My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 8

The awkward guy can’t be upfront

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It was the last third of February, when the number of students who have finished their entrance exams increased.

The atmosphere of the class had gradually changed from a tense one to a more relaxed one.

The talk of town among those that had finished their entrance exams was where they would go and play.

“Hey guys, I racked my brains and came up with this.”

I passed to our friends the piece of paper which had our list of proposed locations to visit for the graduation trip on it.

Though for Suzuka and me there was no problem about the costs thanks to the lottery we won, the same can’t be said for the others, so we spent a lot of time trying to find reasonable candidates.

“Ee~h, lemme see, lemme see!”

“A night bus, huh…”

“Aren’t you worried about accidents? There was a time when those were a problem.”

“Not much we can do about it. We don’t have a lot of money ourselves.”

That was the list of the travel options Suzuka and I came up with.

Looking at it and after discussing with all of us together on where to go, we finally arrived at a decision.

We chose to go to a certain famous amusement park.

We sort of ended up choosing this place due to not having any means of transportation.

We wanted a place where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest without wasting time or money, and so we arrived at the conclusion of the amusement park.

That said, it was also partly because we found a nice economical plan of discounts that included the entrance tickets, the hotel expenses, and the traveling expenses.

A graduation trip for boys and girls together, with overnight stays.

All participants had their own varied expectations for it… And so, after the girls headed back, us boys began to speak without reservations.

“This is a chance for us.”

“Right. If we’re lucky enough, this could be our big chance to get ourselves a girlfriend.”

“And with that, let’s decide here and now who we’re each aiming for.”

They’re full of ulterior motives.

Add to that that they are close to graduating too.

Even if they confess and are rejected, there would be no damage since they would be attending a different school starting spring.

In more ways than one, it really is the time to strike.

This group of bastards continued to talk gleefully about getting closer to the girls that will come with us, Suzuka included.

Meanwhile, I looked at them from a distance.

“Hey, come on, Yuuki! How come you’re so laid-back? We’re finally having a trip together with girls! You should be more excited, you know?”

“I swear, you guys! Won’t you enjoy this trip in a pure way?”

“It’s precisely ‘cause we’re pure that we’re brimming with secret intentions. What’s more, didn’t you yourself say just a while back that as soon as you entered college you’d get a girlfriend and enjoy yourselves?”

… Aahh… I sort of feel like I did say that….

But you know, I’ve already gone and surpassed a riajuu. It’s just that I haven’t told you.

That said, if I told them, they’d make a great fuss about it.

Knowing I ought to keep the secret, I told a lie instead.

“You still think that? Let me ask you. Are you guys gonna be content with one of our female classmates? All I’m saying is, once we start going to university, there will be many chances for us to meet cuter and prettier girls.”

“I see. You’re right about that. But wouldn’t just staring at the girls that are right in front of us be a waste? Isn’t that so, guys?”

We’re at the pinnacle of our youth.

With that, the conversation turned to the vulgar topic of who’s going after whom.

Tanaka, who had sent me that message a few days ago, spoke timidly.

“I, I think that… I really am in love with Mita-san.”

{ED: Did I already take a dig at him?  I forgot but “F” for the man}

“Oh, nice…”

All our friends except for me were slightly taken aback by his serious and earnest words.

I could remain unfazed because I already knew it beforehand. Had this been the first time I heard that, there’s not a single doubt that I too would’ve been thrown off guard.

With those idle thoughts in my mind, I continued to listen to Tanaka.

“I won’t ask for your help. But I will try my best.”

The man’s face was overflowing with determination and passion.

The previous talk of ‘which girl you want to get closer to’ was only done in a half joking manner. However, it was as clear as crystal to everyone that what Tanaka had said was no joke.

Consequently, the bunch of bastards softly slapped Tanaka’s shoulders.

“Man, it’s too late now. You should’ve done that while you were still high school students.”

It was Satou who spoke.

 Yamamoto followed up:

“But, anyways, do your best!”

“You guys… You say all that, but you’ll stab me in the back the moment Mita-san says she likes me, right?”

In response to Tanaka’s line, Satou and Yamamoto looked at each other’s face and spoke in unison:

“ “Isn’t that obvious?” ”

“Isn’t this supposed to be where you consider we’re friends and give me a chance?”

“No, no way. After all, the opportunity to go out and date a girl outweighs our friendship.”

“Well, I’ll be good and keep the fact that Tanaka likes Mita-san in a corner of my mind. That’s all I’ll do.”

All 3 of them are chattering happily.

I’m the only one being kept out of the loop.

Tanaka then spoke to me.

“Shindo. Can you believe the answer I got after I told you that I liked Mita-san was ‘Who cares, idiot!? Do it yourself!’?

Having his attention caught by what Tanaka had just said, Satou spoke to me.

“Oh! Is it that, Shindo? Could it be that though you always say your relationship is nothing more than childhood friends, you actually love her?”

“Hey, wait a sec! You’re telling me it’s not only Tanaka, but also Shindo who’s going after Mita-san? Isn’t this gonna make some for some nice drama?”

Yamamoto too joined in on the instigation.

… Goodness, how should I answer them now?

“Aah, yeah. That’s how it is.”


“Are you for real…?”

Satou and Yamamoto are shocked.

It’s only natural for them to be.

All the times they tried to poke fun at me with Suzuka, I always replied with a stern ‘That’s not it’.

Next to the shocked two we had a contrasting Tanaka, who spoke as such:

“I thought so. From the moment I got that response, I started to vaguely feel that maybe it could be like that. Yuuki, I don’t plan on losing to you.”

“… Y-yeah.”

I couldn’t help having a guilty conscience. 

Because this person who was so sincere about liking Suzuka; there is something that he doesn’t know.


Tanaka doesn’t know that Suzuka and I are married.

And yet, he still looked at me with sparkling eyes and spoke.

“I won’t hold back my punches, ok?”

After that declaration from Tanaka, we turned the topic back to various other things pertaining to the graduation trip.

And so, we finished our conversation and I returned home.

When I arrived home, Suzuka had already changed from her school uniform to casual clothes and was watching television in the living room.

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back.”

“Here, for you.”

“Hm? What’s this? Eh!? Isn’t this the apple pie from in front of the station that everyone’s saying is delicious!? Did something happen? This is too sudden.”

“Hm, I simply felt like it.”

“Ee~, something’s fishy here… Oh well. I’ll go and prepare some black tea.”

She happily took the apple pie in her hands.

After that, she went to prepare the black tea.

A few days ago, I said to Suzuka that when she found someone she could fall in love with, I wouldn’t let her give up on them because of me.

I have not yet found my answer concerning whether I want us to continue to live as a married couple.

Nonetheless, how do I say it?

I don’t want to see Suzuka and Tanaka going out.

I said all those nice things, but it would seem I’m not that nice of a person.

“Hey, Suzuka. Please bring me some black tea too.”

“Okay, got it. But I can’t get it off my mind, why did you suddenly decide to bring back home an apple pie? You don’t really do that sort of thing, Yuuki.”

“You’re right, I don’t. But, you see, though we’re currently living together in my house, from spring we’ll be living alone, the two of us. I thought that it’d be best to make the most of now and be kind to my wife. That way, it would be easier on me later in April, no?”

“That so? Ok then, just a little more before the tea’s ready.”


I don’t have the slightest intention to stop her if Suzuka finds someone else she loves.

Though, frankly speaking, I want to stop her.

There’s only one thing that I can do for now.

That is to prevent Suzuka from falling in love with Tanaka.