My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 46

The Consequences of Realizing We’re a Stupid Couple


Suzuka and I had to go to university.

We were aware that we had spent a lot of time together, being affectionate during the weekend.

Satisfied, we headed to university with clear minds.

Monday’s first class was different from Suzuka’s.

Well, we generally avoided interfering in each other’s daily lives at university, except for gatherings related to the outdoor club, so we wouldn’t sit together even if our classes overlapped.

We didn’t want people to distance themselves from us just because we were a couple.

I spread my writing utensils on the desk and waited for the class to start absentmindedly.

Someone sat down next to me.

“Yo, thanks for the other day.”

It was Shima.

He had come to me for advice on what to do for his date on Saturday.

“Don’t mention it. So, after that, did everything go well?”

“It’s pretty good. That said, it’s rare for someone to become a couple if they just met and only went on one date.”

“Well, if there’s potential, that’s good. I thought things might have ended in disaster.”

“Man, that’s harsh. Anyway, Shindo, your girlfriend goes to this university, right? Which girl is it?”

“I do not know?”

ntroducing a girlfriend to friends often leads to wedding talk. So, even though I openly acknowledged having a girlfriend, I had no intention of introducing her or showing her picture. Our status as a married couple already made some people uncomfortable, and I was sure some would leave if they found out.

“Well, you can tell me someday, okay?”

Of course.

Shima was a good friend, and honestly, it was about time to talk about it.

I didn’t plan to keep it a secret forever.

“Let’s put that aside for now. Tell me about your date.”

“Sure, why not? You’ve been helping me out, so I’ll share.”

From then until the start of the first class and during the break before the second class, I listened to Shima’s date story.

Now, Shima’s date story turned out to be very informative.

Suzuka and I had rushed into marriage without a second thought. We were engaged in a passionate, even crazy romance. We could learn something about love from Shima’s story.

Eh? Tanaka and Kaneda-san are also here, right?

Well, those two…

We couldn’t really comment on their situation; it was a unique case.

As I thought about this, our classes for the day ended, and I was about to head home.

“I’m thinking of buying a birthday present for Miki-chan. Which one is better?”

I received a message from Tanaka with a photo attached.

In the photo, two pairs of matching mugs were displayed side by side.

He was asking which design was better.

“I’d go with the one on the right.”

I replied, choosing the cuter design.

Tanaka replied with a “Thanks.”

I’m a simple person.

Despite mocking stupid couples, I couldn’t help but envy them when I saw matching mugs or the like.

“All right, I’ll buy one next time.”

As I made up my mind to go shopping for matching items with Suzuka, someone tapped me on the back.


“Wanna walk home together?”

It was Suzuka.

Suzuka’s classes also ended early today. She happened to see me and called out to me, suggesting we walk home together.

I had no reason to refuse, so we began walking home together.

As we walked, I told Suzuka about Tanaka’s message, asking which mug design to choose as a birthday present for Kaneda-san.

“That sounds nice. I’d like matching mugs with Yuki too. Hey, hey, can we go buy some next time?”

“I was actually thinking the same thing. By the way, you know… I realized that even though we say we don’t want to become a stupid couple like them, we’re not that different from Tanaka and Kaneda-san.”

“…That’s right.”

In the morning yesterday, we cuddled on the sofa, she rested her head on my lap, hugged me, and even when we were just sitting together, we held hands and did various things.

Our behavior was, without a doubt, typical of a stupid couple.

Even though we had criticized Tanaka and Kaneda-san’s actions and talked about them, we couldn’t deny that we had become like that.

“Well, it’s not a big deal.”


I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief.

Despite saying that we didn’t want to become a silly couple like that, when we realized that’s what we had become, we didn’t feel any aversion to it.

In fact, it was quite the opposite. We couldn’t help but think that if we were a silly couple, we should enjoy being affectionate with each other even more.

“I guess you’re right. Since we’re a silly couple, how about we do something silly, Yuki? Like taking a bath together?

The day when Suzuka had dinner with Yashiro-senpai and I felt a little jealous.

Suzuka had forcibly joined me in the bathtub when I was bathing.

However, since then, we hadn’t taken a bath together at all.

Why did she suddenly want to take a bath together now?

“Well, I’ve been holding back because I thought taking a bath together seemed pretty silly. But if we’re a silly couple, it should be okay, right?”

Suzuka explained before I could ask.

Could it be that… she had been holding back on her need for affection until now?

“Yeah, that sounds good. Oh, I have an idea. Should we use some bath salts? We got them as a souvenir, by the way.”

“Sure, let’s use them~ Oh, and there’s something I wanted to ask you, but I felt a bit awkward. Would you do something for me, Yuki?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Once your right hand heals, I’d like you to do the same thing to me. Is that okay?”

“So, you mean you want me to do for you what you’ve been doing for me while I’m injured? If that’s what you want, I’m fine with it.”

“Hehe, since we’re a stupid couple, let’s be even more affectionate from now on. Oh, and of course, Yuki, you can be as affectionate as you want too!”