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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 9

Difference of Class (1)

Ian finished his meeting with Celia and returned to the training room.


His plan was to watch Igor’s training today.


But circumstances had changed, and he couldn’t just stand idly by.


‘I have to achieve overwhelming results against Celia Wignoron… I can’t just sit around.’


He stood in front of the mirror and concentrated mana into his fist.




Suddenly, a dark energy began to surge around his fist.

It wasn’t something created with Neltalion’s help, but Ian’s pure mana.


Mana infused with darkness continued to grow in size, gradually shifting from gaseous to liquid form.


Once it turned into a slightly viscous liquid, the transformation stopped.


‘Is this all I can do for now…?’


Mana generally exists in three forms:


Gas, Liquid, and Solid.


Those who have just begun to manipulate mana or have undergone some training handle mana in its gaseous state. Even then, they can only overlay the gaseous mana onto objects.


Advancing further allows them to manipulate liquid mana.


Mana that has taken shape showed a different level of power and utility, and those who reached this stage were called Mana Experts.


‘And those who can manipulate solid-state mana are called Mana Masters.’


Mana condensed to its limit transitions from viscous liquid to solid.


Solid mana possesses superior resilience and power compared to liquid, and it can be imbued into weapons or used to create equipment.


‘At this point, only five individuals have reached this level.’


The Empire had a total of four masters: starting with Duke Bernogia, the head of the Wignoron family known as Dragon Slayer, then the “Sage” affiliated with the Magic Tower, and finally, Ian’s father, Killain Volkanov.


‘There’s even a rank beyond that called Grand Master in legends.’


At the pinnacle of mana, there were those who could not only manipulate objects but also overlay the space they stood in with mana.


However, Ian knew he wasn’t at a level where he could surpass them yet, so he decided to suppress his curiosity and focus on the present.


Instead, he concentrated on his mana in his hand.


The black liquid had a thick viscosity, but it began to evaporate shortly after.


This level could be considered Intermediate Expert.


‘Other academy students are top level mana users, at or below expert level.’


While this made him exceptional, he couldn’t afford to be complacent.


‘When I wielded the sword, I reached the level of an Intermediate Expert.’


Was Ian Volkanov, the main villain, an Intermediate Expert?


If so, then Ariel and her comrades, who opposed Ian, would also be Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate Experts.


For Ian, who had to compete with them, reaching Upper-Intermediate Expert status was necessary in the near future.


That’s why he couldn’t afford to relax in the current situation.


‘I didn’t want it to come to this.’


Although he felt a moment of weakness, Ian regained his determination.


‘I’ll have to take a few Hidden Pieces.’


Originally created for Ariel, Ian decided to take them for himself to survive.


There was no guilt. Ariel took what was his, so he would exact an appropriate price.


‘Fortunately, there is a Hidden Piece where the training is taking place this time.’


He decided to seize it first.


With a plan in mind, Ian adjusted his stance and extended his fist.


Swish! Swish!


He still had a long way to go.




‘Doesn’t the term ‘prodigy’ seem to fit this guy?’


Whenever he looked at Igor, that thought crossed his mind.


This guy was definitely a genius.


‘He’s got some bad habits ingrained in him, but his level is top-notch.’


Despite his considerable pride in the martial arts he had been using so far, Igor never expressed any dissatisfaction.


Even though the training process might have been difficult, he never cried out in resignation.


‘In the end, I managed to fix all the bad habits and bring him up to a level I can tolerate.’


All of this happened in just two days.


Ian couldn’t help but be amazed at his progress.


Ian looked at Igor, who was diligently solving the test paper next to him.


Igor was sweating profusely, gripping his pen as if it were about to break.


“Describe three ways to gain the upper hand in battle against a troll army… Just hitting them randomly might not result in victory. But I can’t just write that as the answer. This is driving me crazy.”


Ian whispered quietly to the sweating Igor.


“Looks like you’re having quite a hard time.”

“What is it, Ian? Do you happen to know the answers?”

“Do you think I wouldn’t know that?”

“Of course! I heard you’re the top scorer! Can you give me the answers?”


Looking up at Ian with sparkling eyes, Igor asked eagerly.


“Heh… Dealing with a troll horde is simple. Firstly, trolls move in groups, but there’s always a leader controlling them. So, you need to defeat the leader first. Once the backbone is gone, the rest will be confused and easier to handle. Secondly, trolls usually inhabit rugged terrain. Therefore, you can also cause landslides using explosives or mana. ”

“Oh oh… And the last method?”

“Well, how much do you want me to give you? The last one is for you to figure out on your own.”


Ian’s sarcastic remark made Igor clutch his head in both hands and groan.


“My head isn’t working because I’m hungry! And isn’t it partly your fault too?”


Igor hadn’t forgotten what Ian had done to him.


How difficult had the past two days been?


They trained without rest from the first day of school. If they didn’t show satisfactory progress, Ian even conducted dawn training sessions.


Of course, if it were just training, he might have been able to endure it. But he wasn’t an ordinary student.


‘Train to death, do assignments, sleep, wake up, train again…’


There were assignments every day during classes. After the hellish training with Ian ended, they had to return to the dormitory to do assignments.


Skipping meals was commonplace.


“I haven’t forgotten about the meals I missed because of you!”

“Are you so disappointed about missing a meal?”

“Don’t tease me! Hungry people are not to be trifled with.”


Grumbling, Igor challenged Ian with a stern gaze.


“Anyway, I must eat lunch today. It’s salmon special day.”

“Well, use your conscience and let me eat. After all, it’s my salmon too.”

“… Are you feeling unwell?”


Igor’s eyes widened in surprise at Ian’s sudden concession.


“You seemed very hungry, so I wanted to make an exception… Don’t you want it?”

“Hmm. Now that I think about it again, Ian, you seem like a pretty decent guy. I’ll follow you for life.”


Igor, who had just been sticking his nose up until now, started smiling as if nothing had happened and resumed solving the problem.


Looking at him, Ian felt a little sorry for pushing him so hard recently. But it couldn’t be helped.


‘Igor’s role in this training is crucial.’


The goal of the second-year tactical training was to hunt more monsters than any other platoon.


The task assigned to the 3rd Squad was vital in that training.


‘One. The 2nd Squad builds a camp in a place where monsters are likely to appear and waits. When monsters appear, the three squads join together to hunt it.’


Monsters could appear anywhere. Therefore, the 3rd Squad had to move continuously between the bases of the 1st and 2nd Squads without resting.


The reason Ian continued to train Igor was also because of this.


If the battle took place at night, or even in rough terrain, it would consume a considerable amount of stamina.


For Igor, who lacked endurance compared to basic fitness, Ian’s best effort was necessary.


‘Of course, I didn’t just sit idly by.’


Ian began to use mana, avoiding the eyes of others.


The viscous texture of the mana was maintaining its form longer than before, without melting away like before.


‘This level can be considered close to an Upper-Intermediate Expert. With Neltalion’s help added to this…’


Advanced Expert. It would be possible to aim for that range.


Ian stroked Neltalion, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms.


– Ian… warm.


It felt good to be in his arms, so Neltalion hugged Ian as if he were about to burst.


‘I’ll make you stronger soon.’

– Stronger? That’s good?

‘Well, yeah. If you become stronger, you can be more helpful to me.’

– Hmm. Then it’s good if I can help Ian!


If they could get the Hidden Pieces in the training ground, it would be possible to further Neltalion’s growth.


With a goal in mind, Ian began to plan.




Time passed quickly, and before they knew it, the day of the tactical training for the year was approaching.

The training took place in the renowned mountainous region of Gohud.


The breath-taking mountain paths and the barely visible night took a toll on the students’ stamina.


However, the excellent Platoon Commander, Kyan, led his platoon to the target destination first by taking the shortest route and combining it with appropriate breaks, thereby conserving the stamina of the platoon members.


According to the prearranged schedule, the students began to set up their positions one by one.


Positions, each consisting of 3 to 4 members. Four in total.


They would wait in their positions until the monsters approached, and then begin the hunt.


Ian’s squad positioned themselves 100 meters behind their designated positions.


Igor, who was fidgeting nervously beside him, muttered discontentedly and tossed and turned.


“So… Are we just going to wait here? I wanted to hunt monsters and see the results of our training, but I guess not.”


The assigned task was as expected.


The 1st Squad: assist the 2nd Squad in hunting monsters or eliminating variables that could harm allies.


‘In this situation, the best option would be to send Igor ahead for reconnaissance and then move organically myself…’


But on the other hand, was there really a need to do so?


Honestly, would there be any problem if he personally hunted monsters?


‘Kyan never told the 3rd Squad not to directly hunt monsters.’


It was best to assist the 1st and 2nd Squads… but Kyan also said that the 3rd Squad could hunt monsters if they encountered them.


Just to be sure, Ian sent a text message using the device, but Kyan’s response was the same as before.


[Permission granted. Proceed under the Squad Commander’s judgment.]


Approval without any conditions attached. Kyan trusted his judgment.


If he trusted Ian that much, he had to prove it with results.


That was why.


“Igor, get up. We’re going to the front to hunt monsters.”

“What? I-Is that okay?”

“Don’t worry, even if anything goes wrong, I’ll take responsibility.”


Ian began the hunt himself.


‘Our platoon hunting monsters might face strong opposition from other squads.’


Ian didn’t care about their opposition. At this point, his reputation couldn’t get any worse.


Rather than waiting like this and helping the platoon members, it would be better to show overwhelming skills.




At that moment, a powerful surge of mana spread throughout the mountains.


The spread mana soon formed a massive dome around the mountains.




Suddenly, monsters hidden within the mana emerged one by one.


Creatures with bodies like rocks and only a single club.


‘Trolls… Maybe about 15 of them.’


Ian was surrounded in an instant, but he remained calm.


Without hesitation, Ian made a quick decision.


“Igor, focus on the trolls in the rear first. I’ll handle the front and help later.”


Igor nodded lightly in agreement and charged at the trolls.


Observing his actions, Ian adjusted his stance.


‘This is it.’


The trolls’ strength lay not only in their ferocious club attacks but also in their tough skin.


Their skin, as hard as rocks, could deflect any amateur attacks.


To wipe them out in one fell swoop, a powerful strike was needed.


– Ian, fists have been strengthened!

‘Well done, Neltalion.’


Ian began to condense mana in his reinforced fist.


The mana with its dense viscosity seemed to engulf Ian’s hand as if it wanted to swallow it whole.


Previously, it would have melted away by this point, but now, thanks to the training, it held firm.


‘Then I guess I should try it out.’




With a leap powered by centrifugal force, Ian approached the troll at the forefront.




The troll, taken aback by the speed it had never experienced before, was defenseless against Ian’s attack, and…


‘It’s over.’


Without hesitation, Ian unleashed his fist.


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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