My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 5

Practicing living together?

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We may still have the matter with the destination for our graduation trip, but for now, for those of us who finished our exams, there are many other things we need to decide.

We got permission from our parents to do as we please after we graduate high school too.

In short, they told us to leave the house, rent some apartment or house and live together.

Starting from now, many high schoolers that have passed their entrance exams will begin to look for a place to stay in order to commute to their universities. I’ll bet real estate agents will be at their wits’ end. 

As such, before they found themselves in chaos, Suzuka and I decided to go and look for a place.

We had them show us a few different places.

And the result of doing that?

We initially thought of renting a 1LDK, but after seeing them, it turns out it was more expensive than we ever imagined.

(TL: 1LDK = apartment with 1 Room, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen)

We looked for apartments near train stations that are close to the university, but the range of the rent was so high, it made us have second thoughts.

“Should we choose someplace 1 or 2 stations away from the university?”

“Considering the monthly costs, that seems like the best choice.”

“Then, let’s do that.”

We gave up on living near the train station closest to the university, and instead searched for apartments slightly further away.

The results were, we found a promising 1LDK in the area.

So, I reported to my mother that we would be signing a contract to start living there from spring.

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you moved over there even from March?”

“Though we won’t need to go to high school anymore then, since it will incur some costs, wouldn’t you say it’s a bit of a waste of money? No matter how much money we got from the lottery, we haven’t really gotten into any asset management or anything, so it would only decrease. And that thought scares me.”

“That’s true. Then, seeing as this will be your first time living together and all, you should get some practice at home before it. Leaving both of your houses and starting to live together for the first time, only to get into a fight immediately would be the worst.”

“Practice at home?”

“Yes, living together with Suzuka-chan. In our house.”

“What about her parents?”

“Of course they’re here with us. And with that, I’ll go and contact Suzuka-chan’s parents, okay?”

Starting April, when we start going to university, I will live together with Suzuka at an apartment.

Or at least, that was what I thought. It would seem that somehow, before moving out, we will practice living together over at my house.

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It may be needless to say, but I will still say it. I can’t stop having this cold sweat all over me.

In this house, living together with Suzuka… I mean, are they for real?

The evening of the day when my mother told me to practice living together with Suzuka, at our house.

Carrying a big backpack, Suzuka came over to my house.

“We may have said we’d live together starting April, but I never imagined this would happen.”

“No helping that which can’t be helped. After all, it would indeed be bad if we suddenly started living together and fought over everything.”

“Well, where will I be staying?”

“My mom said, I quote, ‘It may be a tad cramped, but she’ll stay together with you in your room’. Is that all your luggage?”

“Nope. My father said he’d later bring over some other things in the car.”

For the time being, we arranged and accommodated all the things that Suzuka brought with her.

I cede a corner of the cabinet in my room over to Suzuka, where she stored her clothes.

“Look, look! Your wife’s panties and brassieres!”

“Hey, you! We may be childhood friends, but show some hesitation…”

I still can’t get over the childhood friend sensation.

As soon as I started to say it, I noticed it myself.

“We are a married couple, so there’s no problem then?”

“That’s how it is. Getting all embarrassed for no reason would make it seem less like we’re married, right?”

“I suppose so…”

Trial marriage.

I’m scared about crossing over the line of s****l relations because it makes it feel like the ‘trial’ part will be lost.

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Only because we aren’t so incompatible with one another, forcing us to get married. Just what kind of punishment game is this?

“Yuuki, are you a wuss?”

“Gh! There are so many things to support it that I can’t say anything against it.”

“Ahaha. Well, don’t just stand there looking and help me.”

“Got it, I got it.”

We continued to accommodate all of Suzuka’s belongings in my room.

Today is February 25th.

The day of the moving is April 1st.

A life of living together under this house for around 1 month.

… Oh well, as I think of what will happen from now on, I grabbed one of Suzuka’s underwear and started to store it inside the cabinet.

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“Oohh, this is quite the sight! Could this be one of the rumored, lucky underwear?”

“Eh, ah, yeah. Th-that’s right. And? I’m a high schooler. I’d be in trouble if I didn’t have one or two lucky underwear.”

Her eyes have been moving all around the place.

Of course, the reason is plain as day.

Suzuka may not get flustered in the least when teasing me, but when she’s the one getting teased, her face easily lights up a bright red.

This was my payback for her previous action of ‘Look, look! Your wife’s panties’.

“That said, they are somewhat on the moderate side, yet they exude a clear will of going all the way.”

“Th-that’s about right?”

“You, when have you worn them?”

“Eh, ah, eh, erm…”

She opens and closes her mouth like a fish.

Because that part of my wife was exceedingly cute, I inadvertently pushed even further.

“You’ll wear them for me today, right?”


Her face was flushed red.

Staying a single step away from showing them off on her face, I bring the panties closer to Suzuka’s face.

Then, having spurred her over and over, she finally exploded.

“Now! It’s fine if I wear them now, right!?”

Suzuka starts to undress and wear them.

Precisely at this moment, my mother came to see how we were doing.

“It’s okay to get a little wild, but please finish everything soon. Or rather, doing it in the house is not allowed. It’s a practice for your restraint. And also to prevent you two from indulging too much once you start living alone, ok?”

Hurry and finish unpacking.

Also, practicing restraint, she said.

The person who is my mother, related by blood to me.

The person who, for Suzuka, is her mother-in-law.

Unable to bear anymore with our embarrassment, we slowly nodded showing our agreement, and proceeded to arrange and clean the room.

Now then, it was when we had finished arranging all the stuff after Suzuka came to my room.

My mother called both Suzuka and me to the dining table.

We obediently headed towards the dining room, and we see an opulent dinner laid out on the table.

“There’s no way we wouldn’t celebrate Suzuka-chan’s arrival, right? When dad gets back from going to buy the cake, let’s all toast together.”

“Ah, yeah.”

“Eh, yes…”

“Ara, Suzuka-chan. There’s no need to be so respectful, ok? You’re fine speaking naturally, the same way as you’ve always done.”

“Ah, yeah. Thanks, ma-, I mean, mother-in-law.”

“Fufu, I’m really happy to finally have a daughter. After all, 18 years is still an age where I can dote on you!”

My mother’s ecstatic.

Despite my saying that it’s a ‘trial marriage’, this feeling that all my escape routes are being closed off one after another can’t be my imagination.

I’m fully aware of how serious a problem it’ll be if I said something like we may divorce.

While we were setting the table and finishing other preparations for dinner, my father arrived with the cake. And one with a diameter of 24cm, at that.

“I’m back. Suzuka-chan. Though it may be for a short while, we’re glad to have you with us.”

“Eh, ah, thank you!”

“Haha, it’s fine if you speak like always. Ok now, once mom finishes changing her clothes, what do you say we take a photo and celebrate big-style?”

“Yes, let’s do that!”

With those spirits began the celebration banquet of Suzuka’s arrival.

In the midst of the meal, Suzuka and I suffered under the unabating onslaught of mom and dad’s barrage of questions.