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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 32

Ariel's Passion (3)

A smirk crossed Isabella’s face as she watched Ariel stutter like a mute.


‘Of course… I expected as much.’


Truth be told, Isabella didn’t particularly like Ariel.


Of course, Ariel hadn’t done anything wrong to her.


They were both in the same grade but in different platoons. They had different groups of friends.


The reason Isabella disliked Ariel was simple: jealousy.


‘There’s nothing more amusing than watching someone who shines brightly fall from grace.’


Isabella couldn’t stand Ariel, who garnered everyone’s attention.


No matter how wealthy her family was, how diligently she studied to excel academically, she felt powerless in front of Ariel. It was humiliating.


Despite reducing her sleep to build connections, Isabella couldn’t attract people’s attention effortlessly like Ariel did.


Isabella found it truly irrational.


Her envy gradually turned into jealousy. Eventually, Isabella saw an opportunity to bring Ariel down.


And now was the perfect time.



‘Finally, the time has come. Ariel, your downfall is imminent!’


Ariel had been humiliated in the recent war game.


Not only did she ruthlessly annihilate her platoon members with a reckless plan, but she also showed a despicable side that didn’t listen to the nobles’ advice.


The confident Ariel of the past was long gone. There was only a pathetic woman left.


Naturally, Ariel’s response was also pathetic.


‘Become a hero and incite war?’


How could she give such a foolish answer?


Isabella couldn’t help but laugh as she pondered Ariel’s response.


Was that really something a hero would say?


Who was the hero?


Wasn’t it the one who protected the empire, no, the entire continent, from the threat of demons?


It was unthinkable for someone in such a noble position to make statements that would cause chaos on the continent.


‘Well, even if she had said something else, I wouldn’t let it go.’


She couldn’t just let go of this opportunity she had gained.


Wasn’t she waiting eagerly for a day like this? That’s why Isabella knew the importance of the present moment.


Now was a crucial opportunity. A chance to make the name Isabella Pinnell widely known in Ark!


Through this incident, Isabella planned to divert some of the attention that had been focused on Ariel towards herself.


Of course, she would have to endure some unpleasant remarks during the process. But she could tolerate that much.


You can’t forgo benefits just because of fear of criticism, right?


That was why.


“Sigh… Sigh….”

“Ah, Ariel, are you okay? Uh, you’re not hurt, are you?”

“I-I’m fine. Really fine….”

“That wench….”



Isabella could smoothly move away from the struggling Ariel.


Although Reina and Dias looked at her fiercely, Isabella didn’t pay attention to their expressions.


There was no reason for her to respond to Ariel’s lackeys in this situation where she needed to maintain her momentum.


With a light step, she headed towards Ian Volkanov.


“Oh, right! Come to think of it, Senior Ian also took this class.”


Ian Volkanov, who was currently the top figure in Ark, even that could be toppled.


Even though it was just a momentary thought, Isabella felt a thrill running through her body.


Of course, she didn’t have any ill feelings towards Ian. But there was nothing she could do about it.


‘I’m sorry. I have to step on it and climb up.’


‘Sorry, but I have to climb over you.’


If she could snatch people’s attention away, she could endure the current situation.


As Isabella smiled widely and stared through Ian.


Ian, with his arms crossed and leaning against the backrest, arrogantly stared at her.


‘Didn’t hear me?’


Just as she was about to ask again out of curiosity.


“If one were to be angered by someone’s ignorance of what they should rightfully know, how should that anger be expressed?”


The moment Ian’s tightly closed lips opened.


His dignified voice reverberated throughout the classroom, instantly capturing everyone’s attention.


However, Ian continued as if nothing had happened.


“Is incessantly pointing out the ignorance of others the only option? Not a single scholar mocked an illiterate fool.”


With his head held high, Ian gazed at Isabella with a sarcastic look.


“Only the merchants who barely knew how to keep accounts laughed at the fools.”


“Those who will become saints will rise above those who are superior to them and elevate their status, and the humble, those who are inferior to them, will search for them without reflection and be intoxicated by false superiority.”

“What… what…”

“Even a peasant’s child can become a saint through endless contemplation, and without contemplation, even the noblest lineage will not be able to avoid humiliation.”


That was the end of Ian’s words.


But no one dared to speak. Isabella was no exception.


She, who had intended to devour Ian with momentum, could only stand there with her mouth agape.




Her head turned as white as a sheet.


There were unexpected responses from Ian, but it wasn’t because of that. It was because of his demeanor, which was far from usual.


‘What… what’s wrong?’


Ian was comfortably seated in his chair. However, Isabella clearly saw it. Behind him, there seemed to be a monster with thousands of hands staring at her!


Feeling the chill from his gaze, Isabella’s body stiffened.


‘Ah… Aaahhh!’


From then on, the conversation came to an end.


Although Isabella had to prepare a new question due to the unexpected response, she couldn’t think straight under Ian’s aura.


The situation where further conversation was impossible.


Ian just slightly raised the corner of his mouth as he looked at Isabella.


“Watching your conversation with Ariel, I felt like saying this. Was that an adequate response?”

“Yes. Yes, it was… Thank you for your answer…”


With trembling steps, Isabella returned to her seat.


Sitting weakly on the chair.


Fixing her gaze on the desk, Isabella couldn’t lift her head until the end of the class.




Was this the price of ignorant choices?


Ariel drew a breath as she looked at Isabella, who looked down on her.


Her chest felt tight. It seemed like everyone in the classroom was mocking her, pointing fingers at her.




Tears began to flow slowly. Fortunately, thanks to Reina and Dias covering for her, she could prevent showing a pitiful sight.


The situation was still unresolved.


‘How do I fix this?’


Ariel, pondering over the remarks she had made earlier, chewed her lips.


She couldn’t understand what had prompted her to make such a hurtful remark.


She couldn’t grasp it, but Ariel couldn’t give up.


She had worked so hard to build up her reputation, only to ruin it in the war game. She couldn’t accelerate that any further.


She had to salvage this situation as much as possible.


‘What should I say…’


Sadly, her mouth wouldn’t open.


Even though she needed to think, her mind wouldn’t cooperate.


Amidst her thoughts, time passed inexorably.


Eventually, Isabella shrugged her shoulders as if to say there was nothing more to see and turned away.


Overwhelmed by the impending defeat, Ariel despaired.


She watched helplessly as Isabella left like a broken doll. And when she finally mustered the courage to ask Ian what he thought of their conversation.


She sensed the end.



‘What do you think…. of course, it’s obvious.’


Ian would say it was a stupid, trashy answer. The more her reputation declined, the better it will be for him.


In the end, Ariel closed her eyes.


If she looked at others’ faces here, she felt like she would burst into tears.


Though she had tried to accept the future gracefully.


“If one were to be angered by someone’s ignorance of what they should rightfully know, how should that anger be expressed?”



At Ian’s words, Ariel blinked.


Ian wasn’t criticizing Ariel. It was Isabella whom Ian was criticizing.


Ian pointed out Isabella’s attitude of tearing apart anyone ignorant.


But that didn’t mean he was blindly embracing her.


‘It’s more unbearable to see someone mock others for not knowing. And if you know you lack knowledge, then study.’


That’s what she thought Ian’s words truly meant.


Both Isabella and Ariel were rendered speechless by Ian’s words.


With a soulless expression, Isabella returned to her seat.


Ariel, watching her, let out a bitter laugh before bowing her head.




Tears began to fall on her clenched fists on her knees.


It seemed she couldn’t bear it anymore.


‘Why… why are you like this.’


It was miserable. To know that she was superior to Ian. To want to show that she could do it too, but feeling too ashamed of herself for being unable to do anything.


But there was something even more unfair.


Despite showing such a pathetic side of herself, despite constantly threatening him, Ian continued to protect her.


As if… he wanted her to continue.


That fact stirred Ariel’s heart.


‘Am I really… incapable of anything?’


Was everything she had done so far just futile?


She had asked countless questions, but Ariel ultimately couldn’t find an answer.


But one thing was certain.


‘Yeah… if that’s what he wants.’


It wouldn’t hurt to have some determination.


Ariel lifted her head and looked at Ian as if shooting daggers at him.


The corners of his mouth lifted slightly as she looked at him.




The plan to both tease Isabella and boost Ariel’s resolve worked perfectly.


Isabella closed her mouth at the unexpected response, and Ariel, who had been at a loss, regained some composure, which was enough to pass.


– Hi-Hi. Ian, did you see that girl’s expression earlier, Ian? She looked terrified when she saw me! I did well, didn’t I!


Ian looked at Neltalion, who was snuggling up to him and laughing softly. In fact, Neltalion was the one who made the biggest contribution to shutting Isabella up.


Recalling the moment, Ian smiled faintly.


‘I was quite surprised when Neltalion intervened suddenly.’


The moment he answered Isabella’s words.


Neltalion had momentarily waited and then surged with intense momentum.


He couldn’t stand her looking at Ian with such vile thoughts. He had thought about obliterating her altogether.


Of course, realizing the aura of the King of a Thousand Arms, which had been called an Ancient God in the past, was an impossible dream.


But lately, with the growth from quest rewards and the increase in the amount of mana Ian could use, it was possible.


‘But next time, please say something before doing it. It’s surprising if you do it suddenly, you know.’

– …Sorry, but no one noticed anything! I only made that woman see me! And I controlled my power reasonably.

‘Okay… you did well.”‘

– …Really?

‘Yes. Good job.’


Focusing only on Isabella, rather than the whole group, the pierce aimed at the vile human being she was, the ancient god couldn’t stand it.


But still, it was fortunate that everything worked out well. The professor who taught the class didn’t have a very high skill in handling mana, so it went smoothly.


It was a resolved matter. There was nothing more Ian wanted to say.


‘Indeed, the result was fine.’


They successfully silenced Isabella’s venomous mouth and boosted Ariel’s determination.


Of course, it might have been a bit exaggerated, but even so, it was a big gain for Ian.


‘If Ariel becomes stronger, there’s nothing better than that.’


As she became stronger, they could move closer to a happy ending. Ian didn’t forget that fact.


– Hi-Hi. When I grow bigger later on! I’ll show you an even cooler side!


In that moment when Ian was fondly patting Neltalion, who was swinging his cute fists.



What’s this?


A sudden sound from his device. Wondering what it was, Ian checked the message and saw it.


[Master Ian! I have an important matter to discuss. Could you please come to the mansion as soon as possible?]



A message from Oliver, who was responsible for the family’s farming.


Ian looked at the message thoughtfully.


‘So the time has finally come.’


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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