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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 64


Sena stood firmly on the ground with one foot.




It was precarious, but he found his balance.


The Potion of Lazarus had some effect after all.


Could it be?


Sena hesitated for a moment, then leaned his head forward into the mirror.






“…My lifespan is still the same.”


Well, let’s not expect too much.


Regardless of how long it may be, what good is a healthy body if it doesn’t move?



“Are you ready?”


Astria swung the door wide and entered.


“Your Majest, your makeover is not yet complete.”


Betty hurriedly followed behind, holding a brush.


Sena felt his cheeks flush as he looked at Astria.


‘…Why does she look fine after that kiss yesterday?’


Isn’t it supposed to be awkward and uncomfortable?


But Astria was confident. As always.


In truth, Sena still felt embarrassed. He couldn’t look at Astria’s face as usual.


…She looked prettier and cuter than usual.


‘But I still have to do it.’


“No, not yet.”


Sena went up to Astria with a cup he had prepared in advance.


Astria openly showed her displeasure.


“Did you add mint again without permission?”


“It’s good for you. Drink it all.”


She hesitated for a moment, looking at the contents of the cup, then gulped it down.


She handed the empty cup back to Sena. He took it and patted Astria.


“Well done…”




Sena often found himself stroking someone’s head.


It was a fond memory from childhood when Cruyff used to pat his head.


Wouldn’t others like it if you stroked their heads? He thought so.


However, he was stroking the Empress’s head out of habit.


The tremendous act made Sena’s body tingle as if an electric current passed through him.




Astria’s unusual eyes caught his.


She might be the fiercest cat in the world right now.


Since her eyes aren’t blue yet, is it okay…? Or is she staring because she’s too surprised?


“What is it?”


Surprisingly, Astria didn’t say anything.


“It’s getting late for work. If you’re ready, let’s go.”


Astria yawned and walked away with small steps.


Sena looked at Betty with a dazed expression.


Betty wiped her tears and her eyes adjusted.


Finally, Her Majesty was getting married.




“Shall we discuss the matter at hand?”


Astria sat in her office chair, looking at Sena intently.


Sena nodded slightly, feeling a bit tense.


In fact, this was more of a problem than the church.


There are many hypocritical priests in the church. That’s why they can’t ignore Sena’s words.


Cruyff’s support should be solid.


But Astria wasn’t like that.


Sena could say with certainty that Astria was the most difficult person to convince in the world.


She already has the answer in her mind.


If it’s different from that, she refuses it.



“I heard you spoke at the church. They said to invest everything in you.”


Astria rested her arms on the table and propped her chin.


Her long blonde hair flowed over the table.


“Try it.”


‘You trusted me.’


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


Sena smiled broadly.




There couldn’t be a more reliable ally than her.


Astria is quick to make decisions. Her actions are even faster.


“The capital?”


“Bringing clean water, right? First, do you want to test it in the slums?”






“Build water pipes in the slums.”


‘Even though you’ve decided to entrust me, shouldn’t you at least ask what they’re about?’


Her efficiency was so high that Sena was bewildered.


“…Ah, understood. Sena-nim. But what are water pipes?”


“Well, um. It’s bringing water from distant places and distributing clean water to people.”


“…How do you do that?”


“That… by making pipes in the ground…”


Sena glanced at Laperci.


“By making them…”


“Right. I’m sorry. I don’t really know either.”




Laperci looked at Astria with pleading eyes.


“That’s detailed enough to make a whole country.”


Though Laperci looked even more tired with his dark circles, Sena couldn’t help it. Improving hygiene was essential to prevent the spread of the Black Death, and reforming the sanitation system was the first step.


Still, Sena tried his best to explain what he knew to Laperci, gesturing and explaining as much as he could. Laperci didn’t seem to understand much, but… he was the Empire’s top administrator, so he should manage, right?



“Your Majesty.”




“May I… go… out?”


Flutter. Astria, who was turning the pages, raised her head.


Sena, who was already committed what he had done, cleared his throat and quietly took a step back.


“If you promise to go with 50 guards, then I’ll allow it.”




Sena’s eyes widened in surprise at how easily she agreed.


“I’d like to go with you, but I fear my aide might die if I do.”


Laperci quickly nodded.


“Promise me.”


“I promise!”


However, Astria seemed hesitant. She gestured, and Sena approached.


Astria extended her pinky. Sena firmly grabbed it.


“If another incident like last time happens when you’re out alone, I’ll make you eat a thousand needles.”


Sena was truly terrifying, as he seemed like she would really make him eat a thousand needles.




“As expected?”


Sena, carrying a group of guards, met Seria at the church.


Seeing Seria wandering around the church almost as if it were her own home, it was clear what was happening inside.


It seemed like the Cruyff Division had completely taken over the church.


Sena got straight to the point. Fortunately, Seria already understood the problem and had been trying various things.


“Divine power can be heard, but the spread of the disease is faster than the accumulation of the priest’s divine power.”


“It’s difficult to quarantine when symptoms don’t appear immediately.”


“To prevent this, we need to bring in more than half of the priests from the headquarters. We don’t have enough manpower with those in the system.”


‘Fortunately, divine power works.’


He had anticipated it from the moment the bandages infused with divine power worked, but…


It wasn’t a situation to be relieved about. Priests were valuable personnel.


Even considering that their numbers were few, their pride was very high.


There were only a few kind priests with an exceptional sense of professional duty who used divine power without any reward.


The Cruyff Division would probably be fine. But even they numbered barely 20. It was impossible to treat the epidemic spread across the system with that.


So, the most important thing was the cooperation of the priests in Silania.


“Cleanliness is the most important. I’ve already asked Her Majesty about it, so it should be resolved over time, but is there any resistance?”


Seria sighed softly. She ran her hand through her tough hair and sat on the stone wall, crossing her legs. She was back to being Sena’s friend, Seria.


“How did you know?”


“Forgot? I grew up in an orphanage affiliated with the church. I know a priest’s thoughts well.”




At that moment, a faint sound reached Sena’s ears.


‘Wow, cat!’


His eyes sparkled as he noticed a kitten a fair distance away.


“The priests of the capital are the most expensive individuals in the Empire. They seem to have a lot of dissatisfaction with the idea of stripping away all their divine power without gold.”


Seria opened her eyes slightly. With a very focused expression, she looked at Sena approaching the cat and smiled slightly.


“Give up. That cat is extremely wary of human hands.”


Seria had already seen the cat approaching humans several times and running away.


Just when she was a little looking forward to seeing Sena’s disappointed face.


Seria made a plump face.




The kitten was flicking Sena’s fingers. When he stroked its head, it seemed to be purring happily.


‘Come to think of it, the Black Death was caused by fleas from rats, right?’


He remembered that even during the actual Middle Ages, cats were actively used to control rats.


Let’s encourage everyone to raise a cat. Cats are love.


“…Anyway, don’t worry, Sister Sena. Cruyff is taking action.”


Sena said quietly, stroking the cat with a smile.


“If they instill fear, they might pretend to comply. But sincere cooperation is impossible. This is a problem that everyone needs to tackle together.”


Sena stood up, holding the cat in his arms.


“Seria, will you gather the original church priests?”


“I’ll talk to them.”




At the central fountain of the church, several priests gathered.


“Why are we suddenly gathered here? Do you know, Brother?”


“I’m not sure. But perhaps someone is going to give a speech.”


– Use divine power mainly in the slums.


There was much dissatisfaction with the current directive from the Church.


‘Whatever they say, we have to deal with it appropriately.’


Most of the priests had the same mindset. Just pretend and move on.


Using the divine power bestowed upon them to help only the poorest of the poor was unacceptable.


It was a waste of time.


Even if someone came to give a speech, it would be difficult to change the minds of the priests.


“Someone’s coming.”


“Who’s that…?”


When Sena entered, the murmurs quieted down a bit.


Sena politely greeted everyone, then looked around and climbed onto the fountain.


“Hello. I’m Sena Birkender. I apologize for taking your precious time. I’ve gathered you all here because I have something to say.”


As soon as the introduction ended, a priest frowned and spoke.


“I’m not sure if wasting divine power on these potential heretics is the right thing to do. Isn’t it said, according to Justitia, that the treatment of the good and the evil should be different? Isn’t this doctrine conflicting?”


Everyone nodded in agreement with his words.


Sena looked at each dissatisfied face.


They were confused and unhappy with the sudden directive from the Church, and understandably so.


‘How many of them can I turn around?’


One thing was certain, though; it was worth a try.



“Why did each of you choose the path of a priest?”


When asked the question seeking explanation, someone answered with an unrelated remark, prompting a priest to furrow his brows.


Sena paid attention and continued his speech.


“After seeing the smile of a priest who used divine power for injured children without expecting anything in return.”


“After seeing the tattered robes of priests who rejected wealth and fame and wandered to help.”


“After seeing priests who went into the battlefield of life and death to offer salvation.”


“Regardless of what led you to become a priest, I believe it’s because you all had such dreams.”


“And even now, I believe you still dream.”


The priests remained silent.


Sena just stood on the fountain and spoke calmly. because he was so sincere, it felt like a teaching from God.


“Have you achieved your dreams?”


“If not, then why?”


Sena smiled quietly.


“Now is the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.”


Sena’s speech felt like a reprimand.


‘At first, they must have become priests with such noble aspirations, but somehow, did they end up pursuing personal gain?’


Amidst kind words, they always carried thorns in their hearts, these priests understood.


However, for some, Sena’s appearance left a lasting impression.


It became a catalyst, touching upon memories of childhood momentarily forgotten.


It stirred up some deeply buried emotions in their hearts.





And here, there was one more person who was impressed by his words, even though he wasn’t a priest.


Garumel. He chuckled at Sena’s sparkling eyes more than the morning sun.


‘Wasn’t the third test of the Imperial Knights postponed to tomorrow?’


‘I guess I should go practice.’


He had come out of curiosity about the Church’s decision, but once his curiosity was satisfied, he disappeared into the dark shadow beyond.


However, he soon stopped and turned back.


Sena’s figure wasn’t visible, but he deeply bowed in the direction where Sena was.


‘Thank you. Because of you, I now understand why that noble knight could die smiling.’


It was surely because of admiration.


At some point in life, even if just for a moment, one must have the desire to shine like that.


And now, Garumel had a dream.


A dream of dying with a smile.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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