My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 39

Bento in the Park!

After my second period lecture, I was at the cafeteria with my friend Shima, as it was lunchtime.

The cafeteria is a tenant of numerous companies, so there is a wide range of food available in a wide price range, including Korean, Japanese, Western, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Tibetan, Thai, a rather varied menu.

I ordered the fried chicken set meal.

Shima, who also has lunch with me, eats a homemade bento.

If you eat lunch bought from the cafeteria every day, it’s a pretty big sacrifice…


“Shima. Who makes your lunch?”


“This? Me?”




“Hey, don’t be quiet.Even I can make this kind of bento, too, you know?”


The colorful side dishes.

There is no way that Shima can make a lunch box that looks like it has hardly any refrigerated food in it.


“Don’t lie to me.”


“This is not a lie…”


“Even so, you live far away from here, how can you make a lunch box?”


“Well, I usually make most of it myself, and it takes me less than 10 minutes if it’s done quickly.”


I was surprised at Shima’s overwhelming feminine power as I ate my lunch.

And, well, I am a simple creature.


“Suzuka, I want to eat your homemade bento.”


“… Ehehe. You say I’ve changed a lot lately. Yuki has changed too.”




“Because before, you wouldn’t have asked me so openly.”


“Certainly. Now, let me say it again. That one. I want to eat Suzuka’s homemade bento. Could you please make it for me? No, please make it.”


“Fine, but… Why did you suddenly say you want to eat my homemade bento?”


“My friend Shima had a beautiful homemade lunch box for lunch. And, well, I wanted to eat a bento made by you.”


The reason is so simple that even I’m surprised at myself.

If it were before, I would have eaten Suzuka’s homemade food normally without feeling any appreciation for it.

But nowadays, anything she cooks is so delicious that I can’t stand it.

In short, she has completely captured my stomach.

My stomach, which is now in her grip, is now demanding various kinds of her cooking.


“I see. Mm-hmm. I’ll make it for you. Since we only have first and second periods tomorrow, why don’t we go to a park with a nice view?”


“After second period, let’s have a picnic and have lunch.”


Thus, Suzuka and I decided to have a little date at the park.


The next day.

After 2nd period, Suzuka and I left the university and headed for a park with nice scenery.

It was lunch time, and there were many people eating on blue sheets besides me and Suzuka.


The gentle breeze was pleasant and made me feel happy without doing anything.

Not in a silly, flippant, buoyant sort of way, though.


“Hmmm… It’s a beautiful day.”


“It is.”


We relaxed on the blue sheet that we both laid out.

It had been a while since we had sat on the hard ground, even though it was spread out on the grass.


“Well, Suzuka. Shall we eat lunch?”


“Fufufufu~ I woke up early today and made it. Hehehe, what do you think?”


Suzuka took out the bento.

Fried chicken, fried shrimp, French fries, cherry tomatoes, egg rolls, and so on.

It was just like a luxurious bento for a sports day.




“Hmm? What’s with the silence?”


“No, I’m just too happy that you went to the trouble of making such a gorgeous bento for me.”


“Yes, that’s right. There is no one who can love Yuki as much as I do. That’s why, Yuki. I made a lot of food, so please eat a lot!”


The bento showed the time and effort she put into making it.

She usually makes a lot of things for me, but the effort she puts in is more visible than usual and it grabs my heart.




After wiping my hands with a hand towel, I take a bite of the fried chicken that had been making a good sound all morning.

It tastes good even when it’s cold.

No good. I can’t stop smiling.


“Is it good?”


“It’s delicious. Don’t watch me eating it, you eat it too.”


“Because Yuki eats it like it’s delicious. Oh, that’s right.”


The cherry tomatoes on cute plastic skewers.

She brought it to my mouth and I took it in.

Suzuka smiled happily when she saw me chewing it, and I reacted in a deliberately delectable manner.


“I love you Yuki, you react so well!”


“I’m not going to react in any way that would be disrespectful to you. Here, you eat your fill, too.”


I put a cherry tomato in her mouth.  

If this continues, she’ll really be looking at me all the time and not eating.


“Ngugu… I think it tastes better than usual when Yuki feeds me!”


“Well, you feed me well because of my injured hand, but not so much the other way around. I can’t help it. I wish you looked that happy…”


I pricked the fried chicken with a fork and fed it to her.

I want to spoil her, but I also want to be spoiled.

Suzuka feeds me? I can’t stand the sight of her urging me like a baby bird.


“I know, Yuki, I know~. Okay, I’ll feed you this time, okay?”

I and Suzuka enjoyed eating lunch together.



Then we relaxed on the blue sheet with a nice gentle breeze.

While we were relaxing, Suzuka lay down on my lap.


“Hmm, a good pillow.”


“I can’t help it. You worked hard for lunch. Make yourself at home.”


“Thanks. But, Yuki. It’s not so bad like this.”


“I’m sure it is. However, in summer time, it will be too hot and definitely not nice.”


“Maybe. Can I sleep for a while?”


“Sure. It’s fun just to be with you like this.”


“Then, good night… Suu, suu.”


Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

There is no one to talk to and nothing fun to do.

But Suzuka slept happily with my lap as a pillow.

Just being blown by the cheerful wind makes me feel at ease, even though I’m not doing anything.




I raise a goofy cry.

My peaceful mood instantly begins to rustle.


Because, well,


“Yo. Silly couple.”


We meet Yamaguchi, a good-looking but too nerdy and unpopular friend from high school.

This park.

It’s close to the house where Yamaguchi lives… 

However, it was a weekday afternoon. I thought I wouldn’t run into him.


“Hey, Yamaguchi. Get lost.”


“I haven’t seen you in a long time, but don’t say harsh things about your friend from high school. But still, that’s the thing~. You guys…”


He smirked at me.

So, well, while we were talking, Suzuka slept, but woke up soon after.


“Wow. It’s you, Yamaguchi-kun!”


“Hey, Mita-san. Long time no see.”




She smiled shyly when she was seen sleeping on her lover’s lap by an acquaintance.

Of course, I would have wanted to die of embarrassment if Yamaguchi had seen me sleeping on her lap.


After meeting Yamaguchi and talking about our recent situation, we were not in the mood to flirt, so we quietly left and went back to our apartment.


“Kuu~, I was so embarrassed to be seen like that by a high school friend of ours that I thought I was going to die… So, Yuki. Comfort me?”


After returning from the park, Suzuka deliberately used my lap as a pillow.

I had no reason to refuse her, so I decided to let her relax as I had done in the park.


“No one can see us here, so you can spoil me all you want! Hey, hey, you can pet me, right?”


Who do you think you are, asking me to pet you like a pampered child?

Well, it can’t be helped.

When I start petting her gently, she sniffs in a good mood.




I spend a relaxing time with the happy and relaxed Suzuka. 

I’m really happy…