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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 8

Here’s the Foot (2)


Training has been going on for 4 hours.


Before he knew it, Igor’s steps had regained stability, and he could throw jabs and straights.


– Wow… impressive.

‘Yeah, the progress of the training is quite good…’


Compared to the previous Igor, it was truly remarkable growth.


But satisfaction couldn’t be found here. He had only just begun to extend his fists.


Ian looked back at Igor again.


“While remembering what I said, again.”

“Got it!”



Igor’s jab quickly struck the strengthened hand.


Ian’s expression quickly darkened.


“Igor, why are you pushing your fist forward while extending it? If you want to hit harder, you should use your lower body.”

“Got it! Let me try again!”

“Again. One more.”


After readjusting his stance, Igor extended his fist again.


His legs were working fine, and he didn’t push his fist forward.






A jab with pitiful power. No matter how much it was called a jab, it couldn’t do anything at this level.


“I told you to relax your shoulder. Did I tell you to relax the power of your body? Even a passing kid won’t flinch at such a weak punch.”



Unable to endure the harsh teaching, Igor yelled out in frustration.


In frustration, he slumped down, and rough words came out of his mouth.


“…Damn it.”


He was on the verge of losing his mind.


Normally, exercising would clear his mind and make him feel better.


But now, instead of feeling better, anger accumulated with each attempt.


‘I’m going crazy because I’m so annoyed.’


Igor slapped the floor hard, as if he hated it.


To put it bluntly, he hated Ian. But what frustrated him the most was his own body.


‘Why can’t I do this properly? I know what to do, but my body won’t cooperate…’


He had dedicated his life to martial arts, thinking that not even the Empire could beat him in terms of physical coordination.


But… what on earth was this embarrassment?


Failing to properly step on just one step was wasting precious time.


Although frustrated, Igor was determined. But Ian continued to push him.


“Endure the hardship and get up. You’ll get used until you die.”

“Darn it.”


His teeth gritted. This wasn’t the way to go.


‘I need something more pointed.’


Time was running out. It was important to have a solid foundation during this time.


To do that, he needed a proper explanation.


That’s why.


“Ian. I have one suggestion.”

“A suggestion? If you’re thinking of giving up, it’s better to quit.”

“It’s not that. What I want is… instead of vaguely explaining, explain it in detail.”


The reason for deciding to scratch Ian’s ego was that he thought if he scratched him like this, Ian would give a customized explanation.


‘Are you saying I haven’t been explaining properly all this time?’


Ian was on the brink of losing it, but then Igor saw Ian’s widened eyes and raised his voice as if he had been waiting for this moment.


“It’s all about not getting the hang of it! If I have any issues, tell me straight up! Or explain properly! I’ll follow faithfully no matter what!”

“…Well, it seems like I didn’t tailor my explanation to your level.”

“That’s it! What I want is exactly that. Tailored education! I wish you’d teach me step by step from the basics, just like teaching a beginner in martial arts.”


Seeing the obvious intention behind Igor’s expression, Ian swallowed his laughter inwardly.


‘You won’t get away with cheating.’


He always thought that. Igor couldn’t hide his expression.


If he was going to say something like that, he should’ve frowned or at least looked angry.


If he laughed while saying such things, anyone could see that he had a different intention.


‘Well… if it’s his intention, then he’ll try to provoke my temper while igniting my passion.’


He thought that if he scratched his ego by implying he hadn’t been properly taught, Ian would put more effort into explaining.


It was annoying, but Ian decided to let Igor’s prank slide.


‘A passionate display…’


How could he torment him well? He was thinking about that when Neltalion poked Ian’s chest.


– Ian… What are you going to do?

‘Are you worried?’

– Yeah… Ian… you seem troubled. I’m worried.

‘It’s okay, there’s no problem. Nothing’s wrong.’

– So, do you have a solution?


A solution… didn’t he just say it? Treat him as if he’s a beginner.


He should do it his way.


Approaching Igor, Ian suddenly lowered his posture.


He pointed his index finger at his foot and began to explain.


“So, let me explain. This is called a foot. Now, what did I just say?”

“What are you trying to do…”

“What else? I’m explaining, aren’t I? Listen carefully and follow along without needing to be explained twice. Now, what did I say? This is a foot. What?”


‘This… this darn… Son of a…’


Although he wanted to immediately explode with anger at Ian, who seemed to be teasing and playing with him, Igor knew he would be in trouble in that moment.

Holding back his tears, Igor replied.


“Foot… damn it.”

“What did you say?”





Celia Wignoron.


As the youngest daughter of the prestigious spearman Wignoron family, she always attracted attention wherever she went.


Whenever it was rumored that she would appear in social circles, even the most reluctant nobles would attend the parties, and people would crowd around just to converse with her.


Beautiful and talented like no other, she had everything she needed to captivate people.


She had never been alone except for when she was a child.


She spent her time with her cute junior, Ariel, and when she had family duties, there were always guardian knights to accompany her.


For Celia, loneliness was an unfamiliar word, and she was confident she would never live a lonely life.


That was why seeing Celia wandering the corridors like a deflated balloon was so heart-wrenching.




Thinking her own image, Celia sighed in frustration.


After having eating with Ariel, she walked through the training grounds with a sullen expression.


“I made a big decision…”


Originally, she hadn’t planned on training today.


Traditionally, on the first day of school, it was customary to enjoy a small party with close friends while contemplating the future.


That’s why Celia had rented out an entire restaurant.


It was a place where even the kitchen chef’s food required reservations at least two months in advance.


Even she, the Princess of Wignoron, had to pay a hefty price…, but she didn’t regret it at all.


Just spending time with Ariel, laughing and enjoying delicious food, was enough for her.


However, Ariel Volkanov’s obliviousness made it impossible to fulfill Celia’s desires.


“I never thought she would invite her others to join…”


At Ariel’s suggestion of inviting all their friends, the intimate gathering turned into a party with everyone.


‘Really… Ariel, isn’t that too much? I did all this just for her… Is she completely oblivious?’


In the end, after finishing the meal, Celia immediately headed to the training grounds.


Although Ariel tried to stop her, she felt like she would go crazy if she didn’t relieve this frustration right away.


‘At least if I do this, Ariel will understand my feelings.’


Even if she was clueless, if she went this far, she would realize how wrong she had been.


As a punishment, she decided to finish her training and then return to the dormitory to embrace the contrite Ariel.


That’s what she thought as she walked along the path.


“Uh? Ian.”

“Celia Wignoron?”


Her pupils trembled greatly upon seeing Ian in front of her.




Why did she do that?


Did she lose her mind for a moment?


In that fleeting moment, Celia Wignoron blamed herself countless times.


She almost wanted to slap her past self for reflexively talking to Ian.


‘Why did I react when I saw Ian? I could have just ignored him… No, more importantly, why is he here at this time?’


At the same time, thoughts raced through her mind about what to do.


What should she say?


She remained silent, trying to hold herself together, when Ian spoke up.


“Are you here for training?”

“T-That’s right! Training! I’m here for training! that I can’t subdue demons like everyone else and don’t get in Ariel’s way!”


Despite Celia’s sharp provocation, Ian responded calmly.


“Okay. Work hard.”


Ian didn’t seem to mind at all, and he just turned around to go back into the training room.


His indifferent response only aggravated her.


“Hey! Ian.”

“What’s up?”

“Do you have… nothing to say to me?”

“Not really.”

“Think again! Don’t you owe me an apology?”


Looking at his emotionless face, Celia tightened her grip.


Honestly, she hated Ian.


She felt disappointed that the kindness he showed her in childhood turned out to be a facade.


‘I always acted truthfully…’


Didn’t he reveal his true self to her?


She didn’t like his hideous true self, but she disliked even more how he was only kind to her.


It felt like he approached her just to play with her.


‘It’s not just me… How could he treat his own sister like that?’


She thought of Ariel, who had come back crying after failing to attack the Demon God.


Ariel had to distance herself momentarily because of her becoming a Hero. However, she kept communicating through letters.


Ian seems different now. Ariel’s letter mentioned seeing a change in him, which she found pleasant.


At that time, Celia thought she could reconcile with Ian.


If he showed a repentant attitude, she could forgive him for deceiving her.


However, Ian shattered her expectations completely.


The image of Ariel being expelled from the party and crying in her arms still lingered in her memory.


She intended to conclude things this time.


She wanted to put an end to her ill-fated relationship with Ian.


“Apologize? What am I supposed to apologize for?”


Of course, Ian couldn’t understand her feelings.


Or rather, he probably didn’t want to understand.


Looking at her with a truly clueless expression, Celia trembled.


“No apologies to offer? Are you being sincere?”

“If I’ve wronged you, I’ll apologize. But… no matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem like I’ve wronged you.”

“Well… you really are that kind of person… not even knowing that… so foolishly…”


With her emotions welling up, she glared at Ian suddenly.


A liveliness that hadn’t been there before was evident in her eyes.


“I… I regret that I ever liked you. I regret it like crazy.”


With reddened eyes, Celia turned away and headed towards the dormitory.


Ian could only watch her go.




‘What does Celia Wignoron mean to Ian?’


He had pondered countless times since she left.


What was Celia for him?


She used to be a good friend when they were young. She treated him with some humanity at least.


The image of her happily suggesting they go out together, laughing brightly, was vivid in his memory.


To the extent that he thought there was still a reason to live when he looked at her.


‘So I took care of her with even greater sincerity.’


He lived like he would give everything for her.


He endured her curses, healed her wounds, and nursed her through illnesses if she fell sick.


As the first friend to Ian, she was an incredibly precious presence.


‘But since meeting Ariel, I haven’t had any relationship with her.’


To be precise, since she left him and went to Ariel. Now, he didn’t feel anything even when he saw her.


He didn’t even think about trying to stop her leaving in anger.


‘Perhaps I’ve become numb.’


Perhaps it’s for the best.


Looking at his status screen reflected in his eyes, Ian smiled bitterly.


[First encounter with the heroine completed!]

[Quest “Surrounded by Threats” activated.]

[Celia Wignoron will do everything in her power to crush Ian Volkanov. Survive her wrath.]

[Reward upon success: ???/Curse Weakening]

[Failure: Eternal death]

[Do you accept?]


If there had been even a hint of lingering emotion, he might have shown her mercy.


‘If the moment comes when Celia harms me… it’s probably referring to the training in a few days.’


Tactical training involving the entire second year. Just show the gap there.


‘I was going to do my best anyway… and if there’s a reward on top of that.’


There’s nothing he can do.


Ian muttered softly.


“I accept.”


Having accepted the quest, Ian returned to the training room.



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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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