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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 24

Time to Prove It (4)

Ariel couldn’t comprehend the current situation.


‘He blocked the attack? Is that even possible?’


The sudden appearance of a massive shield. Ian’s new technique, unseen in their analysis, effortlessly deflected their attacks.


Ariel couldn’t easily accept that fact.


That was why.


“S-save me.”



Even amidst allies being mercilessly slaughtered, she remained frozen.


Ariel could move again only after the device began to beep loudly.




In response to Bianca Matip’s call, Ariel quickly took out the device.


As soon as the connection began, Bianca’s voice, strained as if tearing apart, came through.


“Ariel? What’s happening right now? What about the attack? Did it fail?”

“I don’t know… What’s even happening right now?”

“This isn’t the time. Ariel? Hold on as much as you can. Reina and I will prepare a stronger attack.”

“A stronger attack?”


Normally reassuring words from Bianca. But why?


To Ariel at this moment, her voice was not at all reassuring.


Even if they prepared a stronger attack, she couldn’t think of breaking Ian’s defense.

After a few seconds of dumbfoundedness, Ariel shook her head vigorously.

‘No. I can’t give up here.’


Momentarily weakened by feeble thoughts, Ariel forcefully pushed aside her distractions.


Who was she? Wasn’t she a Hero and a Squad Commander? As someone qualified to lead everyone, giving up first was out of the question.


‘Yeah… I shouldn’t be like this!’


She had to somehow defeat Ian. That’s the only way she could prove herself.


In the end, Ariel made a decision.


“Got it. I’ll buy some time, so prepare the strongest attack you can.”

“Alright. Please. Ariel.”


Putting back the device, Ariel surveyed the situation.


At first glance, the situation was dire.





A horrendous situation that might suit the name slaughter.


There were those who aimed for Ian’s weaknesses here and there, but…


“Die! Ian Volkanov!”

“I see it all.”





Without hesitation, Ian swept through the allies, seemingly unperturbed.


“Damn… Losing Dias was too much.”


The moment they lost the one who steadfastly held the front, the gap in the 1st Platoon was exposed, and Ian didn’t miss it.


Of course, there were attempts at counterattacks here and there, but it was the 1st Platoon that ended up suffering.


The situation where there was no way to deal with the difference in level.


In the end, Ariel was convinced that she had to step forward.


Gripping her sword, Ariel approached Celica, who was catching her breath.


“Celia-unni. I think it’s something we should try together.”

“Huh? Uh, the two of us?”

“Yes. If we leave Ian alone, everyone will die. It might be too late already. We need to intervene before it becomes uncontrollable.”

“Do you have a plan in mind?”

“A strategy… I do have one.”


A fierce determination shone in Ariel’s eyes as she looked at Ian.


Everything in this war game was on Ariel’s shoulders. She had thoroughly analyzed her opponents.


Of course, there was information about Ian Volkanov, and among the abundance of information, Ariel recalled the movements Ian used when defending.


‘Ian doesn’t widen the distance when dodging attacks.’


While ordinary fighters widen the distance to evade attacks, Ian did not.


When he dodged, he lowered his stance, using minimal movements to evade attacks and immediately aiming for a counter.


That’s what she aimed to exploit.


‘This is a gorge.’


A narrow gorge. While there was some space where they stood, the spot where Ian and Lia Hurst were positioned was hardly enough for two people.


There’s no room to run away from there.


‘Because there is no space. ‘I will dodge the attack like I normally do.’


That’s what Ariel focused on.


After Celia broke his stance by attacking first. He then attacks himself.


As expected, it would be impossible for him to lower his stance again after shifting his center of gravity once.


Though Ariel briefly simulated scenarios in her mind, she concluded, ‘He won’t be able to dodge.’


Her judgment only grew firmer.


While there was a possibility that Ian’s shield could introduce a variable, Ariel chose not to dwell on it.


It is no exaggeration to say that the 1st Platoon risked everything, and it was the shield that effortlessly blocked the attack.


It would be impossible based on common sense to use it again.


A minimum amount of time would be needed to do it.


‘Ian doesn’t seem to be using mana to manifest his shield.’


With that in mind, Ariel disregarded it.


With her decision made, there was no need for hesitation.


“Unni, approach Ian first and attack. It doesn’t matter if you miss. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Got it.”


As she calmly gauged the timing, Ariel spotted the perfect moment in her eyes.


Without hesitation, she issued the command.


“Unni, now!”


As Celia Wignoron charged forward, Ariel followed suit.


Gripping her spear, Celia drew upon her mana. A blue aura began to envelop her body.


Celia Wignoron.


She was born with the attribute of Water. Water, capable of becoming anything.


Though normally gentle like the sea, if imbued with her intent, water could become sharper than any blade.


Eventually, Celia opened her eyes, her spear infused with mana.


A spear imbued with a blue light. Just a slight touch could tear enemies to shreds.


Even if it didn’t connect, it didn’t matter. Ariel would follow up when Ian dodged.


Regardless of whether he dodged or not, Ian’s future held nothing but death.


‘I don’t want to harm Ian, but…’


For a moment, her tender heart colored her thoughts. But Celia resolved to steel herself.


Though she hadn’t yet expressed her gratitude to Ian for his help, shouldn’t she differentiate between personal and professional matters?


After training was over, she could soothe Ian’s troubled mind.


With a firm grip on her spear, Celia struck the ground. Strengthened by mana, her body surged forward toward Ian with a sonic boom.




In a fleeting moment, Celia approached Ian, almost to the point of touching his nose.


Now Ian was supposed to shift his stance by lowering his back foot.


That’s what Celia had thought as she smiled.






In an instant, Ian spun on the spot. Why did he turn before the attack landed?


Perplexed by the unfamiliar tactic, Celia was taken aback.


That’s why.






The reason she hadn’t seen Ian’s palm aiming for her face was that Ian hadn’t just rotated his body.


Simultaneously moving slightly to the right and rotating, Ian evaded Celia’s attack in a straight line while aiming for her face with the back of his hand.


Backspin Blow.


It was truly difficult to land, but if successful, it created a formidable variable. Defenseless, Celia was exposed to the powerful attack.




She had no choice but to allow the attack.


Enhanced by Neltalion and the Ether, Ian’s hand was not ordinary. It struck with the force of a massive hammer, and the rotation amplified the punch’s power.


Due to the rotation, the fist doubled in power.


Upon impact, maintaining consciousness became impossible.




Unconscious from the blow, Celia slumped and crashed into the wall.


Spitting out crimson blood, she collapsed. Eventually, she was engulfed in a blue light and disappeared.


Ariel looked shocked.


“What! Where did that come from all of a sudden?”


Caught off guard by the unexpected attack, Ariel paused her assault and tried to readjust her stance.



“Argh! Let go of me!”


Regrettably, it was after her arm was grabbed by Ian.


Looking at her, Ian sneered.


“Did you plan to attack continuously, thinking I would dodge by shifting my center of gravity backward? Admirable. But did you think that was my only way to dodge?”


He couldn’t stop laughing at her one-dimensional thinking.


How pitifully inadequate!


Of course, Ariel’s approach wasn’t entirely wrong.


Even in boxing, there were ways to prevent opponents from evading attacks by striking consecutively.


However, if she wanted to employ such tactics, she should have backed him into a corner completely.


‘Perhaps Ariel thought this place was also too cramped.’


Ian looked around him.


The edge of the gorge. Space barely enough for two or three people to fit.


It was narrow, but this amount of space was more than enough.



“You’re dull. Well, you’ve always been that way. Always reckless and one-dimensional in your plans.”

“Are you lecturing me now?”

“Lecture? Think of it as advice from an older brother to a younger sister who can’t see one step ahead properly.”

“Oh, is that so?”


As Ian smirked sarcastically, Ariel began to chuckle unexpectedly.


Laughing even when caught? As Ian tilted his head at the strange phenomenon. Ariel immediately raised her voice.


“Oh? Should I offer some advice for the brother who can’t see two steps ahead properly?”

“You’ve thought of some strange plan, haven’t you? It won’t be of any use. You can’t do anything anyway.”

“Your overconfident attitude is amusing. Thinking about your face getting crushed like a trash can lid already makes me laugh. Should I tell you why? I wasn’t just caught without thinking.”


With that statement, Ariel pulled out a device from her pocket.


Ariel’s lips curled into a smirk.


“This is connected to my comrades hiding above the gorge. Know what that means? It means attacks will rain down here now!”

“Hah. Then you won’t be safe either, will you?”

“It doesn’t matter. Unlike you, I know how noble the value of sacrifice is.”


Ariel, growling and grinding her teeth, seemed to have made up her mind.




Ariel began to gather mana in her body.


It wasn’t for an attack. What Ariel created using mana was a chain. A chain that would connect her arm to Ian’s.


She intended to become a water spirit, ensuring he couldn’t escape.


“Let’s die together, Ian.”


With that statement, Ariel smiled.


Though she would die here, her determination would instill courage in her comrades until the end.


Then. She could entrust the rest to them.




Ariel calmly closed her eyes.


Since she requested support, Bianca and Reina’s attacks would soon rain down on her.


Ariel knew well how intense the carpet bombing they used was.


She was sure that turning the gorge into a sea of fire would leave no one unscathed.


Even the fortress that is Ian Volkanov could be engulfed in flames.

Ariel was confident of that.


Now all that was left was to wait for it.


Yet as Ariel continued to wait.


“Huh? Why isn’t the attack…”


Unfortunately, the attack she anticipated didn’t rain down into the gorge.


Instead, something else fell.


Thud! Thud!


Two figures tumbled down into the gorge, becoming splatters of blood.


Ariel’s eyes widened greatly as she saw them.


“B… Bianca? Reina? What’s happened to you all!”

“Ariel, trustworthy comrades aren’t exclusive to you alone.”



Ariel raised her head at Ian’s words, and only then could she see.


“Ian! I took care of the vultures behind! Don’t worry and just crush them thoroughly!”


Igor, his fists stained with blood, grinned widely.


“No way.”


Was he intending to target their rear while facing them alone?


Although it was the reality unfolding before her, Ariel couldn’t easily accept it.




To find and attack the personnel at their rear? Was that possible?


Ariel wasn’t a fool.


From the moment she turned the gorge into a battlefield, she had left traces everywhere to disrupt the enemy and ensure the safety of their rear.


To penetrate through all of that and find them…




It would be impossible unless they searched the entire forest surrounding the gorge.


She briefly considered if they traced the flow of mana backward, but it didn’t last long. Bianca, a skilled mage, wouldn’t make such a mistake.


Ariel’s unresolved doubts seemed to be solved when she spotted a woman beside Igor.


A woman with blonde hair. Surely, by memory, she was the person always sticking close to Ian.


‘Eri Everhart. Spirit mage…’


As Ariel thought about her, she trembled.


‘Right. A spirit mage!’


Finally, everything seemed to make sense.


If she could manipulate spirits, she could search the forest using them. And if she had a connection with earth-attribute spirits…


‘As long as you are on the ground, you cannot escape.’


Ariel, sensing defeat, lifted her head.


She could see it now.




The giant hand approaching her.


Neltalion, the King of a Thousand Arms, his arm being re-manifested by Ian.




There was no way for her to block it.




Ian’s hook hit Ariel right in the face.


Despite removing the chains and focusing mana on defense, she was too feeble to block Ian’s fist.




In the end, with the sound of her neck snapping, Ariel began to disappear, a blue light surrounding her.


“Ah… Ah…”


It was the moment when Ariel collapsed, groaning in pain.


A clear sound hit Ian’s ears.


[Emergency Quest ‘For the Right Ending’ completed. Would you like to claim your reward?]


There was no reason to hesitate.


“I will claim it.”


As Ian finished speaking, another notification popped up.


[You have obtained the reward ‘Neltalion’s Growth’!]

[You have obtained Neltalion’s ‘Super Regeneration’!]


‘They give this?’


Ian’s eyes widened at the startling reward.

(Lolz Note: I kinda forgot to ask, but do you guys want to keep Korean honorifics/prefixes/suffixes (Unni, -nim, etc… ) or should I just translate them as normal English?)


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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