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Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 63

Harvest Season, But What?

This year, it’s time for the biggest event in the Landmark territory: the harvest of Coffee beans.

Until then, due to the low production volume, they had contracts with the same merchants. However, as the production volume increased, the Commerce Guild proposed contracting with multiple merchants.


Although they had favored their previous trading partners, they decided to put some of the produce up for auction to allow other merchants to participate and break the monopoly.


Surprisingly, the prices hardly dropped.


No matter how much the production increased, it was still far from meeting the demand.


Therefore, despite expansion and increased production every year after the harvest, prices remained stable, and income continued to rise.

Of course, Coffee beans, processed in the Landmark territory and sold to merchants as “coffee”, had added value. Thus, the profit margin was still high.

“Coffee”, a black powder with the Landmark family emblem on it, has become a complete brand.


Alongside the renowned Earl of Earlgreen family, famous for domestic tea production, the Landmark Baron family’s “coffee” was beginning to gain recognition.

It was unusual and somewhat intimidating, but it was said that wholesale merchants dealing in “coffee” with the Landmark seal received various offers from merchants appointed by the royal family to distribute the Landmark-branded “coffee”.


Ideally, they would like to negotiate directly with the Landmark family. However, since the capital was three weeks away, relying on wholesale merchants was unavoidable.


Moreover, with the rise of this emerging nobleman, the “Baron Style”, some higher-ranking nobles from neighboring territories tried to exert pressure on production and sales. However, since the Landmark Baron family was aligned with the faction of Marquis Sugoella, who was close to them, they felt reassured.


“The reputation from the royal family is good, and the Landmark family is still doing well.”


Farza let out a sigh of relief.


In the noble society, pulling each other’s legs was not uncommon. While invitations from other nobles to join their factions were common, there were also nobles who would send letters saying things like, “Don’t get too cocky, Baron!”


For Farza, the head of the family, who had never felt cocky, it seemed like they were confusing him with some other Baron. So, he once replied, unknowingly pouring oil on the fire.


On the other hand, it meant that the name of the Landmark Baron was beginning to be known throughout the country.

While Farza had a slight desire to become famous as a military family if he were to become famous, he couldn’t afford to be luxurious.

For now, he was satisfied with the fact that the name and crest of the Landmark family were becoming known through “coffee”.


“Increasing revenue means we’re still on the rise this year.”


Farza said, gathering everyone for a meeting in his office.

Ryu and Leanne were also present.


“Shall we allocate most of this year’s revenue to development?”


Sebastian, the butler, asked.


“Of course, but we should also set aside funds for Ryu and Leanne’s education and some savings for emergencies.”


Development in the Landmark territory had been progressing rapidly over the past few years.


Merchants and traders who visited after a few years were amazed by the changes, almost thinking they had arrived at the wrong place.

Indeed, with its wide walls and well-maintained streets, the capital resembled a different city.


However, visitors couldn’t help but notice something when they saw the lord’s mansion.


“Ah, there are still some things unchanged since the days of the Landmark Knight territory.”




Yes, the mansion remained unchanged from the days of the Knight Territory, and the they had been thinking it was about time for it to be rebuilt.


After all, the walls surrounding the mansion were magnificent, giving first-time visitors a sense of the recent prosperity of the Landmark Baron family. But as they approached the mansion, they would be surprised to see how small and old-fashioned it was.


So, Sebastian and Sugo made a proposal.


“Let’s rebuild the mansion.”


Upon hearing this, Ryu seemed surprised, as if he had forgotten about it.


“That’s right, Dad. The guest house is splendid, but the mansion is shabby. The villagers must feel embarrassed. We don’t need a luxurious home, but we need a decent mansion.”


Ryu agreed, and Leanne nodded as well.


“Let’s move to the guest house temporarily and rebuild the mansion during that time.”


Ryu suggested, and Farza also nodded.


“Then we need to consult with Father and Mother. And who should we commission for the mansion’s design?”


Grandfather Kamiza, grandmother Kay, and mother Cecile quickly agreed, and thus, it was decided without hesitation that the house would be rebuilt.


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Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A man who has lived a lonely life as a yakuza is reincarnated into another world as Ryuu, the third son of a knightly family. Growing up surrounded by the love of a family he never had before, he soon realizes that his kind-hearted relatives have been poor for generations due to their strong fighting abilities but weak business skills. Determined to make a difference, he utilizes his unknown skill “Gokudou” and his knowledge from his past life in the underworld to create and sell coffee, chocolate, and hand-pulled carts. He improves the harvest yields of their fields and establishes a thriving stall at a local festival, successfully launching one new venture after another. However, as he steadily expands their territory, the family faces danger from resentful nobles who dislike their growing influence. Will they be able to overcome these challenges and secure their newfound prosperity?



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