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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 65

The Invincible Sena (1)



“Wouldn’t it be better to review the reports first?”


As always, in the garden.


Astria was crouching in front of a newly bloomed flower.


“Do you think being the Empress is an easy job?”


“Still, I think it’s better to review the reports.”


The topic of conversation was today’s Imperial Knights’ test.


However, unlike the second test, this time she said she wouldn’t go, and Sena blocked her way.


“It’s Your Majesty’s knights, after all.”


“Why are you so concerned?”


Astria stood up and looked at Sena crookedly.


“Why aren’t you concerned, Your Majesty?”


“Because it’s rare for a knight to meet my expectations. If I go, probably very few will pass.”




That was certainly a convincing argument.


“Then it’s my turn. Why have you been chattering since earlier?”




Sena slightly turned his head.


‘Because I want someone good to be by your side when I’m gone.’


“What if the same thing happens again?”


Besides, the previous Imperial Knights didn’t seem very loyal to Astria.


Sena thought he knew the reason why.


“When you selected the last group of knights, you chose them based on ‘skill alone’, didn’t you?”


Astria flinched a little.


She walked with her hands behind her back towards another flower.


It was the same flower she had been staring at blankly for five minutes earlier.




She seemed a bit embarrassed. Sena thought Astria was a little cute.


“I thought so. Then how about focusing on their character this time?”


Astria realized it was the same flower and awkwardly stood up. She looked around and this time headed towards a tree.


“That won’t do.”


“A knight’s skill is what matters. Loyalty from the weak is unnecessary.”


“I’m weak too.”


“Just with your face alone, you’re already contributing.”


Sena scratched his cheek. Sometimes Astria’s remarks hit hard.


“Anyway, don’t regret it later and select them after seeing them yourself this time.”



Astria glanced at Sena and extended her arm into the air.


Her Holy Sword appeared in her hand. Sena was startled by the sudden appearance of the sword. Had he spoken too commandingly?


Astria walked gracefully over and handed the sword to Sena in reverse grip.


“Hold it.”






Sena tilted his head with a puzzled expression.


Astria gave the sword a push, indicating Sena should take it.


With no other choice, Sena took the sword, and Astria spoke.


“Take your stance.”


It was absurd, but Sena did as she was told.


Seeing Sena’s obedient demeanor, Astria’s lips curled up.


“Is it okay? This sword is heavy.”


Sena held the sword close to his centerline, with the tip pointing towards the ground, almost touching it.


“Is that Alber?”


Astria’s eyes sparkled.






“You could be used as a teaching model.”


“I don’t think I’m that good.”


But Sena was pleased with the compliment, feeling a bit proud.


“But it’s a presumptuous stance.”


Sena laughed awkwardly. It was something he often heard.


“That stance openly reveals your weakness. With the sword near the ground, both attack and defense are disadvantaged. Moreover, when you take that stance, it looks like you have no intention of harming anyone.”


But Astria’s lips twitched. For reference, she was very fond of Sena at this moment.


The reason was…


“Do you know? It’s the same stance as mine.”




Sena’s eyes widened in surprise.


“Why are you so surprised?”


“I thought Your Majesty favored Vom Tag.”


Vom Tag: A very aggressive stance that excludes defense. Depending on the person, it can be seen as extremely arrogant, almost as if provoking someone.


“You seem to know a lot about swordsmanship.”


“Well, I was in the swordsmanship club.”


“That’s right.”


‘This is really heavy.’


Sena subtly relaxed his stance and, with a groan, handed the sword back to Astria.


Astria took the sword with half-closed eyes, and it disappeared into thin air.


“But why do you use Alber, Your Majesty?”


Sena asked out of pure curiosity.


Alber was the first stance taught when learning defense.


It was, in fact, a very basic defensive stance.


Hearing that Astria primarily used it was honestly quite surprising.


“Haven’t I mentioned? I surprisingly enjoy harmless things. Like this garden.”


Sena was touched.


Even if her words were violent, she was warm and kind on the inside.


“And it’s the simplest stance. Perfect for mocking an opponent.”


Sena’s sense of admiration shattered in an instant.


“By the way, aren’t you going out today?”


“Oh, that.”


“By now, you’d usually be whining, but you’re surprisingly quiet.”


Astria muttered with a dissatisfied look.


“When have I ever whined?”




Sena looked into the distance, recalling yesterday’s events.


After the speech and some general coordination, Seria had approached him.


-Leave the rest to us. What’s left is just simple labor.


-Of course, I should help too.





-Don’t waste your precious time.


Sena couldn’t argue with Seria’s words.


But feeling sorry, he suggested helping with patient care, and Seria knocked him on the head three times.


When she tried for a fourth, Sena went to tell Cruyff.


But Cruyff too.


-Sena, go back quietly before you get in trouble.


Sena resented both Cruyff and Seria, but he understood that it was all out of consideration for him, so he had no choice but to comply.


Instead, he asked them to let him know if anything urgent or difficult came up.


“Unless it’s urgent, I don’t think I’ll go.”


“A wise choice.”


Astria was very satisfied.


“Then let’s go.”


“Where to?”


“Where else?”


Astria gestured with her head. It was in the direction of the Colosseum.


Sena’s face lit up and Astria started walking.

Sena hurried after her.


“You’re going to watch the test?”


“You made a good choice!”


Astria paused for a moment.


Originally, she had no intention of going, no matter how much Sena pleaded.


But an interesting thought occurred to her, and Astria wanted to act on it.






“I have an imperial decree for you.”




“You will be today’s examiner. Sena Birkender.”




“Your Majesty, you’ve come personally?”




“I guess there won’t be many who pass today.”


Chris knelt before Astria, a relaxed smile on his face.


He thought it would be a very difficult test today.




But Astria’s response was unexpected.


“We’ll have to see.”


Chris looked up in surprise. Sena, who had been hiding behind Astria, was shaking his head and trembling.


“I can’t possibly do it. I only know the basics of swordsmanship. How can I decide the contents of the test? I’m clearly a non-expert, a non-expert.”


“Why? Earlier you were so confident, saying that knights should be selected based on firm principles.”


“I didn’t mean it like that!”


Sena clung to Astria’s sleeve, making a pitiful face.


It was one of Sena’s few secret weapons. But such things had no effect on Astria.


“Are you planning to defy an imperial decree? If so…”


Sena swallowed hard.


‘Oh Lord, as long as it doesn’t involve killing me, I’ll just take the punishment.’


Whether it was holding his arms up all day or being crushed under Astria, those seemed far better options.


Choosing the knights? He couldn’t handle such a burdensome task.


“…I’ll fail all of them.”




Astria sat on the throne, expecting to be entertained by Sena’s antics. She propped her chin up and smiled.


“I’ve heard that someone sold their estate to come for today’s test. Others have risked their lives to achieve their lifelong dreams.”


Sena stammered. Astria recounted the unfortunate circumstances of those who had come today.


“I-I’ll do it. I’ll do it!”


‘As expected of the supreme ruler of the Empire.’


Chris was impressed.


Perhaps no one knew better than Astria how to handle Sena.


“Tell me the contents of the test. You have three Teutonic Knights and two swords at your disposal.”


Sena urgently looked at Chris for hints.


If he only knew the original test content…!


“Speak and I will kill you. Sir Chris.”


Chris shook his head. He had no desire to die.


Sena despaired.


‘What should I do? This could ruin people’s lives.’


Sena racked his brain desperately.


Then, a sly smile crossed his face as he looked at Astria.


Your Majesty, you underestimate me.


I’m not just a helpless furball.


“Use of magic is prohibited.”


Sena didn’t even know how to see or use magic.


He knew a bit about swordsmanship, so he could judge pure swordsmanship.


He’d confirm the candidates’ innate magic levels through Chris.


The important part came next.


“Each knight candidate must choose a single opponent for a duel.”


And he had a perfect opponent in mind.


“And the announcement of this rule should be made by Your Majesty, in front of everyone, standing!”


Astria was momentarily taken aback.




Astria stood, reluctantly, and spoke.


“Each of you will have the chance for a single duel with an opponent of your choice.”


Astria, also known as the Sword Empress.


Gaining insight from a duel with a Master was invaluable.


Even if they didn’t pass the test, dueling with her was an honor and a tremendous learning opportunity.


The knight candidates were fired up.



“…Candidate No. 1, Garumel. Step forward and choose your opponent.”


Astria watched Garumel, who was stepping forward with an unwilling expression.


Garumel bowed deeply and spoke.


“Does it matter who I choose as my opponent?”




“Even if that person is Your Majesty?”


Astria sighed.


The thing she hated most was fighting the weak.


“I will not repeat myself.”


“Then, I will make my choice.”


Garumel lifted his sharp gaze.


He looked at Astria.


But Astria quickly realized his gaze wasn’t directed at her.


“Sena Birkender.”


“I challenge you to a duel.”


Sena smiled and tilted his head, wondering if he had misheard.


This wasn’t supposed to happen.


On the other hand, Astria’s smile reached her ears.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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