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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 22

Time to Prove It (2)

Due to the observation class, Ark was in an untimely state of readiness.


Watching from a distance, Duke Bernogia’s expression widened in admiration.


‘So many have gathered.’


It was not an exaggeration to say that there was a considerable crowd, even if almost all the nobles of the Empire were gathered.


Occasionally, there were those who seemed reluctant to reveal themselves, including the Wignoron family’s head, who preferred not to show themselves in public.


Of course, Duke Bernogia did not approach them first.


After all, he was now an old man. Engaging in small talk with the nobles had become tiresome.


It was better for someone like him to sit calmly in his seat and wait, rather than stepping forward and making a fuss.


As he thought this, he looked down below.


“It’s been a long time. Your Grace.”

“Oh? Is it Lady Volkanov? It’s been a while.”


When the Duke turned his head, the familiar face made him smile kindly. Leticia Volkanov also bowed respectfully.


Her expression, as she came to Ark accompanied by the Volkanov household butler, did not seem very pleased.


“I should have come earlier… But… I’ve been so busy lately. I couldn’t find the time.”

“Oh… It’s alright. I’ve heard the news anyway. How is the Count? Is he still not doing well?”


Though they weren’t particularly close, being one of the Empire’s few Masters, even Duke Bernogia felt pained upon hearing news about Killain Volkanov.


“He’s improved a lot, but he still hasn’t regained consciousness. However, since you wish him such a speedy recovery, perhaps I’ll have good news to share soon…”

“I hope so… Ah! It must be quite tiring to come such a long way.”


Seeing Leticia take her seat, Duke Bernogia offered a light consolation.


“Even in difficult times, you still found the time to come.”

“Even so, there are things parents must do… Wouldn’t it be strange if parents didn’t come to a rare observation class during their child’s schooling?”

“Haha. Indeed, even I would want to see my child every day if they had grown up so well. My wife must feel the same.”

“Thank you for the compliment. My child would be moved to know that the “King of Fists” praised her.”


As Leticia showed a faint smile at the thought that the Duke recognized Ariel’s growth.


“I’m touched… Ian, I don’t think he’d really like it if I approve of him or not… but if so, I’d like to ask if I can get some more potatoes.”



The moment they realized they were thinking of different people.


When Leticia looked at him with confusion, Duke Bernogia also felt something was amiss and asked.


“Don’t you know? Ian started organic farming of potatoes. Do you know how popular they are these days? Even I had trouble getting them. I ended up buying them at a high price… But they’re so delicious that it’s worth buying. I didn’t know Volkanov’s potatoes were so tasty. Haha.”

“Ahaha… Thank you.”


Leticia couldn’t understand the conversation at all.


What on earth is the Duke talking about? Potatoes? And Ian received the Duke’s recognition?


Even though they weren’t particularly close, Leticia knew well how difficult it was to earn the recognition of the “King of Fists”, Duke Bernogia.


She knew it when Ariel was appointed as a Hero. The Duke didn’t acknowledge Ariel.


She wanted to ask what Ian had done to earn recognition, but she couldn’t ask bluntly.


In the end, Leticia smiled knowingly and pretended to understand.


“I’ll deliver your words to Ian. If there’s an opportunity for him to give a gift to Your Grace, he will be pleased.”

“Contrary to the rumors, this child grew up well… A rare young man in the Empire these days. You’ve done a very good job educating your children.”

“I-I’m flattered…”


What on earth had Ian done without her knowledge? Such thoughts filled Leticia’s head.


She had come to see Ariel in the first place, yet she found herself talking only about Ian once she arrived.


Without realizing her own feelings, time passed sadly, and before she knew it, the war game was about to begin.


“Then let’s proceed with the war game.”


At the end of the Vice-Headmaster’s words, a huge screen appeared in the air.




The tactics of the 2nd Year 3rd Platoon were simple.


First, led by Alan Kegan, the 1st Squad formed a separate unit to target the 2nd Platoon.


The 2nd Squad and the remaining 1st Squad members defended against attacks from other Platoons while establishing positions nearby. Upon receiving orders, they immediately transitioned to offense.


As for the 3rd Squad, which Ian belonged to, they moved freely.


They remained vigilant, standing by for support, and if necessary, they could directly infiltrate enemy lines to attack.


In fact, this formation was uncommon.


The 3rd Squad was usually responsible for support tasks.


Just looking at the other Platoons, the 3rd Squad was often tasked with guarding or providing support, while offensive missions were rare.


Alternatively, it also meant that Kyan highly valued Ian.




So, as 2nd Squad Commander, Lia Hurst had plenty of room to feel inferior and jealous.


But Lia didn’t feel that way.


‘I wonder if I can do well.’


Feeling regretful that she couldn’t even cover her own front, let alone assign a heavy task, was absurd.


Having served under her Squad Commander until now and now becoming the Squad Commander, Lia understood her role well.


If Cheryl, who was originally the 2nd Squad Commander, hadn’t stepped down from her position, Lia wouldn’t have become the Squad Commander.


Moreover, isn’t she still lacking a lot now and receiving a lot of help from Cheryl?


Lia, waiting in the barracks, looked at Cheryl beside her.


Her hands were trembling with tension.


“Cheryl… do you think I can do it?”

“Why are you worrying so much? You’ve always done well.”

“That’s true. But you know… I make a lot of mistakes when I’m nervous. I almost made a mistake during the last training. What if it happens again this time?”

“Ugh… even though you did well in the last training and you haven’t made any mistakes so far, there’s no need to worry.”


Lia’s 2nd Squad had achieved decent results in the last training.


They gained a lot of points, and most importantly, they finished the training safely without any of their members getting injured.


However… compared to Ian’s and Alan’s Squads, they earned slightly fewer points, which weighed heavily on her mind.


Since she had agonized over whether she was doing well even after the training… she couldn’t help but worry.


Knowing her feelings, Cheryl patted her on the shoulder.


“Lia? Are you comparing yourself to others right now? They were originally Squad Commanders, weren’t they? How could you compare yourself to those who already had experience?”

“But… I wonder if we would have achieved better results if it were you leading instead of me, Cheryl…”

“Who knows. If it were me, I might have done worse than you?”


As Cheryl spoke while looking into the void, Lia looked at her in surprise.



“Of course. If it were me, when the 3rd Squad was advancing, I would have made unreasonable plans to narrow the score gap. During that process, the Squad members might have gotten injured.”


“But at least you didn’t do that. You calmly finished it. I couldn’t have done that if it were me.”

“Thank you, Cheryl.”

“So don’t worry. There’s no one who does well from the beginning anyway. Even the Platoon Commander always says that everyone makes mistakes.”


Cheryl grabbed Lia’s shoulder. Was it because she boosted her courage? Suddenly, Lia’s eyes were filled with vigor.


“So don’t be too nervous. Do what you want to do. The 2nd Squad members, including me, will all help you. It’s okay to make mistakes. Ian will come to help anyway.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll try my best!”

“Good… I heard that even the 2nd Platoon is trying strange things to win first place this time.”


It was the moment when Lia gathered courage.




“Ugh… Ugh… Lia!”


Someone rushed into the barracks in a panic.


Lia also knew the identity of the person well.


“Ah. Amphilus?”


Amphilus of the 2nd Squad she led. Lia’s eyes widened at seeing him.


“W-What’s wrong… Amphilus… and why are you injured again…”

“I-It’s serious, it’s serious!”

“It’s better to calm down first. Would you like some water or…”


But even Cheryl tried to help Lia check Amphilus’ condition.


“It’s not the time for that now!”


Pushing aside Cheryl’s arm, Amphilus shouted in frustration.


“T-They’re attacking us!”

“T-They? Who?”

“The 1st Platoon’s Hero Party! Those damn b*stards charged at us as soon as they started! They even turned towards our platoon right after reading the situation with the 2nd Platoon. They seem to be planning to take us down together!”



If the 1st Platoon attacked the 3rd Platoon right from the start… and even the 2nd Platoon joined, there was almost no chance of winning.


“The 2nd Platoon is being held back by Alan’s special detachment… but the problem is with the 1st Platoon. We’re almost completely overwhelmed!”


Amphilus’ words were simple.


Due to the unexpected full-scale assault by the 1st Platoon, the 3rd Year 3rd Platoon, which was guarding the territory, was almost overwhelmed.


Now even those responsible for guarding had come down to buy time.


“Cheryl… if it’s those responsible for guarding, is it Amangdin and Mary?”

“Darn it…”


Lia’s expression crumpled as she thought of the personnel assigned to that area.


Amangdin specialized in assassination, and Mary was a former hunter.


Dealing with a small number of enemies would be possible to handle quickly. However, facing a large number of enemies wasn’t favorable.


Especially if they were an elite Hero Party from the 1st Platoon…




This wasn’t the time for this. They had to get reinforcements somehow, quickly.


Lia, with her sword in hand, looked at Amphilus. He also rose, holding his spear as if he intended to go, but… Lia shook her head.


Taking him, who could barely support himself with his spear, along wasn’t an option.





Blood was already flowing profusely from his legs. He had come over rough terrain, running all the way here.


Taking him back to the battlefield again would be nothing short of madness.


“Amphilus… for now, rest here. Cheryl! I’m going to the location where Amangdin and Mary are, so stay here and take command instead.”


Lia made her decision. Although Amphilus tried to dissuade her, saying it was unreasonable.


“What? No! I’ll go too! You might need one more person.”

“No… rest for now. You’ve done all you could… now…”


Lia was stubborn.


With those words, Lia took her team and headed straight for the enemy. Cheryl also left the barracks to strengthen the defensive posture of their team.


Left alone in the barracks, Amphilus lowered his head deeply.


It was shameful to realize that he couldn’t be of help… but as he watched over his injured leg, he couldn’t help but resign himself to the fact.


“With these legs…”


He would only be a burden if he went… it was at that moment when he was sighing.




In Amphilus’s eyes, Lia’s device caught his attention.


A device with a leather keychain attached.


According to his memory, the leather used in that keychain was a high-quality leather mainly used in crafting in Lia’s family territory, Hurst Estate.


So… did Lia leave behind the device for communication between Squad Commanders?


“Can… can I touch this?”


The best thing to do would be to leave it to Cheryl, who was a Squad Captain. However, Cheryl had also left the barracks to strengthen the defense a bit more.


Amphilus recalled the battlefield he had seen.


The sight of the 1st Platoon’s strongest forces, led by Ariel, sweeping away the 3rd Platoon.


‘I don’t doubt Lia’s abilities, but…’


In Amphilus’s opinion, Lia going wouldn’t change the situation.


To stop Ariel, they needed someone at least on par with her. No, even more than that. And as far as he knew, there was only one person.


“Ian Volkanov.”


In the end, Amphilus took the device. He knew that as a mere Squad member, he shouldn’t be manipulating this… but there was no other choice.


Closing his eyes tightly, Amphilus sent the location of the battlefield to Ian.

Lia Hurst



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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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