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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 17

Volkanov County (1)

It was several minutes before Haley opened her eyes again.


“So… I fainted in the classroom…”


Sitting down hesitantly on the infirmary chair, she wore an expression as if her world had collapsed.

She felt too embarrassed to even lift her head.


Seeing Haley, who was always confident, in such a dejected state, Nurse Melissa couldn’t help but smile.


“You don’t know how surprised I was when you were carried here by Student Ian, right? Still, you’re lucky that there’s nothing wrong with your body. I breathed a sigh of relief.”


Nurse Melissa Prince.


She, one year younger than Haley, couldn’t hide her confusion when she was brought to the infirmary, a place she thought she’d never set foot in.


But even so, she was indeed a patient. Melissa decided to put her confusion aside and focus on what needed to be done.


She handed a cookie to Haley from the drawer.


“Don’t be too down, have at least this. When you’re feeling bad, sweet things are the only option.”

“…Thank you.”


Taking the cookie, Haley took a light bite.




For a moment, the sweet taste filled her mouth… but it didn’t alleviate Haley’s mood.


It was undoubtedly a sweet cookie. However, to her current self, the taste of the cookie felt bitter.




In the end, Haley couldn’t finish the cookie and put it down. Just thinking about the future dampened her appetite.


‘What will become of me now?’


To be knocked unconscious by a mere student when she made teaching her profession.


Even though Ian Volkanov wasn’t just any student to be dismissed lightly.


Still, wasn’t he also a student receiving education at Ark Academy?


It was an undeniable fact that she had lost to a student.


Thinking about the consequences of that fact made her head ache.


“Melissa, I guess this is the end for me.”

“What? Um, wh-why would you say that?”

“No… I’m not qualified. How can I continue this life after being defeated by a student as an instructor?”


It might lead to doubts about her qualifications… Just thinking about it made her feel bitter.


Tears began to well up in her eyes, casting a hazy view of her face on the desk.


Feeling the warmth around her eyes, Haley quickly lowered her head.


Melissa, with her warm-hearted nature, would surely understand even if she shed tears, but… she still didn’t want to show her tears.


As Haley, who was always bold, started to choke up, Melissa hesitated, not knowing what to do.


‘W-what should I do? Should I try to empathize at least?’


She had read in books before that sharing one’s story with someone could relieve the heart.


Although counseling wasn’t her specialty, she thought she could at least listen to the story.


“It’s okay. Don’t worry too much… Everyone has times like that. I understand.”


Melissa smiled, stroking Haley’s hand. Melissa’s hand covered Haley’s cold hand.


Unfortunately, it didn’t calm Haley; it just became the detonator to confine her to the waves of emotions.


“Melissa… would you believe me if I told you I never once caught Ian’s movements?”

“Um, movements?”

“Yeah… I never once caught Ian’s movements.”


It wasn’t complacency.


The difference in skill between Ian Volkanov and herself was considerable. However, it was never to the extent where she could dismiss it.


Of course, she had analyzed it in her own way and had fought her best.


“I’ve watched Ian for a long time…”


Honestly, Haley was confident that she knew Ian well. She was the one who first noticed his frightening talent.


Because she knew him so well, she knew what Ian’s shortcomings were.


“I aimed for Ian’s weaknesses. But… it was me who was hit…”


When she thought about it, Ian’s weakness was none other than his lower body.


After discarding his sword, Ian relied solely on his fists for combat, rarely using his legs.


Even when he did, it was just stepping or shifting his weight. Rarely did he use his legs for anything else.


What could be the reason for that? Haley thought there was only one.


‘It seems like the importance of legs is the lowest superficially, but… in reality, isn’t the lower body the most important?’


The legs made the fists. Haley realized that point. And if she could tie up Ian’s legs, he would be helpless.


Haley’s matter-of-fact tone prompted Melissa to ask in a calm manner.


“But… was there something wrong?”

“…I was wrong in my thinking.”

“Yes, yes?”

“More precisely, I thought he wouldn’t be able to defend against attacks targeting his lower body. But that wasn’t the case. He defended against attacks in a way I’ve never seen before.”


“But you know what’s even worse? I still don’t know. I don’t know how to respond in that situation.”

“No way…”


Despite Haley’s calm demeanor, Melissa couldn’t hide her astonishment.


Melissa knew. The woman in front of her wasn’t someone who could be easily defeated.


To see such a person lacking in enthusiasm…


The infirmary was soon filled with silence, as if the entire space had submerged underwater.


“To be honest, I’ve even thought about quitting.”


“It’s impossible to continue teaching while collapsing in front of the students like that.”

“I don’t know about other things… but you might not need to worry about that.”

“What do you mean?”


Not needing to worry? Haley asked as if she didn’t understand. Melissa revealed what she knew.


“Student Ian told me. The moment you collapsed on the floor, he used mana to obscure the students’ vision.”


“Of course, it caused quite a stir, but… thankfully, it was just about the time for the class to end, so they dispersed… Anyway! What I’m trying to say is, aside from Student Ian, no one saw Instructor Haley collapse on the floor.”


So, don’t worry about it.


Tears rolled down Haley’s cheeks at Melissa’s words.


“Of course… you might still face suspicion from the students. But there’s a difference between certainty and suspicion… So, don’t worry too much.”


Melissa poured out words to reassure herself, but sadly, her words didn’t reach Haley’s ears.


‘Ian… me…’


Her heart raced. Her pupils shrank, and her vision narrowed.


Her former disciple, that she abandoned. Not only had she lost to that disciple…, but she also received overwhelming concern…


She couldn’t lift her head due to the shame, but at the same time, she was grateful.


After a while of silence, Haley suddenly got up from her seat.


“I-I’ll go.”

“H-Haley? Are you leaving already?”

“I appreciate the treatment… I’ll definitely repay this debt later.”


As she walked away unsteadily, Melissa watched her slowly.


She usually seemed tougher than anyone else. But now, she appeared weaker than anyone else.




The Understanding of Close Combat class came to an end with the historic performance of instructor Haley Miler collapsing.


Of course, only he and Eri had witnessed the scene.


Eri didn’t seem quite pleased with it.


“The scene of the instructor being taken down was quite moving. Like a hero standing against injustice… It would have been better if others had seen the instructor collapse… That’s a bit disappointing.”


Although her expression remained indifferent, her tone was filled with resentment.


If she hated Haley so much, then of course, she would act that way.


The gaze Eri showed him while carrying the unconscious Haley to the infirmary was absolutely chilling.


Of course, he understood Eri’s feelings, but… sadly, it was the best choice.


“It was inevitable.”


If another professor had pulled such nonsense, they wouldn’t have gotten away with just carrying them off. They probably would have been humiliated publicly.


But Ian could never do that to Haley Miler.


‘She’s Ariel’s teacher.’


If such a person were to faint in front of all the students, what would happen?


If Ian knew Haley Miler well, she might even give up teaching, suspecting her own abilities.


‘Of course, understanding close combat tactics is irrelevant to whether I learn or not, but…’


The biggest problem is the possibility of her even quitting Ariel’s swordsmanship instruction.


‘I must prevent that at all costs.’


Ariel had to become stronger. She was the only one capable of wielding the weapon that could pierce the Demon God.


She was the one who could kill the Demon God and bring peace to the world.


To uncover the secret, at least help Ariel defeat the Demon God.


After Ian’s words, Eri hesitated for a moment before relaxing her expression.


“If you say so… I understand. I guess I overreacted a bit.”

“Thank you for understanding.”


He won’t worry about it anymore. After hearing that, Ian was able to relax.


He had been so tense lately that his head was starting to hurt. Rest was desperately needed for Ian right now.


“Come to think of it, classes are over and it’s the weekend now. Eri, you’re probably going back home, right? In that case, you should get ready to leave soon, so it’s better to part ways here.”

“I appreciate your consideration, but… there’s no need to go that far.”

“No need, you say…”


Is she planning to stay in the dorms over the weekend?


Well, most students do head home for the weekend. But there are some who don’t.


They stay at the academy to study. And some students who didn’t like the atmosphere at home would also stay over the weekend.


‘You will do whatever you want…’


Ian was about to pick up the macaron laid out on the table when it happened.


“Because I intend to assist the Squad Commander even on weekends.”



He realized that life doesn’t always go as planned.


Ian blankly stared at Eri.


Why on earth would that princess subject him to such a trial?


“You don’t need to assist me until the weekend.”


Ian hurriedly tried to dissuade her.


“I personally want to learn from being with Squad Commander Ian… Is that not possible?”


Eri intensified her gaze.


Wanting to learn personally… wanting to be together… From a distance, it sounded like a sweet and affectionate confession.


If you look closely, it was nothing short of a tragedy.


‘I’m planning to search your house once. If you refuse, I’ll kill you immediately… Is that acceptable?’


He couldn’t refuse that… but taking her along would be burdensome… What should he do?


As he pondered, Ian’s device started ringing loudly.


“Just wait a moment.”


Ian hurriedly checked the message, and it contained unexpected content.


[Contacting you urgently as the Lord’s health is in critical condition. Please return to the household promptly.]

– Shulkin, Head Butler of the Count Volkanov


‘Is this the beginning of the Acting Lord event already…’


Ian’s expression changed fiercely as he read the message.


Acting Lord.


As Killain, who had been cleansing the demons, got injured and found it difficult to lead the family.


The vassals summoned Ian to the mansion and appointed him as the acting Lord temporarily.


‘Most other nobles would have their stewards handle the Lord’s duties instead of calling their children studying at the Academy…’


Unfortunately, the Volkanov family couldn’t do that.


It was because of the will left by Alex Volkanov.


‘Alex Volkanov stated that only the descendant of the Volkanov bloodline could make decisions regarding the family’s affairs… So unless it’s an exceptional case, they would never entrust a substitute to an outsider…’


A great ancestor. The words left by Alex Volkanov were like commandments to his descendants.


So in a situation where the Lord couldn’t handle the duties, his descendants would take over.


In this case, it was Ian.


Ariel was staying at the Ark’s dormitory and receiving tutoring from Haley, so she couldn’t come home often.


Considering that Ian commuted, they thought he was suitable for taking on the acting Lord’s duties.


‘Trying to make me feel like the Lord in training, huh…’


Ian recalled memories of the Volkanov estate.


The harsh environment. It always lacked food and capital because of it.


There were tax benefits due to the position of the family. Otherwise, the Volkanovs would have been on the verge of ruin.


‘And… the vassals tried to blame Ian for it…’


Although Viscount Shulkin, the Head Butler, did not do that.


Most of the people managing the Volkanov estate were already handling things recklessly.


And they often shifted the problems onto Ian.


‘It won’t be any different now…’


Ian’s expression became severe.


If he accepted the proposal… he would end up shouldering all the family’s problems…


Of course, that wasn’t a problem. Ian knew how to save the estate.


The only issue was that he needed someone to help him…


At that moment, Eri came into Ian’s eyes.


From the first day they met, she had shown an unreasonable level of research.


‘Just a moment…’


The thought that this could be possible filled Ian’s mind.


It seemed like there might be a way to devour the family.


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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