I will be the only one healing at the Prison Academy Prologue

TL/ED: Lolz

This is not a remaster!

There are some games that are like a man’s first love.

A game that you were hooked on and spent a lot of time on as a child or teenager.

I, Ha Seung-ri, had such a game too.

Dungeon & Academy.

As the name suggests, it’s a single-package game that offers a taste of both dungeons and academy.

A game that I went back to like a salmon swimming against the flowing river whenever I had free time, and I even memorized the lines by heart…

“The beloved outer space masterpiece “D&A” finally gets a full-scale remaster!”

“New DLC and System Improvements!”

“A new Goddess of Victory joins “D&A”!”

“Pre-orders now available!”

─The game I spent nearly 20,000 hours on is coming back with a completely new look?

I couldn’t resist.

I’ve just paid off all my family’s debts this month, both interest and principal. I deserved a little game time for myself, right?

So buying the additional DLC is a reward for myself.

A new pink-haired main heroine has been added to the game, and I love the title of the new heroine.

“Goddess of Victory.”

Although nothing more was revealed than her pretty appearance and her exclusive heroine title.

I, Ha Seung-ri, felt very happy, and I felt that my future was going to be lucky because I got out of debt.

I felt destiny.

So, as if possessed by a certain fate, I pressed pre-order…]

“─Won’t you?”

While waiting for the download to become available…


On the loading screen that finally appeared…

“Hey, you. Ignore my words now─.”

I watched the opening video with the new look for a bit, yeah, I obviously did, so what happens next?


The sound of a palm slamming down on something jolted me out of my daze.

I turned my head and made eye contact with a woman sitting at a desk in a classy office with sunlight streaming in from the windows, glaring at me.

She’s very beautiful.

Her unrealistic silver hair was tied back and her slender, long arms stretched out through a white sleeveless shirt.

She is about 17 years old, with a pale face, peachy cheeks, and golden eyes that sparkle.

“Hey, don’t ignore me. I hate being ignored the most.”

Even though she was angry, her voice was gentle, like someone who had managed to mold grace and nobility with a few spoonfuls of bravado. My life was far from such a beautiful woman.


The woman’s name rolled out of my mouth like it was familiar.

“Victoria Arkwright.”

One of the iconic heroines of D&A.

Vice president of the student council at the Prison Academy where the story takes place.

A popular character who has never been outside of first or second place in the Official Forum User Awards. Her popularity is attested to by the number of entries she has on the wiki.

She also performs well in a party.

She looked at me and her lips parted.

“Yeah, you know who I am. I knew you were a real idiot, Viktor.”

“You’re calling me Viktor now?”

Even as I spoke, I was stunned.

I wanted to be more polite, but the only thing that escaped my lips was a cold, icy voice.

I wanted to correct myself and ask, “Viktor, are you referring to me?” but for some reason, every time I tried to bring it up, my lower stomach started to hurt like someone who needed to go to the bathroom, so I held back.


I wondered if I was being rude, or if there was something else going on, but Victoria frowned, like someone looking at a weirdo.

“Viktor, what’s wrong with you?”

I pleaded with Victoria, who put her hands on her waist.

“I want to know what is going on, too.”

After watching the opening video, I’d obviously gone into the tutorial with a renewed mindset.

“You’re really out of it. You got beaten up by a first-year, did you get a bad head injury or something? You’ve been acting weird since you passed out and woke up, and the doctors said there was nothing wrong with you.”

I got beat up?

Damn, my head was throbbing for some reason.

Damn, my head was throbbing.

I checked my forehead and found a huge bump. I haven’t had a bump this big since I got hit with a brick on a construction site.


I was rubbing my forehead when Victoria spoke up with a small sigh.

“Anyway, there’s a lot of talk around about your loss to that weird first-year. Sooner or later there will be a disciplinary meeting for you.”


“Yes, the members of the Audit Committee are mulling it over, especially Enio…, he hates me and the Student Council, so I’m sure he’ll be at the meeting.”


My ears picked out the word clearly, even in the midst of the chaos. A disciplinary meeting for me? What had I done wrong?


Contrary to my mind’s refusal to comprehend, my memory and brain, which had played D&A over and over again, were conjuring up familiar terms.


There was only one person who was called Victor in D&A.

“Boss: Executioner – Victor”

A former member of the executive committee of the Student Council.

He was responsible for forcibly removing delinquents and kicking people out of their dormitories, according to the Student Council’s orders.

An inflexible, cold-blooded hound of the Arkwright family.

In other words, a thug for hire.

Aside from being resented by most of the characters for the above reasons.

Victor was an antagonist that protagonist Luke fought in the tutorial and later became a Boss Monster (15 rows of HP on hard mode, instant kill patterns) in Act 7.

Yes, you heard that right.

A Boss Monster.

He wasn’t even human.

… It’s very messy.

The bump on my forehead was proof enough of what I had become.

…What should I do?

I must do something.