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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 16

If You Don’t Know, You’re Wrong

It wasn’t just Ian who thought so.


Eri also sensed something strange and smiled. Folding her hands, she issued a warning.


“Squad Commander… It seems Professor Haley Miler has something planned. It would be wise to be careful.”

‘I’m more afraid of you…’


As Eri’s hand covered mine, I felt cold sweat forming.


Part of me wanted to sneak my hand away, but if I did, I felt like something dire might happen, so I decided to leave it be for now.


Fortunately, Haley Miler was still diligently lecturing.


“When it comes to close combat, the most challenging opponents are martial artists. Some may not understand this well, as there’s a difference in reach coming from weapons, but why fear unnecessarily?”


As the students quietly concentrated, Haley continued her explanation based on the material I had prepared.


Why they are feared on the battlefield. How they engage in combat. She elaborated at length.


Scratch! Scratch!


Soon, the sound of students’ pens filling the classroom echoed.



Of course, Ian didn’t take notes on Haley’s words. He wasn’t even paying proper attention in the first place.


“That’s why when facing martial fighters, swiftly approaching and disrupting their stance is crucial.”

‘With the disadvantage of reach that a fighter possesses, why would anyone choose to approach? Does that even make sense?’


How could one take notes after hearing that? The information coming from Haley’s mouth was not worth noting down in the first place.


‘Approach to disrupt the stance? Would one even get the chance to do that?’


Rushing headlong into a martial fighter where the biggest disadvantage of reach disappeared, the outcome wasn’t predictable.


‘Even before disrupting the stance, one could step back and evade, or if that doesn’t work, they could end up being taken down and pounded on.’


There’s nothing more ideal than facing a fighter.


Leading them into an open space, maintaining a suitable distance, and seizing opportunities with outfighting tactics. That was the best approach, and Haley had to teach that to the students.




A faint chuckle escaped Ian’s lips, unable to bear it any longer.


If she was going to explain it like that, she might as well explain specific movements. Just saying it out loud, who could follow?


Thinking of his memories with Haley, Ian felt a bitter emotion. Come to think of it, she was always like that.


Explaining vaguely and leaving students to find the answers themselves, a typical laissez-faire human.


Sure, he had taught boxing to Igor in a similar way. But at least he didn’t just rely on words.


‘I’d find another way if it didn’t work. That’s too unkind.’


Even though Ian had believed in Igor’s talent and made him realize it himself.


As an instructor at Ark, Haley shouldn’t have used such methods.


‘The abilities of the students under an instructor aren’t all the same.’


Each individual had different strengths, and there were bound to be those who lagged behind even at Ark.


To conduct lessons without considering such individuals, bearing the title of an instructor…


‘At least even the Platoon Commanders make efforts when devising tactics, assigning those who fall behind to the Squad Commanders.’


Ian looked at Haley Miler with a cold gaze.


She might be an excellent fighter, but she didn’t seem fit to be a good teacher.


As Ian muttered to himself in frustration…


“It seems some individuals didn’t understand. It wouldn’t hurt to show a demonstration. Conveniently, we have appropriate sparring gear.”


Haley’s red eyes turned towards him. They were filled with intense hostility.


“Student Ian, would you assist in the demonstration?”

‘It seems my expectations weren’t wrong…’


She probably planned it from the beginning. After publicly putting forward the challenge, she would demonstrate the difference in skill levels to everyone.


Of course, Ian didn’t have to agree, but he decided to comply.


Leaving an opponent who challenged quietly was not Ian’s style.


“I understand.”


As he said calmly and stood up, Haley’s lips curled upwards slightly.




Erzebeth didn’t particularly like the idea of having Haley, the Sword Master, around.


Sure, she was a noble who supported her, but that didn’t mean she had to like her.


In the first place, Erzebeth had no intention of keeping her close as her own.


The only reasons Erzebeth had placed the Sword Master near her were twofold.


Firstly, she was the mentor of Ian Volkanov, whom Erzebeth held in favor.


The second reason was thanks to Duke Bernogia’s influence.


‘The Duke always worries about me.’


Even though her surroundings were always filled with skilled individuals.


Duke Bernogia always cautioned against complacency.


‘Your Highness, you may have many talented individuals around you, but if this old man may offer one piece of advice… It would be wise for Your Highness to seek someone to be your Highness’ sword.’

‘There are already plenty of skilled individuals around me… Are you suggesting we need more?’

‘I understand Your Highness’s sentiment. However, they too will eventually decline.’


No matter how strong one might be, escaping the grasp of time’s hands was impossible.


Even if one maintained their physical age with mana, their aging body would inevitably begin to creak.


The King of Fists was concerned about that.


‘I know of a young and talented individual. Allow me to introduce them to you.’


The recommended individual was none other than Countess Haley Miler.


She was once a prodigy of the renowned Miler family of sorcerers and started learning swordsmanship. By the age of 28, she had finally risen to the position of family head.


Although there was an age gap of 8 years between her and the 20-year-old Erzebeth, where else could one find such a formidable figure in their 20s?


Thus, Erzebeth had placed her under her wing.


Despite the warnings from the spirits… It was inevitable, so she rationalized and kept her by her side.


Erzebeth regretted that choice.


‘I misjudged people… To think she was so despicable.’


Erzebeth looked at Haley and Ian on the stage.


Her intentions were too obvious. She must have planned to humiliate her former disciple.


Considering that Ian was not only a skilled fighter but also excelled in training, she must have intended to break his momentum.


‘As a former teacher… isn’t there even a last bit of consideration for your disciple?’


How could she behave so emotionally? What infuriated Erzebeth even more were the voices of the students she heard.


“But Ian should be able to endure it, right? He could hold his ground against a Dullahan, so he should be fine, right?”

“Hey, is a Dullahan the same as Lady Haley? What nonsense are you talking about?”

“But still, Lady Haley wouldn’t be serious, right?”

“Watch, if she does, do you think Ian can win? No way. I bet he won’t even be able to keep up with her movements.”


Listening to the students’ contemptuous words, Eri frowned deeply.


But there was nothing she could do. The current her was just an ordinary self-made young lady.


There was nothing she could do. Feeling powerless, Erzebeth could only gaze at the stage.




Haley Miler, soon to be evaluated as one of the top Mana Masters and soon to reach the position of the Empire’s 5th Master.


Of course, Ian was also an Expert, but the difference between the upper and mid-level was considerable.


Her movements would come at him at a speed Ian had never experienced before.


In the end, she closed her eyes. The world was becoming unbearable.


How? How could the gods subject her to such trials?


Please, when she opens her eyes again, let him be unharmed. That was all she could earnestly wish for.


“Shall we begin, Ian Volkanov?”

“No objections.”

“Then give it your best shot to try to block me.”


As Haley’s leap signaled the start, she closed her eyes, and when she opened them again.




“Huh? What in the world…”


She couldn’t help but doubt her own eyes.




There’s a saying about feeling backwards.


When you’re used to using something good and then switch to something bad, sometimes you can feel the difference in performance to the point of not being able to use it.


People used to express such emotions as feeling backward.


Watching Haley’s charge, Ian felt that emotion too.


‘What? Why does she seem so slow?’


He blinked several times, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him, but what he saw remained the same.


She really seemed incredibly slow.


It was because he had become accustomed to the speed of Alex, a Master, during their fights.


– Ian! That Redhead! Too slow! Pathetic!

‘Where did you learn such words…?’


Distracted by Neltalion’s vocabulary, Ian shifted his gaze to Haley.


She was still charging at him. It seemed like he was about to burst into laughter.


‘If it were Alex, he would have taken my life three times over by now.’


His experiences fighting against such a formidable opponent proved to be invaluable.


Ian immediately adjusted his stance. He needed to show the swordsman who had discarded her greatest weapon, the significant mistake it was.


‘It seems she has no intention of using the sword.’


Fortunately, there was one martial art perfectly suited for such a situation.


With his decision made, Ian assumed a stance. It wasn’t his usual boxing stance; it was something entirely new.


Although Haley’s expression showed a hint of confusion at his unusual stance, she didn’t stop her charge.


‘There’s no way he can block with such a strange stance.’


Her plan was simple.


To charge while lowering her stance and aim for his ankles.


Ian’s unique martial arts seemed to revolve around his distinctive footwork, and she believed that by blocking that, the rest would be easy.


However, she didn’t know.






Ian hadn’t just learned boxing.


Ian noticed Haley’s obvious movement. As Haley reached out with her arms, Ian extended his leg backward, blocking her tackle with his lower body.


Sprawl. The basic defensive move in wrestling shone brightly.


Panicked, Haley stopped moving for a moment.


Ian didn’t miss the opportunity.



“Uh, uh!”


Seizing the immobilized Haley, Ian quickly dove into her arms.


With his left hand reaching out, Ian grabbed the left lapel of Haley’s uniform, while his elbow firmly pressed against her right armpit.


With his stance secured, Ian immediately rotated his body.


Haley’s body flew through the air.




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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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