My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 10

TL: Furby

ED: DannY


The destination for the graduation trip has been decided, and the deposit has been taken care of too.

It may have been somewhat early, but having just finished our entrance exams, it’s no surprise we all just wanted to play and have fun together.

The boys and girls who were going to go together on the graduation trip. 

Normally, we wouldn’t hang out together, but under the pretense of getting ready for the trip, we decided to do so and came to a large shopping mall.

Because we’re meeting at the venue, Suzuka and I were now being rocked by the train as we headed for the shopping mall.

It was during that traveling period.

I began the conversation by being straightforward in voicing my worries.

“Hey, Suzuka.”

“Hey, Yuuki.”

As a result of both of us trying to start a conversation at the same time, our voices overlapped.

Suzuka gave me a look that told me to go first, so I spoke first.

“Tanaka said that he likes you. That’s why, well, you know… Everyone tells us, ‘don’t say it’, ‘don’t do it’, but maybe you could let me at least say that we’re going out? Of course, I wouldn’t mention that we’re married.”

“Ever since that time you bought the apple pie out of nowhere, I felt like you were hiding something. So that’s what it was.”

“And your answer is?”

“Say, do you remember how I wasn’t really on board with the idea of spreading the news to everyone about us being actually married?”

Now that she mentioned it, I did get the feeling that she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

How do I say it? She was… Vehement?

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Truth is, Miki-chan seems to like you, Yuuki.”


“I mean, at the end of the day, I became your wife on impulse back then, right? Unlike me, Miki-chan has probably liked Yuuki for a while now. I even thought that, more than someone like me, maybe Miki-chan would be more suitable for you. That’s why I had decided to take the stance of hiding our relationship and not telling anyone we’re going out. That way Miki-chan could make her approach on you, Yuuki.”

That was a very long answer.

I-in short, Miki-chan… Me?

Rather, the point is… Kaneda Miki likes me.

And Suzuka thinks that more than her, she is a better match for me.

That was the reason why she wasn’t keen on us disclosing stuff like being married or that we’re dating, things that could prevent her from approaching me.

Would that be a correct interpretation?

Not having fully understood, I asked her back a few more times until I finally did.

“Got it. So your stance in this is not saying that we’re going out or anything of the sort. Then, I guess this means I can’t tell Tanaka about us, huh…”

“No, no. You got it wrong. I also thought we should tell them. The ‘Hey, Yuuki’ at the start was to tell you that I also believed we should let them know about it.”

“What made you change your stance?”

“Because I thought it was rude to Miki-chan. I mean, no matter how we try, that we are currently a married couple is a truth we can’t change, right? And keeping that hidden from everyone, isn’t it weird? That’s what I started thinking. After all, when they know that we’re married, or that we’re dating if you want, the actions that Miki-chan will take will change, and not by a little, no?”

“Well, yeah. Same for Tanaka. I think he’ll definitely change his course of actions when he knows we’re a couple. That’s why I think we should tell them hence I decided to ask you if it was fine to do so.”

“Then, wanna tell them?”

“Yeah, I think we should.”

While on the train, Suzuka and I together came to the decision of revealing our relationship to everyone.

That said, we’re only going as far as telling everyone we’re dating.

There are many different risks with disclosing that we’re married, so we decided to keep that under wraps.

“Hahhh… I’m starting to feel nervous.”

“Same here. I was thinking that we’d eventually tell it to everyone, but I hadn’t thought of doing it so soon already, you know? Actually, I’m still shocked from knowing that Kaneda-san likes me. What would you do if Kaneda-san still made her move for me even after knowing that I’m dating you?”

“Until a little while ago, I was thinking that if it’s someone who truly likes Yuuki, then they had the right to get closer to you, and hence wouldn’t stop them.”

“Well, we are an impromptu married couple.”



“I seem to be getting quite serious myself. If someone came at full strength trying to get closer to you, I am seriously thinking of putting a stop to them.”

As if trying to hide her own bashfulness, she gave me a faint smile.

“I-I see.”

“I’m still uncertain about the marriage thing. But you know? I don’t want Yuuki to be stolen from me~.”

This embarrassed Suzuka was unbelievably cute.

So much so that I couldn’t help but feel I should tell her too.

“About the reason I bought that apple pie yesterday. Know how I said before I’d never get in the way if you found someone you liked?”

“Yeah, you did say it.”

“Well, that, in that case, I’d be an obstacle in finding someone you like.”

“I don’t really get it. Could I get you to explain a bit more?”

I was so bad with words…

Since it seemed that my intentions weren’t properly communicated to Suzuka indeed, I decided to speak clearly.

“I bought that apple pie because I want you to fall for me so hard that you can’t think of anyone else. That was what you’d call ‘scoring affection points’. I’m also uncertain about the marriage, but it would seem that I’m quite infatuated with you.”

“Aha, ahaha. Could it be that this is becoming ‘mutual love’?


“Ehehe. I see, ehehe, so that’s how it is.”

Suzuka was abashed.

It was with Suzuka I headed toward our destination, the shopping mall.

Shortly after, we arrived at the shopping mall.

Apparently, we seemed to be the last to arrive.

“Heey, everyone! Suzuka and I have something quick to say.”

“Could we ask you to listen to us for a bit?”

Everyone looks at us with inquisitive expressions.

I took a deep breath, and made the big revelation.

“The truth is, Suzuka and I are dating.”

A reaction which was in a way to be expected came our way.

“Wha?! That’s too cruel of a jo~ke!”

“Come on! You’ll crack me up if you start with jokes first thing!”

“Honest. Lying isn’t good, you know?”

“Please stop it with the jokes, you two.”

Clearly seeing that they hadn’t believed us…

Suzuka followed after me with a clear voice.

“No, this is the truth.”

The look in Suzuka’s eyes was serious.

It made it known to everyone around that it was the actual truth.

Gradually, the atmosphere changed from a simple ‘joking’ one to a serious one.

“Eh? Seriously?”

“Wait, for real?”

“You guys, this legit?”

“Uwaah, really?”

Cautiously, I turned to look at Tanaka’s reaction.

When I did, our eyes met.

Immediately afterwards, with a tinge of sadness, he spoke to me.

“Honestly, you should’ve told us sooner. But, well, frankly, if you had told us that you’re actually dating any later, I would’ve given you a beating.”

“My bad.”

“Don’t worry. You’re not at fault. I apologize too. Depending on them, there are some guys who don’t like to disclose to everyone that they’re going out, no? It’s because I told you that I like Mita-san that you decided to reveal this to us, right? Frankly, from my part, I’m happy. There was no real need for you to go out of your way and tell us you’re dating.”


You, you’re really a nice guy.

I’ve decided. If this guy’s ever troubled for money, I’ll lend some to him without a doubt.

On the other side, Suzuka was standing face to face with Kaneda Miki.

“Suzuka, I’m sorry. That you hadn’t told us you’re dating, it means that you had your reasons for wanting to hide it, right?”

“It’s okay, I’m sorry, too. I should’ve told you when you told me you liked Yuuki.”

“Dummy! That’s not true at all! That you told me just now is already more than enough.”

Though there were a bit of awkward moments after we made the revelation, I was most glad that none of them turned into a major problem.

Thus, we all happily marched into the shopping mall as we enjoyed ourselves.

Thereafter, in a certain family restaurant.

After having had their fun in the shopping mall, close to the nearest station, Kaneda and Tanaka were sympathetic for one another due to being in the same circumstances and were now expressing their complaints together.

“Dammit! Even though they too must’ve had their own circumstances that didn’t let them tell us! And because of me, they ended up having to tell us… Despite it being relatively normal to keep quiet about going out with someone…”

“I think the same. Even when Suzuka is free to choose whether to tell or not if she’s dating someone. This sense of guilt I feel from being the one who made her say it is crushing.”

“Aah, but you know? I was genuinely shocked to hear Mita-san was going out with him.”

“It really is harsh for you when the person you like has someone they’re dating, ri~ght?”

As fellow heartbroken pals, Tanaka and Kaneda continued to talk.

That this became the pivot which led to the two of them growing closer is a story for another time.