My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 2

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I married my childhood friend Suzuka.

We were a tentative couple and there was a very good chance that we would break up.

It would’ve been more convenient to not inform our parents.

But I couldn’t do that, and Suzuka became my spouse.

The problem of Alimony and various other issues have arisen, and I can’t just leave it at that.

{ED: Alimony is financial support given to the divorced spouse.}

So I sat in the living room of my parents’ house, straightening my posture as I talked to them.

“I have something important to tell you.

My father and mother were not surprised, “What is it?” They asked.

“You see, I can afford that, now, can’t I?” I spoke out to them.

“I got married!”


“Geh! Geh!”
{ED: It’s a cough}

We both coughed. I wanted to tell him everything and relax. Maybe it was because I was in a hurry, but I continued to talk without concern for the two of them. 

Me winning the lottery, My Marriage with Suzuka and many other things.

When I finished telling him everything he got really angry.

Well, it was obvious that this would happen if I got married without consent.

It was indeed strange to get married in High School.

Even though Suzuka was my childhood friend, I couldn’t face my parents.

Even if I’ve won the lottery, I still need to make sure that I know what I was  allowed to do and what not.

I was sorry.

“I’m sorry”

I was fully aware that I had made a mistake.

I kept bowing my head and apologizing to my dad, but I was still hit.

I didn’t rebel in any way because it would be strange if I wasn’t beaten.

Rather, instead of the blood rising to my head from the beating, the bleeding was gone and my consciousness was getting duller and duller.

Oh, I really don’t know what I did to myself…

“We’re going to Suzuka-chan’s parent’s place for now.

My dad, who was relaxing at home, changed into a suit to show some decency.

I changed into my school uniform as well, which is the formal attire for high school students.

Then I went to Suzuka’s house with my mom and dad.

When we arrived at Suzuka’s house, she was waiting for us in her formal attire.

A family meeting was held between me, Suzuka and both of our parents

A long, long sermon. The conclusion that was reached was ……

“Well, if you can manage financially, then there’s no problem with marriage. No, there’s a very big problem, but I’ll tolerate it. But as a parent, let me ask you one last time. You two really love each other, don’t you?”

My dad gave the closing remarks on behalf of our family.

Since we’ve been childhood friends for so long, they didn’t suspect our love for each other.

I’m flattered but it is not that I have any romantic feelings or anything like that, but I can not say that I am thinking about divorce if we are not compatible, even though we have just become husband and wife.

If I said we might get a divorce, I would be seriously beaten up.

That’s the thing. If I had honestly told them that I got married because I thought I would have to pay a gift tax, I would have been in serious trouble.

If we were to come out and say that we don’t love each other… 

If i say anything other than “we love each other” it would be terrific.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to understand that” was the eye-contact I made to her.



You can say you love each other here, but there are times when you don’t get along and break up after you become husband and wife, and is it okay?

{ED: I think this is MC’s mom}

“Haha. That’s good. I can’t believe you’re getting married because you won the lottery, you two have a passion that’s not like kids today.”

“Okay, Mom. Let’s get some sushi. We need to celebrate today, shouldn’t we?”

‘I’ll have to serve some good sake.”

I didn’t think you two had it in you, though. Dad was surprised.”

“Well, I know it’s sudden, but it’s nice to see our daughter married. It makes us very happy, doesn’t it?”

As soon as the sermon was over, our parents began to celebrate the new beginning for me and Suzuka.

When will the ceremony be held?

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

When will we have grandchildren?

They asked all kinds of questions and we celebrated it in a grand way.


The next day after being scolded, acknowledged, and celebrated.

Suzuka and I were both sitting on the swings in the park, in the twilight.

“I think we’re in trouble.

“Well, yeah. I mean, you know. They told me that after high school, we would be free to do whatever we wanted, but that means I have to move out, right?”

“I’m certain you do.”

“I have the money from winning the lottery. The room is, well, just a 1LDK”

“No, no, of course not.”

I noticed when she said that.

Suzuka and I have left my parents’ house, and it’s strange that we would be living apart after having gone all the way.

“Cohabitation with Suzuka? Well, we’re married, so what’s the problem?”

“Cohabitation is a term used by men and women who are not married. In our case, we’re living together, okay?”

“We’ve moved past cohabitation, we’re living together. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? It’s not that bad. You and I have known each other for a long time, and it’s not a bad idea to be a normal couple.

“I mean, my mom and dad, they’re like, “Where’s your wedding ring?”

“Engagement ring?”

“I’m going to buy it next time”

He said with a twinkle in his eye. I’m going to buy it next time. If I tell her now that I’m not buying it because we may be getting a divorce, it’s going to be really bad.

“That’s right!”

We talked about the future in a relaxed mood.

As we parted, Suzuka said to me with a deliberate pout.

{ED: Awwwwww!}

“Do you want a goodbye kiss?”

“What the hell? Why all of a sudden,  We’re a married couple. I’m not sure what to say. We’ve been through a lot, but we’re still a tentative couple. I’ll leave it at that for now. You don’t need to get swept up in the mood and deliberately do something that looks like a couple. Let’s just take it easy and go at our own pace, okay?”

“Hahaha, I guess so. Well, bye bye… I’m afraid of meeting the teachers at school.”

It’s an after-action report, but I have to report it to the school.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’m just terrified.

“Well, we have the money. They won’t expel us, and if someone says something to us and we get in a bad situation, we can just spend the money and relax.

“Yeah, yeah. That sounds good.

“Hey, have a safe trip home, okay? You’re my wife.”

My husband should be the one to watch out for something, okay?”

They deliberately emphasized the “wife and husband”  and said to each other.

The words were so tranquil that both of their mouths broke into a smile.


The next day.

We had a talk with the teacher in the student guidance office with our parents.

According to him, there was no problem because it was not forbidden by school rules.

The school would not punish me for violating the school rules.

However, it was a student marriage.

I was told that I should hide the fact that we were married at school for various reasons, such as the attention of the people around us and the fact that it would be talked about and rumored.

Of course, Suzuka and I knew the risk we were taking.

We promised to spend the remaining two months of our lives in high school as childhood friends, not as husband and wife.

Suzuka and I were both relieved to hear that there were no sarcastic remarks.

However, I still had some concerns and wanted to talk about them with her. So we parted ways with our parents, who had come to talk to us, and wandered into the downtown area together.

Although I hadn’t been accepted to a university yet, I was going to stay around here from spring.

My eyes were naturally drawn to a sign at a real estate agency that said something about apartments.

“We’ll have to look for a place to live in the spring.

“Hmmm, we are a married couple… I’ve heard that the secret to a happy marriage is to have a personal room.

“I’ve heard that the secret to a happy marriage is to have a private room. Even if you win the lottery, if you rent a room that good from the start, you’ll run out of money quickly.

“That’s right. We split the lottery in half. As a result, I have 150 million yen in hand. Even though no taxes are deducted, if I don’t work, I can only live a normal, ordinary life.”

He was so excited, but if he tried to live on 150 million yen, he would never be able to have a luxurious life.

“It’s good that I can live a gentler life compared to other people. So, do you know any good properties?”

“Well, how about this place?”

It’s a one-bedroom apartment, but the living room is separated from the rest of the house, which seems to be a good idea for privacy.

“Which one of us should use the LDK room?

“I guess so. I don’t really care which one is the LDK room.

“I’d be fine with either an LDK or a six-tatami room with wooden flooring.

The two of us chose a room together.

It was surprisingly fun.

We think about the future and act in order to live happily.

That alone makes me feel excited.

“Maybe it’s because we don’t have to worry about money, but I’m starting to look forward to our new life.

“Oh, that’s right. I’m really looking forward to it too”.

I was not the only one who was excited about my new life. Suzuka was also smiling happily and filled with anticipation.

“Yeah, let’s go see them together. Furniture, appliances and everything else.

“Yes! But wa-wait a minute. We are still in our High School years.”

“Now that you mention it, we’re almost ready for the entrance exam.  I mean, we have the money, we can live without going to college and getting a job, so what are you going to do?”

“I’m going, of course. See, as Yuki said, 150 million might be enough to last you a lifetime, but you can’t play around. I’ll go to a normal university, graduate, work at a place that doesn’t give me much money but where the work is very easy, and use that money and the lottery money to enjoy my life in comfort!

“I’m of the same thought. Well, I guess we’ll have to go look at the furniture another time. We both got A’s in the mock exams, but it’s the last push. Let’s go for it!”

We’re almost ready to take the exam.

Even if I win the lottery, I still want to go to university.

That’s why Suzuka and I are going to study for the exam anyways.


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