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Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 62

Registration for Chocolate, But What?

Even though it concerned matters within the Landmark territory, the mass migration of the village caused quite a stir within the territory.


It became apparent during the Harvest Festival that the migration, aimed at cultivating the ingredients for that “Choco Banana” which had become a topic among the populace, sparked interest among individuals for cultivation.

While cultivation of coffee beans, barley for syrup, and glutinous rice was profitable, those who hesitated to venture into it fell behind, reluctant to take the risk.


When Ryu held an explanatory meeting at the territory capital’s assembly hall, those individuals participated.


Some expressed criticism, especially towards farming in the Demon Forest, but Ryu bluntly stated, “Those who think so don’t have to participate. We’re not forcing anyone,” and continued with the explanation.


Those who were told off were also criticized by those around them,


“What did you come here for?”


“The young master explained that it can only grow in the Demon Forest environment!”


“If you’re not willing to change the current situation, then leave!”


Feeling embarrassed, they left the assembly hall.


Despite such minor troubles, the explanatory meeting ended smoothly, and prospective migrants appeared.

Surely, the sense of security due to the entire village’s migration played a role, and as individuals with similar thoughts were around, the group psychology prompted more people to make decisions one after another.


Since any further increase would be troublesome, it was decided to limit the number of applicants to the capacity of all those interested.


“Well then, as explained, houses have been prepared, so please move as soon as you’re ready. There are already migrants in the village in the Demon Forest, and research and work have begun, so be sure to listen to the site supervisor.”


Thus, the recruitment for personnel for cocoa bean and banana cultivation concluded. Now, it was just a matter of establishing production capacity and getting things on track.


The factory for processing had already begun construction in the capital.


That’s right, they needed to register “Chocolate” with the Commerce Guild.


So, Ryu headed straight to the Commerce Guild from the assembly hall.

Upon arrival at the Commerce Guild, the guild staff, who spotted Ryu outside the guild, began preparing the registration documents.


“Welcome, Young Master Ryu. The documents are ready, please come inside.”


As if it were natural, he was ushered into the back room.


“Even though I haven’t mentioned the purpose… Aren’t they a bit too accustomed…?”


Ryu was amazed at the speed of the Guild’s response.


“Oh no, not at all. So, is it the registration for ‘Chocolate’ today, as I thought?”




“By the way, even though you haven’t mentioned it, there have been inquiries from incoming merchants about the commercialization of ‘toilet bowls’. Since they’re seen in many toilets in this capital, many merchants are interested in contracts.”


“It’s still going to take a bit longer to stabilize the technique for baking in the kiln. Maybe a little more.”


“I see, it’ll take a bit longer then. Thank you for the information.”


Information was valuable in the Commerce Guild.


The business information of the Landmark family these days was something every merchant desired.

Since it was a booming business, it was only natural for merchants to think that if they could get a piece of it, it would definitely make them money.


Because of this, it seemed that nearby major trading companies were planning to establish branches in this territory capital.

That’s understandable, and it wouldn’t be wise to leave it alone without setting up a branch in this area that continues to produce hits.


Even as a staff member of the Commerce Guild Landmark Branch, it was easy to imagine that this place would continue to develop rapidly.


Ryu successfully completed the patent registration for “Chocolate”.


“Well, if I come up with something else, I’ll come again.”


With the treatment of being seen off by guild staff all the way to the entrance, Ryu left the Commerce Guild.


Merchants who witnessed this hurriedly crowded inside.


“The young master of the Landmark family has come, did he register something!?”


“Sell us the information right away!”


“Oh, I was just a step faster, so respect the order!”


The reception desk quickly turned into a scuffle as merchants tried to obtain information.


“Everyone, please calm down! I believe you all understand, but information from the Landmark Baron family is expensive, you know?”


The guild staff made a gesture of money with their fingers, and the merchants each took out leather bags containing money.


“We’ll buy that information!”


And so, they all said in unison.


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Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

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Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A man who has lived a lonely life as a yakuza is reincarnated into another world as Ryuu, the third son of a knightly family. Growing up surrounded by the love of a family he never had before, he soon realizes that his kind-hearted relatives have been poor for generations due to their strong fighting abilities but weak business skills. Determined to make a difference, he utilizes his unknown skill “Gokudou” and his knowledge from his past life in the underworld to create and sell coffee, chocolate, and hand-pulled carts. He improves the harvest yields of their fields and establishes a thriving stall at a local festival, successfully launching one new venture after another. However, as he steadily expands their territory, the family faces danger from resentful nobles who dislike their growing influence. Will they be able to overcome these challenges and secure their newfound prosperity?



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