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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 63

Thus They Both Became Healthy

Fake priest.


Sena always called Cruyff that.


-Have you been drinking again?


-At least don’t drink when you come to see the children.


Cruyff, who visited regularly every week, was always half-soaked in alcohol.


There were days he wasn’t, but he drank more often than not. To seven-year-old Sena, he was nothing more than a fake.


In fact, Cruyff was the fundamental reason why Seria came to like alcohol.


Seria respected Cruyff and wanted to be like the person she admired.


The root of all evil, but someone you couldn’t help but love.


-Haha, you talk as if you’re not a child.


-I’m not a child. Have you seen a child as smart as me?


-No, I haven’t. So, what shall we learn today?


That’s why Sena had complex feelings when he saw Cruyff.


A quack priest who liked to drink, but his actions were warmer than anyone else’s.


Sena grew up in that warmth. Flourishing.


-My life was originally dreary.


-But these days, I feel like I’ve found a reason to live.


One day, under the setting sun, Cruyff patted Sena’s head.


Sena was honestly happy to hear that, but she grumbled, not showing it.


-If you’re grateful, stop drinking. Otherwise, you’ll die early.


-I’ll try.


After that, Cruyff didn’t quit drinking…, but he drank less.


Occasionally, when he did drink, he had to endure Sena’s nagging barrage.


Even so, the frequency gradually decreased.


By the time Sena went to the Academy, he only drank on very happy occasions.


Sena liked that about Cruyff. How nice it was not to smell alcohol.




After learning that Sena didn’t have much time left, Cruyff started drinking again.


It was severe. Cruyff became half a drunkard. He lost his daily life and was always intoxicated.


-Do you think I’ll be happy if you do this? What I always wanted from you was the same.


Sena fought fiercely and ran away. And he was kidnapped to various places and treated, ending with Labella and becoming the Empress’s personal physician.


‘How long has it been?’


Although he checked his exact lifespan every day, he couldn’t remember well.


It seemed to be about three years.



“I’m glad I’m not too late.”


Sena stopped his long contemplation at Cruyff’s kind voice.


In the church’s visiting room.


Cruyff brewed coffee and placed it on the table where Sena was sitting.


“…Why are you here?”


“I came to see you after a long time. Is there any other reason?”


The atmosphere was a bit awkward. They had written letters recently, but this was the first face-to-face meeting.


Nevertheless, gratitude was expressed.


“Is that so? Thank you for the coffee.”


Sena took the mug and, feeling its weight, grasped it with both hands.


‘It’s a bit heavy.’


Cruyff looked at Sena’s mug with sad eyes.


“How is your health?”


Sena smiled nonchalantly.


“Perfectly healthy.”


“…You’re still a terrible liar.”


Cruyff didn’t seem convinced at all.


Sena’s smile disappeared.


He silently set the mug down and spoke with a face full of discontent.


“Fake priest.”




Cruyff smiled awkwardly.


“I’ve heard the gist of it.”


“You’re doing commendable work.”


“You’ve been through a lot.”


“Ahem, there’s still a mountain of work to do.”


Being praised made Sena feel a bit better.


“But you must not use your divine power. No matter what.”


Sena turned away and mumbled.


‘I thought he’d praise me a bit more.’


“…I’m trying not to use it beyond what’s necessary.”


“No, don’t use it at all.”


“Your body can’t handle it.”


‘The first thing he says after we meet after so long. I’m not a child anymore.’


Sena was dissatisfied. He can take care of is own body. Not a single day more or less here.




“Fine. I won’t use divine power.”


In the end, Sena had no choice but to answer.


He covered his mouth and yawned.


What time is it now? It must be at least 2 a.m.


He felt a bit tired. He had been through a lot.


Cruyff smiled as he saw the sleepy Sena.


After taking a sip of coffee, he looked at Seria, who had been standing there with a fidgety look, and said.


“By the way, Seria has something to say.”


Seria’s narrowed eyes curved gracefully. She stepped forward with her hands clasped, as if she had been waiting.


“Sister Sena.”




“Sister Sena.”




“Sister Sena.”




Finally, Sena half-heartedly responded, his voice faint.




“You told me to check on Sister Ellie at the Silania Cathedral last time, right?”




“There was indeed something wrong with her lifespan, just as you said.”


“Right? The numbers I saw were…”




Seria cut Sena off.


“Sister Ellie’s lifespan ended today.”


Then she opened her eyes and spoke softly.


As always, when Seria opened her eyes, she looked a bit scary.


“Sena, your actions extended Ellie’s lifespan.”


“Conversely speaking.”


“Something should have happened today that would have caused the death of the cathedral’s bishop.”


“Congratulations. You changed more than you thought. …Though you couldn’t change anything about yourself.”



‘Well, that’s a relief.’


Sena’s consciousness began to fade.


Not in a bad way.


Just sleepy.





Seria looked at Cruyff in disbelief. Cruyff was leisurely drinking his coffee.


“…Cruyff, he’s dozing off.”


“I used to always put him to bed by 10 o’clock.”


“He must have been very sleepy for a while now.”


Sena, who had fallen asleep on the sofa, was sleeping so soundly that he wouldn’t wake even if someone carried him away.


He looked so adorable that Seria licked her lips.


“I should have eaten him before I became a priest. It’s insanely regrettable to give him to some woman who appeared out of nowhere.”


Seria tilted her head as she looked at Cruyff.


“Cruyff, if you’re going to change your decision, now’s the time.”


“You know, there’s only one way to cure Sena……”



“Let’s take him back now.”



‘What are they talking about?’


The conversation could be heard faintly through Sena’s hazy consciousness.


It was surely something he needed to hear, but.


He was too sleepy now.


He’d ask again after he got some sleep.




Cruyff moved while holding Sena.


Sena’s weight in his arms felt incredibly light.


Endlessly light.


‘Oh God. Why do you want to take this good child into your arms?’


‘Why do you want to take him away from us?’


‘I’d rather sacrifice my own life.’


‘Please… just let this child stay with us a little longer.’


There was no response to Cruyff’s earnest prayer.


As always.



“A distinguished guest has arrived.”


The imperial palace in the early morning.


He worried everyone might be asleep, but fortunately, the Empress of the Empire was awake.


Astria was sitting cross-legged on the throne.


Her eyes looked quite sleepy, making her appear somewhat trivial today.


Her gaze shifted to something Cruyff was holding.



“Moreover, you brought something precious.”


“That’s mine, so hand it over.”


“Your Majesty’s possessiveness is well-known.”


Carefully, Cruyff laid Sena on the floor.


Astria’s gaze fell to the floor.


A white furball, wrapped in a blanket, sleeping peacefully.


It was worth the wait.





Astria’s gaze returned to Cruyff.


He took something out from his robes.


A luxurious glass bottle, wrapped in golden and silver runes.


Inside, a golden liquid shimmered.


“An offering?”


“Unfortunately, I came empty-handed today.”


“It looks valuable for being empty-handed. Hand it over.”


Astria shamelessly tried to take the priest’s possession.


Being a tyrant, she felt no guilt. Conversely, it meant that what Cruyff brought was precious enough to tempt a tyrant.


Cruyff laughed heartily.


“Please bear with me. This is a gift for Sena.”


“For Sena?”




Carefully, Cruyff placed the glass bottle beside Sena.


“This is something Sena truly needs.”


Cruyff’s expression looked very serious as he said that.


Normally, Astria would pour the glass bottle into her mouth to show off, but for some reason, she didn’t feel like doing so.


“…Let me know when he wakes up.”


Cruyff slowly stood up.


“Your Majesty.”


He bowed deeply.


“Please take good care of Sena. Do not harm him or let him be taken away.”


A priest serves God.


They don’t bow down to anyone.


Especially not Archbishop, who hold their head high.


Cruyff raised his head after a long moment.


He nodded slightly, then slowly turned and left the throne room.




“There is nothing for you to worry about.”


Just before Cruyff exited, Astria spoke in a voice neither too loud nor too soft.


Cruyff’s steps paused.


With her legs crossed and a haughty expression, she rested her chin on her hand.


“I do not harm what is mine.”


“Nor do I let it be taken away.”






Sena rubbed his sleepy eyes and woke up.


A dimly lit bedroom.


“…When did I get here?”


Still half-asleep, Sena squinted. He must have dozed off.



“Are you awake?”


Looking towards the voice, he saw Astria, wearing a gown, water dripping from her still-damp hair.




Sena answered drowsily. Astria walked over and handed something to Sena.


“What is it…?”


“Cruyff said to give this to you.”


“Show it to me closely.”


“…You’re giving orders to the Empress now?”


Astria, though annoyed, approached and held out the glass bottle.


Seeing the object through his blurry vision, Sena’s eyes widened.


“This is… the Potion of Lazarus.”




“Oh my. I only read about this in fairy tales.”


It was a rare overreaction from Sena. He was now wide awake, his eyes sparkling.


“What is it that warrants such a reaction?”


“You know about Elixirs, right? It’s one of those. There’s a legend that it can even revive the dead. To make it, you need an herb called Moly, which blooms only once every 500 years. And to refine it, you need about 200 high-ranking priests.”


Where did they get this? Sena’s heart raced at the appearance of the legendary potion.


“…It can revive the dead, you say. Is that really true?”


“No, no. How could it revive the dead? It’s not like it turns you into a zombie.”




“Just think of it as something incredibly, unbelievably good for your body!”


‘This is amazing.’


This was something even an emperor couldn’t easily obtain.


Sena didn’t know how Cruyff had managed to get it, but it was something he desperately needed.


“Please, Your Majesty, drink it!”


‘Moly can even cure Parkinson’s disease. If she takes this, I won’t have to stay in the palace. I can deal with the plague and then leave.’


Sena was grinning from ear to ear at the unexpected stroke of luck.


“…Cruyff instructed that you should drink it.”




Sena blinked in surprise at the unexpected statement.


“…Why me?”


“I don’t know. That’s just what he said.”


“Oh, it’s alright. Your Majesty should drink it.”


‘…My body won’t benefit from this.’


To put it simply, the Potion of Lazarus exponentially amplifies existing divine power.


It replenishes what’s lacking in the body and corrects what’s wrong. That’s the nature of divine power, and Lazarus enhances this quality significantly.


For example, if someone had lost an arm, no ordinary priest could heal it, but Lazarus could regenerate it.


In other words, it operates within the scope of divine power.


Sena’s body already had an excessive amount of divine power.


Drinking it himself would be of little benefit.


“Is that so? Then I’ll drink it.”


Astria didn’t know the word “refusal”.


She was the Empress.


Concession, moderation, refusal… these were foreign concepts to her.


She only knew how to take.


Astria opened the glass bottle. The runes resisted the touch of a stranger, but she simply forced it open.


With a popping sound, the bottle was open. Astria unhesitatingly took a gulp.


She looked at Sena, her mouth full of the liquid.


As the corners of her mouth lifted, some of the Potion of Lazarus trickled out.


In an instant, she pulled Sena close and pressed her lips against his.




Astria’s breath enveloped Sena as something indescribably soft flowed into his mouth.


Sena tried to resist, but it was a futile struggle. He couldn’t resist Astria’s forceful action. Realizing the futility, he relaxed his body.


Gulp, gulp.


Sena’s throat moved. His head felt hot, like he had a fever.


Only after Sena had swallowed everything did Astria slowly pull away.


A strand of saliva, whose origin was unclear, stretched between them.


Astria wiped her mouth with a satisfied look and spoke confidently.


“Now we’re both healthy.”


Sena hung his head low.


‘This was really expensive, you know.’


The lingering taste of Astria in his mouth was sweet.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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