied for her consort.


“Then today the Empire has no choice but to stop for a while.”


Astria couldn’t lift a single finger. Physically, it was a very simple matter for her to remove Sena, who was hugging her tightly.


Just the act of holding hands could give an estimate of someone’s strength. Sena was weak and light.


Wouldn’t he roll to his side just with a breath? The only reason she couldn’t move…


She felt like it would be a shame if his warm body temperature disappeared.


She didn’t want to regret. Astria abhorred it the most, being cautious.


“That, too, is difficult. While Sena enjoys a pleasant private life, Your Majesty must rebuild the devasted Empire due to rebellion.”


“I said remove this furball.”


“…Serilda, at least, please do it.”


“Leave it to me!”


Serilda raised her arm and smiled. Approaching Sena, she playfully shook both hands.


“Come on, Sena-nim. Her Majesty is troubled, and…”


“Awaken, Physician.”


However, Astria woke up Sena herself. It was a desire for exclusivity.


As Astria gently stroked Sena’s head, he tossed.


“…Just a little longer.”


How dare you sleep a little longer when the Empress herself woke you up?


‘Perhaps exhausted from making a baby yesterday.’


Astria thinks that babies come out of nowhere.


She decided to be generous and understanding.


Astria stood up. With Betty’s help, she dressed. Then, Sena, with a voice laden with sleep, spoke.


“The medicine is at the far-right end of my suitcase…”


“You’re still asking for medicine at a time like this?”


“Take it…”


Astria sighed softly and opened Sena’s suitcase.


Inside the packed suitcase filled with thoughts of departure.


Though displeased, she found the medicine bottle and took it in one shot.


‘It tastes awful.’


To Astria, who only liked sweet things, it tasted incredibly bitter.


“I’ve taken the medicine.”


“Well done…”


Sena, still half asleep, gave a thumbs-up.


“It’s nothing special.”


After hearing the compliment, Astria felt secretly happy and the corners of her mouth twitched. But in an instant, her expression turned blank as she turned to Serilda.




“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“When the physician wakes up, send him to my study.”


Almost habitually, Astria wanted to say, “Or else I’ll kill you,” but she remembered Sena always saying, “No bad words,” and omitted her final remark.




“Yes, Your Majesty.”


She left the bedroom with Betty.


“What’s on the agenda today?”


“The most urgent matter concerns the Knight’s Order. Currently, the loss rate is 98%, and as Your Majesty instructed, we have sent out notifications to fill the void, but…”





Astria’s receding voice faded, and Sena blinked awake to confirm.


‘Did she go?’


As a morning person, Sena rarely overslept. In fact, he had been awake for quite some time.


Yet this play was due to a mistake made in the early hours yesterday. Unable to endure it, his blood ended up on the bed. The evidence now lay beneath Sena’s body.


‘This will never be discovered.’


Sena pulled himself up, wrapping the blanket around himself


Serilda was looking at him with her sparkling eyes.


“Sena-nim! Congratulations on your success!!”


Serilda was tremendously excited.


The lord’s joy was also the maid’s joy.


“How was it?! Is Her Majesty different in bed?”


Sena said with an awkward smile.


“Could you bring some clothes?”


“Of course.”


Sena looked at Serilda as he buttoned his shirt.


Though inexperienced in lying.


Serilda’s a bit stupid, so it should be fine, right?


“Serilda, I have a favor to ask.”


Sena subtly showed the bloodstains hidden under the blanket.


“Could you dispose of this without anyone knowing? It could be dangerous if rumors spread.”




Serilda’s pupils widened as she saw the bloodstains.


“How intense were you yesterday…”


There was no mistaking the maiden’s blood. If it doesn’t go in smoothly, do it slowly.


“S-Sena-nim. Still Her Majesty is a woman, you must treat the ladies gently at night.”


“No matter what, there’s a limit to how far you can go!”


He had sensed it all along, but Serilda’s imagination was excessive.


‘Still, it’s a relief she took it well.’


A sudden sense of relief.


Is it really relief?


Let’s consider today a smooth sail.


But tomorrow? And the day after?


‘How long can I keep up this deception?’


Sena’s long silver hair fluttered.


‘…This is not the time to choose between means and methods.’


That’s why Sena had to leave this place as soon as possible.


He had an intuitive sense that if he was caught, there would be no turning back.


However, since Sena had already shown an intention to flee once, it wouldn’t be easy.


In times like these, surprisingly straightforward methods work best.


‘There’s no choice but to speak seriously with Astria.’


Sena decided to formally submit his resignation letter.




“Your Majesty.”


Sena half-opened the study door and stuck out his head.


His voice was quieter than a passing mosquito.


Nevertheless, Astria, somehow catching Sena’s voice, gestured with her hand.


Sena hesitated for a moment before ultimately opening the study door and entering.


“Your Majesty, why did you summon me to the study?”


“I didn’t ask anything unimportant.”


“What is it?”


Sena stood before her, puzzled.


Astria gestured to the side.


“Stand over at my side, not there.”


“I’ll stand wherever you want me to.”


With a sigh, Sena reluctantly stood beside Astria.


Astria turned her chair sideways and extended her arm.


“Come on, confirm whether I’m pregnant or not.”


There was no burst of laughter like usual. At least not outwardly.


But if he had relaxed even a bit, he would have burst out laughing.


“Yes, yes.”


‘Let’s not get caught.’


Sena pretended to check her pulse.


“You’re not pregnant.”


“Check properly.”


Astria glared fiercely.


“I don’t feel the usual warmth.”


“…There’s no need to go that far just to confirm a pregnancy.”


There is no case in the world where you can get pregnant just by holding hands, Your Majesty.


“I told you to do it now.”


Astria snapped angrily. Was it because her lips protruded slightly?




And the number visible above Astria’s head.


‘She has improved a bit since she took the medicine in the morning. So, she didn’t take the medicine during that time. Do I have to feed her? This golden lady is something else.’


He should check her condition.


Sena closed his eyes and focused.






A sigh escaped as soon as he assessed her condition.


Severe diabetes, for starters.


The muscle stiffness has returned.


It was proof that she hadn’t been receiving physical therapy regularly.


At this rate, she would lose the ability to move her legs again.


“Your Majesty, what did I say?”


Sena spoke through clenched teeth.




“Take your medicine, do rehabilitation exercises, and get massages regularly. I’ve told you so many times.”


Several times.


But if she still didn’t listen to this extent, Sena felt upset.


“If it was rehabilitation training, I did it.”


“You’ve only been using magic, haven’t you?”


“…Can you even tell that?”


“Your Majesty, I’ve told you to do at least 30 minutes of exercises every day.”


Astria frowned at Sena’s whining.


“When did I ask you to do that? I asked you to confirm if I’m pregnant.”


“You’re not pregnant. You don’t need to worry about that.”


“Is that so…”


Astria looked sullen. She gazed down at her belly with a defeated expression.


…Why does a person who thinks holding hands makes babies stare at her belly?




In the midst of it all, Sena happened to notice.


Astria, sitting with her legs crossed.


“How many times have I told you not to sit like that?”


Astria hurriedly covered her legs.


“Stop making a fuss. This is the dignity of an Empress. I cannot compromise.”


“You occasionally indulge in desserts too.”


“Who told you? Was it Betty?”


Astria seemed slightly agitated. Who leaked this top-level state secret?


Meanwhile, Sena’s heart sank.


‘How am I supposed to leave with all this worry?’


Astria wasn’t terminally ill.


The issue was the various calamities brought on by Parkinson’s disease.


If she calmly managed each disaster one by one, she could live for several more decades.


It was possible if she kept her promises. But if Astria continued like this, all efforts would be in vain.


“…In the end, you haven’t kept any promises with me.”


Sena murmured sadly, looking down.


Astria flinched and tried to explain.


“I was busy. It hasn’t even been a week since we suppressed the rebellion.”


“Is the anything more important than your own body?”


“To an Empress, there is.”


Astria cut him off firmly. It was a speech that left no room for rebuttal.


But then again, she probably wouldn’t listen. That’s just who she was.


“…Everything else is fine, but please keep this promise. It’s not a difficult request.”


“I understand, so don’t get angry.”






Astria grabbed Sena’s arm and pulled him closer.


Sena, suddenly embraced by Astria, was startled and opened his eyes wide.


“Promise me you won’t run away again. That’s all I ask to overlook this incident.”




Sena’s pupils dilated upon hearing her words. He closed his mouth with a sad expression. No matter how much time passed, he showed no signs of speaking.


“Insignificant b*stard.”


Even if he died, his refusal to speak was enough to irk Astria.


Astria unfolded a document and said.


“Kneel in that corner with your hands raised. Stay like that all day.”


Sena loathed Astria.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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