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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 34

New Way to Make Money (2)

The most interesting spectacle, what could it be?


Ian’s answer to that question was this:


‘Isn’t watching fights the most entertaining?’


Some might say that fighting is barbaric and only done by uncultured people. However, the fact that interesting spectacles exist cannot be denied.


In reality, when bench-clearing brawls happen not only in mixed martial arts but also in baseball or soccer, don’t the spectators cheer?


Therefore, Ian was convinced that a fighting competition could be an attractive business idea.


Especially in medieval times?


With no internet and nothing to do, fighting competitions could provide entertainment for those labeled as idlers hanging out in fictional taverns drinking alcohol.


Then, participants need to be chosen…. Ian had thought about this too.


‘Recently, there have been frequent cases of street fighting among the commoners.’


Ian checked the documents Eri had taken care of. There were reports like this among the documents she handled while he was unconscious.


[Security Measures for Violence Prevention]


A report on the frequent acts of violence occurring in the alleys. But this wasn’t simple violence.


‘To be precise, they agreed to fight each other.’


Idle commoners, with nothing to do, frequently engaged in betting on fights where they clashed with each other for money while onlookers watched.


If a proper stage were set for the unofficially popular activity? Even if commoners were offered money they couldn’t earn even if they worked to death?


Wouldn’t they participate?


‘If they don’t, they’re crazy.’


Ian never thought like that. There shouldn’t be any problem finding people to participate. Instead, he should worry about too many applicants.


After finishing his thoughts, Ian looked at Oliver.


“I’m thinking of holding a fighting competition.”

“A fighting competition? Are you referring to the Colosseum?”

“It’s a bit different from that. It’s a competition solely based on martial arts without weapons.”

“Hmm… I see.”


Having heard Ian’s plan, Oliver nodded and said.


“If you do indeed hold a fighting competition, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. New spectacles are always welcomed. But the problem is that the Holy Land might not stay quiet…. Are you sure about this?”

“I’m aware of that. Fighting like this contradicts the doctrine of the Holy Land.”


The Holy Land of Edenria. Thinking of them, Ian twirled the pen in his hand.

In fact, the biggest obstacle was these guys.


The Holy Empire believed that all humans were children created by the Supreme God and regarded fighting among creatures as taboo.


It was said that causing meaningless damage to the noble bodies created by God was intolerable.


Of course, one might think it doesn’t matter since it’s not the Holy Land holding the competition. But this wasn’t a problem to be taken lightly.


‘The Holy Land maintains a close relationship with the current Empire.’


There had been cases where protests from the Holy Land led to the complete closure of the Colosseum, which was thriving in the Empire.


Would they stay quiet this time?


Ian never thought so. Oliver thought the same way.


Deep in thought, Oliver opened his mouth with a worried expression.


“You need to think carefully. Although they might not interfere too much, it’s likely that the Holy Land won’t view the idea of holding a fighting competition favorably. This is just my opinion. There’s a high possibility they’ll try various means to stop the competition.”


Sending subtle messages to connected officials in the empire. Sending protest letters to condemn it.


Or, as a last resort, they might prevent the dispatch of priests.


‘If fighting occurs, there will inevitably be injuries. If priests aren’t sent for treatment, the competition naturally can’t take place.’


Oliver might have worried about that and said.


But Ian wasn’t particularly concerned about that point.


He never intended to receive support from the Holy Land in the first place.


‘Super Regeneration can also be used on other people.’


As long as he had superior healing skills compared to priests. There was no reason for Ian to be concerned about their suspicions.




The conversation with Oliver ended successfully.


After hearing Ian’s plan to some extent, Oliver agreed and said he would allocate manpower to prepare food and drinks to sell on the day of the competition.


With this, some of the problems would be solved.




Leaning back on his chair, Ian took a deep breath.


He remembered the last thing Oliver said.


‘The atmosphere within the family isn’t quite right…’


When Oliver said that while leaving, he had grabbed Ian’s wrist.


‘Are the gods unaware that sales are decreasing and pressuring me, thinking that the business’s profits are declining?’


Ian’s mouth curled up at that moment.


Even just imagining it made him want to laugh ironically.


‘Sales are nonsense. That’s just a superficial reason, and the real reason is probably because they don’t like what I’m doing.’


Come to think of it, it made sense. Wasn’t he selling his father’s name while lying down to grow potatoes? Didn’t he tell him to relax, but then suddenly made a report and told him to submit it?


From their position of comfortably living off the family’s fortune, how bad did Ian seem?


But Ian had his reasons too.


‘If I don’t do it like this, how will the family survive?’


From the perspective of someone who was reluctantly holding on, how could he just stand by and watch?


Because they weren’t handling their own affairs properly, the commoners were suffering, while they themselves were doing well?


Ian thought that couldn’t be allowed. If they had messed up, he considered it only right to at least try to make amends.


That’s why.


‘I have to make it successful somehow.’


That was what he had resolved to do.


It was unthinkable for them to mess up while those leeching off the family’s resources were hoping for failure.


It had to succeed, no matter what. Ian became fixated on that idea, displaying symptoms akin to obsession.


Strangely enough, it was Lia who had helped at that time.


“A fighting competition where the use of mana and weapons is prohibited to reduce brutality? This idea is great! Even among nobles, there’s always talk of missing the Colosseum, so I think it’ll be popular.”


Lia’s eyes sparkled as she examined the business plan.


Being particularly adept at business, just by reading the plan, she grasped the idea to some extent.


With a pen in hand, Lia swiftly made notes on what needed to be amended.


“Of course, there are still problems to be solved. We need to prepare a venue and establish rules. Ah! Should we also make some basic equipment?”

“That would be a good idea. If mana isn’t used, there could be injuries, so it wouldn’t hurt to make protective gear.”

“Exactly! As for the equipment, let’s have my family prepare it. Now… what about the judges?”

“Wouldn’t Igor be suitable for that?”

“Perhaps? His rugged appearance might make others listen well.”

“Hey… you guys… I can hear you.”


As Lia and Eri had expected, they worked together seamlessly.


After discussing and brainstorming, the initially weak business plan became enriched.


Lia’s ceaseless input paused when it came to the part about treating the injured.


“What should we do when there are injured…? Priests aren’t usually eager to step in for such things…”

“Don’t worry about the treatment part. I can handle it.”

“That’s right! I forgot about that?”


When Ian casually mentioned it, Lia smiled satisfactorily.


Having experienced firsthand the miracle of being healed in an instant despite severe injuries, she knew better than anyone else the incredible power of Super Regeneration.


As Eri reviewed the completed plan, she nodded in satisfaction.


“I don’t see any major issues. The participation of commoners is assured since they won’t miss a chance to strike it rich. Nobles won’t spare any expense either, so if we capitalize on the additional profits that arise, it could be quite lucrative for us.”


Nobles would eagerly splurge money, speculating on who the winner would be, and even if they took a small percentage of those funds used as prize money, it would still be a substantial profit.


Ian was also aiming for that.


‘If this competition is held on the Day of Divine Slaughter, success is guaranteed.’

The Day of Divine Slaughter. It was the day when the hero of the empire, Alex Volkanov, killed Neltalion, and on that day, the Empire always held a ceremony to honor his achievement.


‘Originally, during the Day of Divine Slaughter ceremony, nobles of the Empire were invited to the mansion to watch the Knights’ swordsmanship unfold.’


It was a program enthusiastically prepared by Killain Volkanov, under the pretext of showcasing the great Hero Alex’s swordsmanship. But Ian didn’t see it as particularly impressive.


‘If someone has a taste for swordsmanship, they might appreciate it, but for those who don’t, it’s just a spectacle they won’t find remarkable.’


The swordsmanship used by the Empire’s Masters might be something not to miss for the commoners, but other than that, it was just an unexciting spectacle.


What’s even more surprising is that the swordsmanship demonstrated by the knights was not even what Killain himself used.


‘It’s just a display of the basics of swordsmanship used by the family’s knights.’


It would be difficult to satisfy people with such a thing. Yet, the Volkanov family had been persistently doing this for years.


Surely people would expect the Volkanov family to hold the same event again this time.


Ian decided to take advantage of that.


‘Having come with no expectations at all, suddenly they’re not doing what they usually do and hosting a tournament? And it’s a fighting competition?’


Surely it would attract the attention of the empire’s nobles. Since they came with no expectations in the first place, it would be even easier to entertain them.


If they went along with that flow and kept hosting matches continuously?


Turning the barren land of Volkanov into a crazy place where the Empire’s money poured in might not be impossible.


‘Of course, there’s a lot to prepare for that. We need to find participants for the competition. We need to prepare a venue for the matches.’


There was still much to be done. Ian decided not to rush and focus on finishing what needed to be done first.


The one thing that needed to be done first for a stable event was clear.


‘I need to tidy up the barbarians a bit.’


Looking at the towering mountain range outside the window, Ian smiled with determination.


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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