My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 51

Suzuka Is Cute When She Is Worried About Me

It’s been about two months since the injury.

For ongoing observation, I’ve been visiting the hospital regularly.

Although the cast on my right hand was supposed to be removed by early May, but the doctor ruthlessly told me otherwise.

“Oh, yeah. Your recovery is slow. Just to be safe, keep the cast until late May.”

“…Is that so?”

Feeling disappointed about the delayed cast removal, I head to the law firm.

I’ve requested assistance in handling medical expenses and compensation claims related to the injury, and the proceedings are currently underway.

I go there to discuss the progress.

We talk in the reception room for about ten minutes.

The lawyer concludes the conversation.

“The progress is currently like this.”

“Thank you. Please continue to assist me.”

“Well, it’s my job. Take care on your way home then.”

After finishing discussions with the lawyer, who provided details about the potential compensation amount, despite still undergoing treatment, I could claim a considerable sum due to hospitalization and numerous clinic visits.

However, complications arise from the fact that it was a child who caused the injury. There seems to be some dispute.

The law firm is located in a somewhat bustling area.

Various shops line the streets, and a pleasant aroma fills the air.

“Maybe I should buy some souvenirs.”

It wouldn’t be fair to make Suzuka accompany me during the hospital wait times and discussions with the lawyer. At least, that’s the excuse I’ve given, but in reality, it’s a bit different.

During a previous visit, the parent of the boy who had come to apologize for the incident said something rude, and she lost her temper.

“He’s just a kid…”

The parent tried to avoid responsibility as if they had none. Throughout the conversation, despite Suzuka’s inquiries like, “If it was the child who did it, isn’t the responsibility on the parent?” the parent awkwardly admitted, “Well, to some extent…”

It was clear they considered it something the child did, not taking much responsibility, apologizing in words but lacking sincerity.

As a result, Suzuka got angry.

“What if there are lasting effects? How will you take responsibility if someone’s hand can’t move anymore? Even if it was the child who did it, isn’t the responsibility on the parent?”

While she didn’t resort to physical violence, she passionately argued with logic.

“I was genuinely happy at that moment…”

I can still recall the feelings from that time.

However, if she let her emotions take over and physically retaliated, Suzuka would be at a disadvantage.

That’s why I’ve been avoiding discussions related to the injury and compensation.

“Looks delicious.”

Casually strolling, I buy some sweets that Suzuka would like and head back to the apartment.

Returning to the apartment, after Suzuka’s welcome, I put away my bag, sit on the sofa, and start to relax. Suzuka, sitting on the sofa as well, expresses her concern.

So, how did it go?”

“They say the recovery of my right hand is a bit slow, so I’ll need to keep the cast until late May, just to be sure.”

“Oh. Well then, we should claim more compensation.”

Suzuka says it with a serious expression… quite intimidating.

Yeah, it was definitely the right decision not to bring her to the hospital and the lawyer’s office today.

“Yeah. I talked to the lawyer today, and he mentioned that the slower the recovery, the more we can add to the compensation.”

“Right. Yuki, you’re going through a lot. We should squeeze out as much as we can!”

Still, maybe it’s better to keep Suzuka away from discussions about my injury.

I don’t want her to get angry and suffer any inconvenience because of me.

“Anyway, I thought the cast would come off soon…”

Feeling disheartened.

I thought I would get rid of the cast by early May, but I never imagined it would be delayed until late May.

“You said you wouldn’t do anything until your right hand heals. Can you hold back?”

A devilish invitation in her words.

Please stop, those words are the most effective.

“You… If you keep tempting me like that, I might suddenly attack you, you know?”

“I’m prepared to be attacked~. Come on, attack me, okay?”

She flutters her skirt and teases me.

Or rather, that’s what I thought.

“You’re not expecting me to do something more, right?”

“…N-no, of course not!”


My words strike her, and Suzuka, who rarely shows signs of panic, expresses embarrassment.

I see, I thought she didn’t react as much when I teased her about n*ughty things, but depending on how you tease her, she’s still be a bit innocent.

“I-I’m not as p*rverted as Yuki~.”

“Well, I am a bit p*rverted. Let’s admit that. So, what’s the truth?”

“Do you dislike n*ughty girls?”

“I don’t dislike them.”

“So, are you expecting something a bit n*ughty…? I’m a girl too, and I have normal interests, you know?”


I dislike this Suzuka.

No, I really like it, but…

In the past, she would vehemently deny my teasing, but now, she denies it to some extent and then casually admits it. It’s really too cunning.

“Hey, you used to be more stubborn.”

“Well, back then, Yuki and I were childhood friends. But now, I don’t want to be disliked, so I try not to stubbornly stick to my pride.”

“But still, you’re too honest.”

“Yeah, well, if someone had told me I was a n*ughty girl back then, I would’ve vehemently denied it.”

“But I like you, so please keep your denials in moderation.”

“Yeah! Like, even if Yuki knows everything, I don’t mind~. Well, it’s embarrassing to be known in detail, though.”

She accepts my teasing about being a n*ughty girl without denying it, revealing her embarrassment.

Please quit already. Because I’m going to die of excitement…

“Bu-but, just because I said it like that doesn’t mean I’m admitting to being a n*ughty girl just because you told me to… I only said it because you pressured me. I’m not really a n*ughty girl, okay?”

She, feeling flustered, ends up making an opposite argument from her previous assertion.

Admit yourself as a n*ughty girl! Even though she said that, she doesn’t accept being a n*ughty girl! That’s the sort of argument.

“Yuki. Excuse me for a moment.”


Shortly after apologizing, Suzuka leaned in close to my ear. Then, with a delicate voice, she strikes.

“I am a n*ughty girl, you know? So… I do things like this~”

She playfully nibbles my ear.


“I took a bite… Tehe? So, did that excite you?”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be such a n*ughty girl.”

My face instantly became hot due to her passionate actions that didn’t seem like acting.

Even though I tried desperately to remain calm, Suzuka must be able to see that I am flustured.

She smirks while looking at me.

“This is payback for you holding onto me when I was embarrassed the other day! If you’ve learned your lesson, you shouldn’t embarrass me anymore, okay?”

“Well, I actually want to embarrass you even more.”

If I were to get revenge like this, it would be my wish.

Suzuka responds with a playful smile.

“Hehe, you’re quite straightforward, you n*ughty boy!”

That’s what I was told by Suzuka, who looked like she was having fun.

No, well, that’s because I am a n*ughty boy.

I-I can’t help it, can I?