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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 23

Time to Prove It (3)

When the start of the war game was announced, Ariel’s party quickly gathered minimal provisions and launched their attack.


The vanguard was led by the hero Ariel and the excellent tanker Dias. The core was entrusted to Celia Wignoron.


In the rear were Reina, who showed talent in archery, and Bianca Matip, who could rightfully be called the next Archmage.


Even if it was said that they gathered the most talented individuals from each grade, that wasn’t all there was to the party.


Apart from her own party, Ariel also brought along skilled individuals from the 1st Platoon.


Although this created a gap in their defensive strength, they didn’t particularly worry about it.


Even if the enemy targeted the 1st Platoon as an empty house, Ariel’s party would crush the enemy before they could capture the flag.


‘Well… Fortunately, it seems like the 2nd Platoon doesn’t have such intentions.’


It was rumored that the 2nd Platoon had also assessed the situation and decided to target the 3rd Platoon.


‘If they handle us, they won’t have the confidence to defeat the 3rd Platoon. So, since it turned out this way, they’re sending out the 3rd Platoon first to exhaust us and compete against us.’


Their despicable thoughts made laughter bubble up involuntarily.


Although I didn’t really like his extremely despicable behavior.


Their treacherous behavior didn’t sit well, but they decided to let it slide this time.

After all, if trampling Ian Volkanov was her goal, it didn’t matter what the outcome was as long as she could do that.






Ariel’s Holy Sword, Elysion, emitted a blinding light as it unleashed its attack.


The massive sword of light headed towards the 3rd Platoon.






As soon as the blade struck, most of the personnel turned into light and disappeared. They were judged to have lost their lives and were expelled from the war game.


Just considering the casualties caused by Ariel, there were already thirteen members lost from the 3rd Platoon. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they lost the majority of the Platoon from one grade.


As the valiant hero turned into a calamity, Lia trembled in fear.


Now, even swinging her sword seemed to reach its limit.


Hah. What should we do?”


Glancing at the fallen comrades, Lia closed her eyes.


They had lost too many allies. They bought time, yes, but wasn’t her goal to stop the time?


To thwart the attack of the 1st Platoon. That was what Lia had to do.


But she couldn’t grasp how.


“No. If I collapse here… everyone will suffer.”


Although she felt a moment of weakness, Lia forcefully regained her composure.


Struggling to her feet, she tried to calmly assess the situation.


“Stay calm, Lia.”


It was almost the worst-case scenario. Up ahead, Ariel and Dias were effortlessly crushing their allies like tearing a piece of paper.


Fortunately, even if they avoided their attacks, Celia’s spear remained.


“Even if we handle Celia… there are rear guards behind.”


Lia widened her view and looked behind them.


Above the gorge where they were fighting, in a relatively safe location, Reina and Bianca Matip were preparing to snipe.


It was frustrating. Was there any chance of survival? She couldn’t grasp it at all.


Despite her efforts to remain calm.





Seeing her comrades disappearing, it felt like her mind was going blank.


Watching Lia like that, Ariel smirked.


“Where is Ian Volkanov?”


“Don’t make me repeat myself. Where is Ian Volkanov?”


Lia’s eyes sharpened at Ariel’s question.


If she didn’t reveal the truth now, she would likely die.


But Lia wasn’t foolish enough to give away the information the enemy wanted.


Don’t abandon companions. Lia never forgot the words that Kyan had told her.


“Don’t you think I would know? If you want to know that badly, why don’t you search the island yourself?”


“Oh! I understand now why you’re so desperate to know Ian’s whereabouts. You lack confidence, don’t you? Because you know there’s no chance of winning a fair fight. You’re planning to hold us hostage and kill Ian, right?”

“Are you done talking now?”

“No, I still have a lot more to say?”



At Lia’s words, Ariel raised her eyebrows in disbelief.


This guy, that guy. There wasn’t a single person from the 3rd Platoon that she liked.


‘Yeah. If you’re so desperate to die, then let’s kill you first.’


Of course, calling Ian was a priority before that.


Ariel looked at Dias.


“Dias, search her. Find the device. There must be a communication network connecting the Squad Commanders.”

“If I find it, what do we do next?”

“Figure it out yourself.”


Satisfied with Ariel’s concise answer, Dias bared his teeth and shifted his gaze towards Lia Hurst.


“You’re foolish. If you had answered well, you might have had a chance to live.”


It was pitiful, but what could they do? It was that loose tongue that led to this.


Lia Hurst would only pay the price for it.


“A commoner, will defeat nobles… How amusing.”




Dias swiftly leaped towards Lia, his dagger gleaming menacingly in a reverse grip.


Lia tried to dodge the attack, but…






Suddenly, her leg was ensnared by mana chains. It was Bianca Matip’s doing.




In a dire situation where she could lose her life without a chance to retaliate, Lia’s vision darkened as she faced death.




Lia Hurst. This war game was quite significant to her.


Although it wasn’t like a midterm with grades on the line, wasn’t it a gathering of all the nobles of the empire?


Lia wanted to prove herself there.


“I wanted to show that the Earldom of Hurst can produce excellent swordsmen…’


Her family, the Hurst Earldom. Though they gained great fame through their leather business, Lia didn’t particularly like it.

Of course, she wasn’t ashamed of her family’s business. How could one be ashamed of the sublime creations crafted by skilled artisans with sweat and toil?


She just wanted to show that the Hurst family wasn’t all about leather.


She also wanted to showcase their hidden martial prowess to the empire.


‘But… being eliminated first…’


Of course, it was a story that could no longer come true.


If she were eliminated, then the mission of defense would fail completely.


It would undoubtedly be the worst outcome. People would mockingly say that the Hurst Earldom was only about leather.


But why did she feel strangely relieved even in the worst situation?


‘I did my best.’


She didn’t abandon her comrades. That alone allowed Lia to close her eyes peacefully.


Just as she was slowly calming her mind, at that moment when she awaited her death…





A rush of wind and a deafening sound echoed. Lia thought Dias had attacked her, but strangely, she felt no pain.


Sensing something amiss, she opened her eyes. And she saw it.


“I didn’t expect you to come on your own. If your wish is to die, I’ll have to grant it.”




Ian’s figure, squeezing Dias’s neck with one hand, appeared out of nowhere.


Despite Dias’s struggling to save himself by kicking his feet in the air, Ian held him firmly.





As the sound of bones breaking echoed, Dias’s body slowly began to turn into light and disappear.


Seeing the stunned expressions of the 1st Platoon members, Ian revealed a chilling smile.


“Come at me.”


Ian Volkanov. It was the moment he appeared.




The members of the 1st Platoon froze at Ian Volkanov’s appearance.


Their goal was to lure him out, but they hadn’t expected Ian to appear while killing Dias.


Not only the 1st Platoon, but Lia Hurst also widened her eyes at seeing Ian.


“How? How did you come here?”


Lia, too, widened her eyes at the sight of Ian.


She hadn’t even requested support. How could he arrive at such a perfect timing?


Her curiosity was answered when Ian handed her a device.


Taking the device he casually tossed, Lia exclaimed, “Ah!” realizing it was her leather keychain device. It was definitely hers.


“Take this back.”

“Why do you have this?”

“You left it in the barracks. Don’t be so reckless next time. It’s the worst behavior for a Squad Commander.”

“I-I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”

“However, you did well this time.”


If Lia hadn’t stalled for time, it would have been impossible to gather the 1st Platoon in one place.


There were minor mistakes, but it turned out even better.


Ian’s sudden appearance made Ariel tremble with anticipation.


However, Ariel gripped her sword again. Ian’s arrival was what she had hoped for. She just needed to act according to the plan.


“I didn’t expect you to come here on your own.”

“A colleague requested assistance, so it’s only natural.”

“Since when did you start valuing colleagues so much? Even if you come now, do you think you can cover up the mistake of ruining the Hero’s Party? Do you still not realize your mistake?”

“You probably don’t understand. Why I did what I did to you. Why I broke up the party.”

“Shut up! If you want to die so badly, I’ll kill you right here!”


Ariel’s aggressive response was met with Ian’s calm demeanor.


Though losing Dias was undoubtedly a painful loss, it wouldn’t be enough to bring down the 1st Platoon.


They still had their trump cards.


Eliminating Ian Volkanov from this place would accomplish her goal!




Ariel begins to utilize her pure white mana, her sword coated in a white and liquid-like mana as she prepared to strike once more.


But that wasn’t the end of it.


Intense mana waves began to ripple from above the gorge.


It was the rear guard of the 1st Platoon preparing a coordinated attack.


Lia cried out to Ian as if in a plea.


“Ian! You have to get out! It’s tough for me, but it’s the same for you too!”

“No, there’s no need for that.”

“Are you planning to die here? If you—”

“Are you always fighting with the assumption that you will die, Lia?”



Lia seemed bewildered. Ian glanced at her briefly before meeting her gaze again.


Certainly, being prepared for death wasn’t a bad attitude. What could be more terrifying if one were to add such determination?


However, this was the issue with Lia.


She didn’t understand the value of the position of Squad Commander and always sought to sacrifice herself.


On the contrary, Ian knew well how precious the value of being a Squad Commander was.


“I will not die here, and neither will you.”



In the meantime, an enormous amount of mana began to fill the gorge. It was so oppressive that even breathing became difficult.


A massive storm of mana. Lia stood still, unable to comprehend it.


What thoughts could possibly lead one to face such overwhelming odds?


After all preparations were made, Ariel launched her attack.




Tremendous attacks came together.


It is no exaggeration to say that it embodied the sun, a huge fireball. An arrow imbued with nature energy. And even a slash with holy power.


They gather together and head to Ian.


Facing these attacks, Ian remained unfazed.


He simply muttered under his breath.


“Lo Aias.”


At that moment, a gigantic shield materialized around Ian.




Ian completely blocked the 1st Platoon’s all-out attack.


As dust scattered in the gorge, Ian stood calmly, looking at the system window in front of him.


[The seventh shield was used. There are six shields remaining.]


The members of the 1st Platoon looked at him in disbelief. Ian smirked subtly at them.




With that word, Ian vanished from sight.





The Disaster began.


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

메인 빌런인데 히로인들이 집착한다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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