I will be the only one healing at the Prison Academy Chapter 28

028 – Victor, looking for a party. #1

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As you can tell from the name D&A,

This game is primarily about conquering dungeons.

Forming a party tailored to the concept of each dungeon and breaking through.

There are synergies among the party characters, and the deeper you delve into them, the higher the score.

In other words, I kept most party synergies in my mind.

No matter the situation, I could create the most optimal combination and conquer the dungeon.

In that sense, the dungeon I’m going to this time, “Snow Mountain Labyrinth,” can be considered a quite unusual dungeon with its structure.

If you know the strategy, you don’t need to worry about party synergy; just fill the required number of players.

Matching synergies is annoying, but filling the player slots is not that difficult─.

─ I thought that just 10 minutes ago.

“I have no friends.”

After the group project, I felt once again that Victor’s social circle was limited.

Unlike the main character Luke, who approached everyone without hesitation, you could count all of Victor’s acquaintances on one hand.

It’s difficult even to ask people to go to the dungeon together, as they all frown and say things like “Ugh, Victor.”

I only need three.

Should I ask those who seem to have potential?

I already have a pretty good idea of when and where D&A’s characters are likely to appear.

First, it’s the cafe “Fairy’s Teacup”, located near the students’ dorms.

If you go there around 7 PM, you can almost certainly meet them.

And my prediction was spot on.

“Dungeon? Are you suggesting that we go to a place where monsters come out, and all sorts of strange things are overflowing, and our lives might be in danger?”

Melvin, student number 11 of class A-1.

He was a combative guy who loved fighting and battles.

“Of course! A dungeon, my body’s itching for it! Just when I was bored, you’re asking for an interesting story, Viego!”

“I’m not Viego, I’m Victor.”


The only downside was that he’s not very skilled in anything outside of combat.

He’s just like Victor, specialized in one thing and lacking in other skills.

Still, thanks to his straightforward and accepting nature, he agreed quickly.

“How about you, Dearmid? You’re definitely going, right?”

“Me? Ah, it’s a bit of a hassle. I have classes tomorrow, so I don’t want to overdo it and stay out too late today.”

A blond handsome man leaned back on the cafe’s soft couch, wearing a lazy expression.

He’s Dearmid, student number 9.

“What are you talking about, Dearmid! If you want to become a hero and leave your name in the legends, you can’t pass up a place like this! It’s a dungeon! Doesn’t your heart race?”

Melvin grabbed Dearmid’s shoulders and lifted him from his seat.

In response, Dearmid pretended to be reluctant, shaking his head.

“I can’t help it. I guess I’ll go for a leisurely stroll, too.”

Even though he didn’t show it, this guy is also a combative one in his own way.

Two men who dream of becoming heroes.

I thought there was no way they would refuse to conquer the dungeon.

Now that two of them are on board, they just need one more.

I decided to ask the duo for now.

“We need one more person to enter the dungeon. Do you know anyone nearby who would be suitable? It doesn’t matter what talents they have; we just need someone to fill the spot.”


“Me neither.”

Well, that’s how it goes.

These guys weren’t particularly sociable.

You know, when you have one friend to eat lunch with during lunchtime, you’re free to do whatever with the rest. They chat among themselves during break times.

These guys are exactly that type.

So, in the end, it seems like I’ll have to find the last person myself.

First, I looked around.

The cafe “Fairy’s Teacup” at dinner time was a place where various characters often appeared, so events were common there.

As I was casually looking around, I noticed a very familiar redhead.

“You’re Enio’s lackey, right?”

“Who’s calling me a lackey! You idiot!”

It was Megaira.

A close friend and underling of Enio.

If Enio was Chunhyang, she was like Hyangdan, who followed her around and chatted.

Seeing Megaira alone in the cafe was a bit unusual.

I looked around to check if Enio was nearby, but that distinctive black hair was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Enio? Why are you here alone like this?”

“…Do I have an obligation to tell you that?”

“No, you don’t.”

Megaira, who was always sharp and noisy, seemed unexpectedly flustered. Was asking about Enio’s whereabouts such a surprising question?

“Come to think of it…”

“What is it?”

“When Enio came to the club room today, you weren’t around. I found it strange. Did you, by any chance, get abandoned by Enio?”

“It’s not like that!”


* * *

Megaira remained moody throughout the day.

The reason was because of something that happened not long ago.

… These were things she didn’t want to explain in detail.

Anyway, she spent the day sulking, and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she met the person she least wanted to see.

“Are you no longer even Enio’s lackey, Megaira?”

“…I really want to hit you.”


He was like Victorica’s lackey.

‘No, isn’t he not even a lackey now?’

But the way he spoke was so different from what Megaira remembered. Victor, now unshackled, was clearly mocking her.

“…Get lost!”

“You were probably abandoned by Enio because of what happened with Enrique, weren’t you? You made fun of me for being dumped, not realizing you’d end up the same way.”


Was Victor always this kind of guy who spoke so well? Victor was usually a good talker, but Megaira found his words more piercing than any sword.

“Ugh… I’m not abandoned!”

“Yeah, I guess not. But you’re still in a similar situation, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be alone in a place like this.”

Megaira suppressed her anger.

She had teased Victor when he broke off his engagement.

‘I can live with it if I think it’s karma coming back to haunt me.’

But then Victor brought up an astonishing proposal.

“There’s a way to solve the problem you’re facing. How about going to the dungeon together? Coincidentally, we need one more person.”


Megaira was well aware of its perilous nature.

A genuinely dangerous place.

However, success in conquering it came with corresponding honor and rewards.

Victor’s suggestion had the potential to solve some of Megaira’s problems, but it made her suspicious.

Victor and she were enemies.

It was only natural for her to be wary of such a favorable proposal from Victor.

“Why are you making this offer to me? I am your enemy.”

“Did you forget? I’m no longer Arkwright’s fiancé. There’s no reason for us to be enemies.”

While it was logically sound, it left a somewhat unpleasant feeling.

With those thoughts in mind, Megaira hesitated.

“If you don’t like it, I can’t help it. I didn’t suggest it because it’s you. It’s a place where anyone can join. Well…”

Victor and the guys were about to leave the shop, and it seemed like sparks were about to fly our of Megaira’s eyes.

‘Perhaps Victor’s right, and this is a genuinely good opportunity.’

She couldn’t let it slip away like this.


* * *

Melvin, student number 11.

A stable frontliner with multiple provocation skills but low attack power.

Dearmid, student number 9.

Possessing strong damage output from wielding dual swords but lacking in defensive capabilities.

These two had good synergy as a party, as they were originally recommended as a duo.


It was challenging to evaluate him since I hadn’t used him in a party before.

But one more character was well known.


A well-balanced character with no particular strengths or weaknesses.

She could fit well into any party.

Conversely, characters with such well-rounded balance were often seen as having “no special advantages”, making them less desirable in party formations.

However, experienced players, including myself, preferred to include Megaira in their parties for a reason that had nothing to do with her basic performance and skills.

What was it?

She had a lot of dialogue.

Whether it was about dungeons, food, items, each had an abundance of unique dialogues that kept the viewer from getting bored.

I was experiencing this firsthand.

“So, where is this dungeon located? Victor, you’re not lying to us, are you? It’s going to be completely dark soon. In such a situation, a dungeon?”

Someone just wouldn’t stop talking.

“Isn’t this the third park by the student center? Parks are for people to relax. It’s not a dungeon.”

“Quiet down. I need to concentrate.”

I focused on finding the dungeon entrance.

While Megaira momentarily stopped chattering, I took the opportunity to tap on the tiles of the park floor one by one.

It was like spamming the G key everywhere to find hidden interactions.

“Surely, it was near this fountain.”

Tap-tap. Tap-tap.

As I tapped each tile, one of them made a subtly different sound from the others, a sound that you wouldn’t notice unless you paid close attention.

“Here it is.”

Now, all that was left was to cast the spell to activate the dungeon.

Normally, this part would involve typing on the keyboard, but this wasn’t a game, so I had to recite the words myself.

“—I conceal knowledge in the white snow.”

It was an unfamiliar sentence, but I remembered it easily because I had entered it multiple times during the game.


The tile I had been tapping on began to ripple, and a strange elliptical distortion in blue appeared.

The first to react to it was the warrior, Melvin.

“A portal? Unbelievable, it was hidden within this park! I had lunch here today, and I had no idea!”

Dearmid also narrowed his eyes as he saw this scene.

“Victor, to be honest, I was skeptical. A real dungeon hidden inside Ludens? Is this how it’s activated, by reciting that strange incantation?”

It’s too early to be amazed.

When you go inside, you’ll be even more surprised.

I reached out my hand into the portal.

「An entrance to a dungeon for four or more players. 」

「Would you like to enter? YES / NO.」

The text in front of my eyes was strangely familiar.

It was like the game.

As the party leader, I had only one thing to say.

“When you’re all ready, let’s go in.”

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